Snake Child

People born in the year of the Snake (1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025) demonstrate calmness and composure in the most difficult situations. The Snake — the sixth sign of the Chinese horoscope, is characterized as Yin, is associated with the element of Fire. A symbol of wisdom and insight. The patronage of this animal gives the person a strong intuition, the ability to foresee the future.

Children in a year Snakes from early years amaze with their judiciousness. They are characterized by calm behavior, try to avoid the noisy society of peers. Persistently and patiently follow the goals set, not distracted by childish pranks. Snakes believe that they were born for great things, they demand a special attitude towards themselves. Can be cruel and evil, capable of sophisticated revenge and deceit.

Children Born in the Snake Year

Children Snakes are complex personalities, prefer to hide real feelings behind blatant calm. Too cautious and distrustful to share their problems and experiences. Parents should understand that raising a child is a responsible and difficult matter. Their natural slowness should not be misleading, they have a strong will and a firm character. If people feel incomprehension on the part of adults, and even worse, indifference, they grow up to be stale and evil people.

Children born in the year of the Snake strike the surrounding people with their ability to anticipate events. Intuition tells them the right decision, protects against dangerous situations. For a long time they doubt, think, but always act correctly. These are excellent strategists capable of achieving unprecedented heights. Patiently waiting for favorable circumstances, rather calmly relate to failure. They know that they will be able to overcome any obstacles and will certainly achieve success. Children of this sign are too smart and prudent to be on secondary roles.

Snake Baby Girl

Snake Girl is a powerful and self-confident person. For her in the order of things to speak in an orderly tone, skillfully manipulates the feelings of parents. He knows how to arrange a man to himself, deftly resorts to small female tricks. He loves gifts, carefully saving pocket money to treat himself to beautiful things. Quite indifferent to the troubles and misfortunes of friends, but very devoted to her family. He prefers to spend time for quiet games, active activity wears her. From an early age, he analyzes the actions of people around him, he will not become friends with those who do not meet her interests. For her, always on the first place own benefit, surrounding people often consider her selfish.

Snake Baby Boy

Snake boy — an intellectual and a philosopher, from an early age builds bold plans for life. He does not like to take risks, he tries to avoid difficulties and obstacles. He is too lazy, rather indifferent to the usual boyish hobbies. He should not be counted in sports competitions, he likes to observe more than act. He prefers not to engage in open conflicts, he defeats opponents not with physical strength, but with intelligence and cunning. He enjoys authority among peers, friends respect him for his honesty and loyalty.

Snake Child Personality

Elements: Wood Snake, Fire Snake, Earth Snake, Metal Snake, Water Snake.

In the eastern culture, the Snake is an insidious being, has wisdom and a strong will. Children of this year from birth are strong. Kids will not cry and ask their parents for a favor, they prefer to close themselves in order to think about a further plan of action. Natural caution and strong intuition make it possible to find the right solution that suits all sides. Sometimes they are too evil and vindictive, the predominance of those or other traits of character depends on the elements of the year of birth.

Calm and balanced children prefer to observe what is happening. Do not waste your energy on trifles, intelligently plan time, are always disciplined and collected. They have a sharp mind and a great sense of humor, they know how to arrange for an interlocutor. But they prefer to stay away from noisy companies, the circle of close people is rather narrow: it includes only a few people. Natural distrust makes you act extremely cautiously, you should not expect impulsive actions and a vivid display of feelings from them.

Child of the Year Snake likes to spend time reading books, if desired, can engage in literary activities. He likes to draw, he likes to play with animals. Loves to solve logical problems, always tries to get to the point, never makes hasty conclusions. You can count on it in difficult life situations, very responsibly to requests and assignments. Child Snake often chooses professions related to science or the world of art: sociologist, scientist, artist, writer, jeweler, educator.

Snake Baby Health

Parents should listen attentively to the desires of the baby, intuition always tells him the right decisions. If the child does not want to eat, do not forcibly feed him, writing off disobedience and tears for childish whims. Perhaps the lack of appetite signals the onset of a serious illness, it is better to see a doctor. Little Snake does not complain, trying to attract attention. Adults will have to closely monitor his health, the likelihood of overflowing of diseases in a chronic form is great.

The child of the year Snake is too focused on internal sensations, prefers to spend time alone. Quickly tired, suffers from headaches. Parents should instill a love for a healthy lifestyle, they need physical activity. Throughout his life, the baby is haunted by colds, he is too sensitive to cold.

Hobbies of Snake Children

Snake Children are multi-talented personality. They have an acute mind and logical thinking, they easily determine a profitable sequence of actions. They are attracted by intellectual activity, they not only unravel, but they also come up with riddles and charades. They like reading, especially books about the history of art. With great enthusiasm they gather a home library, their weakness is large gift editions.

Children in a Snake year with trepidation and love belong to the family and home. For them, this place gives a sense of security. Here they can remain alone with their thoughts, ponder further actions. They show a rare talent in the arrangement of their corner in the apartment, from them beautiful artists and decorators can turn out. Unfortunately, too little time is devoted to sports, but they are always in good physical shape.

Study for Snake-Child

School years leave pleasant memories in the soul of the child Snake. The study is easy, the only obstacle is laziness, sometimes the student does not have enough strength and desire to carefully prepare for the lesson. A smart and intellectually developed child affects teachers with his knowledge, especially he likes humanitarian subjects. Brilliantly responds to literature lessons, often speaking at concerts with poetry of his own work.

Teachers can rely on the responsible child Snake, he will try to justify the trust of teachers. Has organizational talent, ability to attract attention, so he can become the head of the class. Sometimes he is so addicted to social activities that he throws up his studies. But extremely rarely, mainly seeks to get brilliant knowledge, which will certainly come in handy in the future.

How to Raise Your Snake Kid

Child of the Year Snakes are a complex nature, it is impossible to guess his mood. It seems calm, while hiding their strong experiences. Parents should constantly bother him, ask a lot of questions. Love for loneliness, can lead to the fact that the baby sooner or later will start to avoid people. Adults should involve him as often as possible in collective affairs.

The child of the Snake sign has a wonderful taste, one should encourage his passion for art. You can buy him colorful books, drive to museums and theaters. Knowledge is sure to come in handy for the baby in the future. Very often children of this year choose the profession of an artist or a designer.

Snake child jealously follows the attitude of the parents, he does not like it when most of the attention goes to the brothers and sisters. Strives for leadership positions, believes that deserves the love and care of all the surrounding people. It can harbor anger, it is necessary to teach him to take into account the feelings and desires of other people. Parents should constantly talk with the baby, help him with valuable advice.

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