Rooster Child

Children born in the year of the Rooster (1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029), have unpredictable, and at times eccentric character. The rooster is the tenth year in the 12-year calendar cycle of the eastern horoscope, the sign is Yin, the element is Metal. It symbolizes determination, excellence, courage. Children of this sign — brave, noble nature tirelessly exploring the world.

Children of the Rooster year appear to be smart, confident in their abilities toddlers. Do not feel embarrassed and embarrassed, always say only what they think. Born to win, do not change their decisions, firmly follow the goals set. But they can be quiet and calm, attentive to the needs of others. For all its external splendor, causing behavior, extremely modest, hard-working people.

Children Born in the Rooster Year

Children born in the year of the Rooster attract attention by their free manner to communicate. Deprived of the sense of tact, they say everything they want. Of course, they consider themselves absolutely right. The kid will not shower mother with compliments in the hope of getting a new toy. Immediately declare his desire, and also demonstrate the universal resentment in response to the refusal. He likes beautiful, bright things, does not listen at all to the opinion of adults. His manner of dressing often shock people.

Children of this year are very fond of boasting, often exaggerating their services. They like to look more determined, smarter than they really are. Often, especially involved in questionable adventures, to stand out against the background of other children. Love to command and give directions. But they always act honestly, do not betray and do not deceive their close people. Children in the year of the Rooster are capable of brave deeds, do not fall for difficulties.

Rooster Baby Girl

Rooster girl loves to be in the center of attention, it is vital for her to feel herself the most beautiful and beloved. The desire to please everyone often leads to trouble: he too trusts the flattering speeches of rascals. She adores bright outfits, flirts with boys and avoids communication with girls. Without fear comes into conflict, can and fight in case of emergency. He does not know how to handle money, he often loses or spends large sums of money on any nonsense. Parents can not refuse her requests, persistently and resolutely achieves their goals, harassing adults with whims and disobedience.

Rooster Baby Boy

Rooster Boy is a born fighter, boldly defending his convictions. Strives for independence, does not like to listen to comments. A sociable and bright boy is surrounded by friends, will always help them in difficult times, protect them if necessary. But he avoids close communication, few trusts his secrets. Carefully conceals true thoughts and experiences, painfully perceives even the smallest setbacks. But the public looks determined, confident in their abilities. The favorite of fate actually achieves everything with his work, success is given to him hard.

Rooster Child Personality

Elements: Wood Rooster, Fire Rooster, Earth Rooster, Metal Rooster, Water Rooster.

The Rooster child impresses others with its eccentric behavior: it tells endless stories of funny stories, can suddenly sing or dance. His goal — adoration, the admiration of friends, for this is ready for a lot. She tries to look impudent and self-confident, while smart, shrewd, and most importantly — a modest person. Great importance in the fate of the child of the year of the Rooster plays the element of the year of birth, it influences the predominance of those or other traits of character.

Child Rooster is industrious, can not boast of luck and luck. Although in the eyes of others looks like a favorite of fate, to whom everything is given easily and simply. The representative of this sign will not starve, endure need and deprivation, but often gets into unpleasant situations because of financial problems. He makes a lot of efforts to achieve a high position. Strives to occupy leadership positions, recommended professions: military, engineer, lawyer, teacher.

The child of the Rooster year has tremendous energy, enthusiastically participates in the life of the family. You can rely on it in everyday matters: carefully removes toys, maintains order in the children’s room. With pleasure, he entertains brothers and sisters, likes to read, to tell poems. He has an oratorical gift, he loves to perform in public. He does not hesitate to defend his point of view. In a child’s society, the Rooster is not bored, he is always in the spotlight.

Rooster Baby Health

The children of this sign are distinguished by strong health. Easily carry colds, quickly restored. Lead an active lifestyle, so the only danger — injuries, bruises. Child Rooster speaks too much, has the gift of persuasion. Often very good sings, so a weak spot, requiring special attention — the throat. It is necessary to visit the audiologist as often as possible for preventive purposes.

Too quick-tempered kid spends a lot of energy on proving his rightness, often argues on trifles. It is very difficult to experience failure, can not accept defeat. There are possible problems with the cardiovascular system, the kid must learn to control his own emotions. It is necessary to load the excitable child with physical exertion, the lessons in the pool will be useful.

Hobbies of Rooster Children

Children Roosters do not tolerate loneliness, it is vital for them to be in society. It should be as soon as possible to start the baby to develop. He will gladly perform the simplest movements for the teacher and the surrounding children. He likes modeling and appliques, and he has no equal in the ability to tell poems and fairy tales. The kid has an acute mind and good coordination of movements, so the best and most complex designers collect the best and fastest.

Girls and often boys of this sign have the ability to select clothes, create beautiful hairstyles. True, some of their taste seems too eccentric, but this is a preconceived opinion. From the Rooster’s children, designers and hairdressers of high class can get. It is not superfluous to write them down in an art school: kids have a good sense of color. Sport clubs just do not pass by the children of this sign, the choice is wide enough: athletics, swimming, wrestling, boxing.

Study for Rooster-Child

Schoolkid Rooster is an important personality, taking an active part in the life of the class. He likes to entertain classmates with jokes, not only on changes, but also on lessons. Teachers should direct his irrepressible energy in the right direction: competitions, extra-curricular activities, social assignments. The child of the year the Rooster will not listen to strict instructions and teachings, the teacher should be a friend.

Boys show an interest in exact sciences, they like to solve complex problems in physics and mathematics. They are impatient, quickly lose their temper, but quickly calm down and continue their studies. Girls prefer Russian language and literature lessons, they read poems best of all in the classroom. They show interest in history, they like to understand the events of long gone times.

How to Raise Your Rooster Kid

Parents should be friends of their hot-tempered child, Rooster, he is not able to perceive cries and threats. The best method of education can be considered a personal example, the baby will try to match the adults. Too tempestuous temperament often conceals his uncertainty and weakness, do not complicate the situation by aggressive behavior. A calm, benevolent attitude can work miracles: the kid will stop fooling around, necessarily listen to the words of adults.

Baby Rooster hides behind his boldness and bravado his indecision. It takes a lot of failures, is not ready to take responsibility, tries to find the guilty among close people. Parents should teach the child to tolerate life’s problems more tolerant. He has all the qualities to succeed: determination, diligence, intelligence.

The child of the Rooster year is too impatient and quick-tempered, easily passes before serious obstacles. He works a lot, but often he needs financial help. The problem is that for him the external component is more important than the internal state. Parents should teach him to listen to himself, to focus more on personal needs, rather than a desire to make a brilliant impression.

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