Rabbit Child

Children born in the year of Rabbit (1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023) have an invaluable gift of fate — luck. Rabbit (Cat) — the fourth year in the 12-year calendar cycle of the eastern horoscope. Refers to the sign of Yin, the element – Wood, the symbol of peace and harmony. Children in the year of the Rabbit are characterized by a calm, balanced nature.

Usually they do not cause trouble for parents, they stand out among peers with seriousness and discretion. They try to protect themselves from unnecessary worries, negative events seriously injure their vulnerable soul. Native diplomats demonstrate a rare ability for children to smooth out any conflicts. They are kindly disposed towards people, but they will not tolerate injustice, they fiercely defend their rights.

Children Born in the Rabbit Year

Children born in the year of the Rabbit, gently step on life, with calm equanimity solve the most serious life problems. Natural caution keeps them from rash actions, allows you to avoid complicated situations. They carefully guard their personal space, experience strong mental suffering, facing injustice and evil. Children in the year of Rabbit are good interlocutors, but at the same time avoid publicity, try to protect themselves from unpleasant communication.

Child Rabbit — a bright personality, endowed with a lot of talents. It has good taste, delicately feels beauty. Strives to achieve harmony in everything, carefully listens to inner feelings. From an early age, the child is extremely demanding of himself and the surrounding people, responsibly approaching the duties assigned to him. He has a deep sense of attachment to family and friends, is distinguished by loyalty and devotion.

Rabbit Baby Girl

Rabbit girl — a sweet and obedient child, a favorite of parents. Easily guess the mood of close people, trying to meet their expectations. In case of emergency, he can resort to cunning, always achieves the desired result. He has the ability to charm, quickly gets new acquaintances, but rarely trusts his secrets. With love, she surrounds her children’s room, a cozy corner — the mink gives her a sense of safety and comfort. From an early age she shows a delicate taste, carefully chooses clothes, loves to dress beautifully. Enjoys increased attention to the opposite sex, the girl is surrounded by loyal fans.

Rabbit Baby Boy

Rabbit boy is a serious approach to life. A neat and collected child inspires a sense of respect. Persistently moves towards the goals, showing diligence and diligence. Has the ability to make quick decisions, but acts cautiously, carefully thinks through each step. Natural cheerfulness and inexhaustible optimism make it easy to overcome obstacles, there is no doubt that the boy will succeed in life. With all the calmness and poise can easily erupt, in anger the kid manifests cruelty.

Rabbit Child Personality

Elements: Wood Rabbit, Fire Rabbit, Earth Rabbit, Metal Rabbit, Water Rabbit.

Rabbits children break internal contradictions. The kid differs calmness and endurance, while it is extremely emotional, easily falls into a rage. He tries to think over every little thing, but can behave extremely frivolously. Character traits depend on education, the element of the year of birth has a huge influence. It is important to remember that the child Rabbit needs the care and attention of parents, gratefully accepts advice and instruction.

In Chinese philosophy Rabbit is a harbinger of luck. It is believed that the patronage of the animal reliably protects from life’s misfortunes. The child of the year Rabbit has the ability to happily avoid financial problems, is reasonable about spending. Parents do not have to teach him to save and thrift, the kid from the early years shows a reasonable attitude to life. He knows how to use his abilities, even the most unfavorable circumstances can wrap himself for good.

The child of the Rabbit year — a conservative, hard to perceive any changes in the usual way of life. With all openness and sociability, he tries to maintain old acquaintances, neglecting new friends. Soft and affectionate Rabbit attracts attention with his courteous manners, but has a strong will, easily defends his own interests. A rich imagination and imagination are reflected in creativity, often choosing the profession associated with the world of art. Can become a successful lawyer or specialist in finance.

Rabbit Baby Health

Baby Rabbit is sensitive to any changes in the regime of the day, parents must clearly observe the usual way of life. A vulnerable child is prone to stress, is getting used to new conditions, as a result — crying and whims. It is worth to carefully treat the experiences of the baby, over time, mental suffering can lead to serious psychological problems. In the power of parents to create a favorable emotional background, you can turn to specialists.

Baby Rabbit is prone to infectious diseases, it is necessary to strengthen the fragile children’s body. We recommend exercises of curative gymnastics, hardening from an early age. With age, the likelihood of developing allergies. You should carefully monitor the health of the baby, the disease can go into a chronic form, which is fraught with unpleasant consequences: asthma, obstructive bronchitis.

Hobbies of Rabbit Children

Children Rabbits have a delicate taste, with pleasure they are engaged in creative activity: modeling, drawing, embroidery. Often give their work to surrounding people, they like to hear praise in their address. Over time, you can turn your passion into a successful business. They have a commercial vein, they know how to make a profit without significant financial investments.

Of the children Rabbits can get good athletes. Ability to clearly plan their actions, diligence — important components of success. Parents should support the child’s desire, physical exercises will necessarily benefit him. Recommended sports: wrestling, boxing, rowing, football, gymnastics.

Study for Rabbit-Child

Child Rabbit with pleasure goes to school. Studies are given to him easily, especially humanitarian subjects. Cleverly defends his opinion, amazes with the knowledge and eloquence of teachers. A diligent and diligent schoolboy diligently performs homework, independently studies additional material. Educators trust him to prepare projects and presentations.

In relations with classmates, the child of the year Rabbit shows his best qualities: calmness, sociability, benevolence. Always ready to help the lagging students. Often suffers from ridicule bullies and bullies, but he tries not to show his weakness. He takes part in public affairs with pleasure, is considered a faithful assistant to the class teacher. It’s safe to say that school years are a happy time for the Rabbit child.

How to Raise Your Rabbit Kid

Baby Rabbit needs love and understanding, it is important to him the opinion of loved ones. Often he hides his inner feelings, feels fear and uncertainty. Parents should wisely guide their child without showing irritation and discontent. The kid can close in itself, it will be difficult for adults to restore good relations, loss of trust threatens with troubles: depression, alcoholism, unsettled personal life.

The child Rabbit strives for harmony, inner peace is too expensive for him. He tries to avoid troubles and worries, therefore he misses advantageous opportunities. Parents should teach him not to be afraid of difficulties. It is necessary as often as possible to involve the baby in an active activity. Natural care is good quality, but the ability to persistently experience life’s adversity will certainly be of use to a timid child in the future.

The kid adores communication, while trying to protect his inner world from outside interference. Too violently reacts to rude behavior, often crying. Sometimes it becomes so self-contained that it becomes an egoist who defends only his own interests. He fiercely resists any attempts to influence the decision he made. It is necessary to teach his patience, the kid should trust more people around. In the power of parents to instill in him self-confidence, a desire to move forward in spite of obstacles.

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