Rat Child

Children born in the year of the Rat (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020) are explorers and researchers. The rat (mouse) is the first sign in the 12-year cycle of the eastern calendar. Refers to the sign of Yang, is associated with the element of Water. Symbolizes success, activity, prudence. Children of the Rat are curious, driven by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Generously share their observations and discoveries with others, try to be useful to the family and society.

Children of Rat sign surprisingly combine the opposite qualities. They have a wonderful intuition, but they are easily conducted on the swindler’s tricks. Try to win universal recognition, while suffering painfully from inattention to close people, often become self-absorbed. Knowledge of the characteristics of the child’s character Rat will help parents to educate a harmonious personality.

Children Born in the Rat Year

Children of the Rat year are modest, shy, but the first impression is deceptive: calm kids have bright leadership qualities. Initiative, always ready for new experiments, children show activity and excellent organizational skills, if it comes to their interests. You can be sure that you will definitely achieve the desired result and it does not matter at what price.

The Rat baby is in dire need of protection, intuitively looking for a place in which it is warm and cozy. With enviable persistence, he seeks parents’ attention, in his arsenal there are a lot of means: crying, complaints, tricky tricks. Boys and girls born in the year of the Rat, strive for communication, it is vital for them to be in the circle of their peers. Are able to control their actions and actions, do not go beyond what is permitted, leave a pleasant impression after themselves.

Rat Baby Girl

The Rat girl is a sweet, charming child who wants to indulge indefinitely. With all my heart I go to close people, I like to be in the center of attention. It is in desperate need of love and care of parents, it hardly experiences separation from them, does not like frequent travel. Sharing their experiences only with a close environment, the rest consider the baby an embodiment of peace and endurance. By nature, the girl Rat is realistic. He has a sharp mind, is guided by common sense in his actions, but if necessary he can pretend to be a romantic person. She loves to listen to compliments to her address, from an early age she tries to please the boys.

Rat Baby Boy

The Rat boy is a born leader, easily enthralls his friends with his ideas. He knows how to translate the boldest ideas into reality. Mind, straightforwardness, practicality — qualities that clearly distinguish it among peers. The boy has a friendly character, is always surrounded by children, enjoys their respect. At the same time, outward affability hides inner tension and a tendency to aggression. An extremely ambitious boy can be cruel and inflexible if his personal interests are affected. Does not differ in generosity, rarely spends money on entertainment, constantly recounts his savings.

Rat Child Personality

Elements: Wood Rat, Fire Rat, Earth Rat, Metal Rat, Water Rat.

According to the Chinese philosophy of the Rat — a symbol of prudence: an inquisitive, brisk animal rarely finds itself in a desperate situation. The child of the Rat Year fully enjoys the positive qualities of this animal: curiosity, restraint, hard work, insight, sharp mind. But at the same time he often shows greed, pettiness. A huge role in the predominance of certain qualities plays the dominant element of the year. A distinctive feature characteristic of all representatives of the sign is a strongly developed intuition. He trusts internal sensations, easily changes his decision if he feels danger.

Children of Rat year are distinguished by frugality, they try not only to spend economically, but also to increase their pocket money. They have a sharp mind and an excellent memory, they always give an account of their actions. In the life of a neat child of Rat there is no place for chaos and confusion. An industrious and purposeful kid will surely succeed in life. Concentration on the result does not prevent him from being the soul of any company.

The child of Rat is the pride of parents, always cares about the well-being of their loved ones. Family and home — a source of strength and inspiration, native walls give a sense of security and coziness. The kid sometimes perceives family members as his property, tries to attract attention to himself in any way. A tendency to deceit and intrigue can lead to significant problems in the future. He is so addicted to the game that he begins to trust scammers. The most sad consequences are possible: debts, illnesses, imprisonment.

Rat Baby Health

Baby Rat has good health, which is especially pleasing to parents — a wonderful appetite. With pleasure eat all the dishes offered, never refuses to add. Excessive enthusiasm for food can lead to overweight, you should carefully monitor the baby’s nutrition. The physical condition of the baby usually does not cause concern. Strong immunity allows him to easily cope with colds.

Parents should pay attention to the state of mind of the child of the Rat. Choleric temperament is characterized by mobility, increased emotionality, but behind the bursts of activity followed by periods of apathy and indifference. Children born in the year of the Rat are susceptible to depression. Thin feel the mood of close people, react to any changes in the behavior of parents. The caring attitude of friends and family is the best remedy for mental suffering.

Hobbies of Rat Children

Children of the Rat sign are curious, so they are easily addicted to new ideas. A living imagination finds a way out in remarkable inventions, boys are constantly fascinated with the creation of technically complex mechanisms. Girls with pleasure sing and dance, very confident feel on the stage. Children in the year Rat have a huge craving for communication, so they love to visit clubs and sections, they like to work in a team.

Rat Children are pioneers, they are attracted by everything new. Parents should pay sufficient attention to the interests of children. It is useful to acquaint them with the biographies of great people. Boys can become famous scientists or inventors, they are quite capable of organizing a successful business. Girls are more attracted to literary creativity, since childhood they love to write stories and poems.

Study for Rat-Child

Schoolkid Rat is a favorite of teachers, quickly learns new material, easily learns to read and write. Since elementary school shows miracles of curiosity and diligence, often overtakes classmates in terms of knowledge. Teachers do not have to spend much effort trying to interest their subject. Children Rats themselves are pleased to learn not only educational, but also additional material.

Parents will not have to blush before the teachers for their child, who equally well in all subjects. With pleasure, he participates in theatrical productions, can prove himself as a talented director. He often writes poetry and notes to the school newspaper. The boy aspires to become the leader in a class, always directly declares his ambitions. The girl prefers to achieve success with the help of cunning tricks, tries to establish good relations with teachers.

How to Raise Your Rat Kid

Parents can be calm: a boy or a girl of the year. Rats are a model of a loving and faithful child. With rare exceptions, there are no serious tests and problems in the life of the beloved child. Children are sensitive to instincts, they try not to get involved in questionable cases. Although their propensity to communicate can play a negative role, the probability of deception from dishonest friends is great. Parents should closely monitor the close environment of their child.

The child of the Rat sign is very attached to his things, it is worth respecting his personal space. Parents will have to accept his habit of collecting various trifles. The children’s room gives a sense of security, a cozy environment in which everything is arranged according to the wish of the baby, helps him to relax. A child needs to feel protected from all hardships, parents must provide him with a comfortable life.

Rats — animals that do not tolerate borders, are constantly in motion. Parents should be extremely careful in choosing the means of raising a baby. No tricks and deceit, a well-developed intuitive flair allows him to easily recognize falsehood and lie. It is not necessary to show aggression and anger, this behavior gives weakness and impotence of adults. It is important, not so much to educate the child, but how much to guess its fate and correctly guide it through life.

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