Tiger Child

Children born in the year of the Tiger (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022), have a strong character, they can handle any tests. Tiger — the third sign in the 12-year cycle of the eastern calendar, refers to the sign of Yan, the element — Wood. It symbolizes strength and courage. In the East, born in the year of the Tiger — a great fortune, the patronage of a carnivorous animal gives people unique qualities, usually they live a bright and interesting life.

Children of the Tiger year are born to rule, from an early age show leadership qualities. With amazing courage, bordering on recklessness, study the world around. An energetic child A tiger is an active participant, and often the instigator of all events that occur. Parents will have to explain to their active kid that not everything in life is subject to his personal interests and bold desires.

Children Born in the Tiger Year

Tiger Children are born for a bright life. Unquenchable thirst for adventure does not allow them to sit quietly in one place. They easily perceive any changes, try to find positive moments in the most difficult situations. Children in the Year of the Tiger — optimists, inventors, great dreamers are always surrounded by friends. With pleasure, they take care of weak children, without fear enter into disputes with stronger rivals. Stand out among peers with their proud, independent temper.

The child of the Tiger year gives the impression of an independent person: he does not need support, he can always stand up for himself. It is too easy to squander forces, try to control any little things not only in their lives, but also their close environment. Parents should understand that their active child needs advice and guidance. But the obstinate kid recognizes only equal partnership, adults should share his hobbies and interests. Boring people who read endless notations cause in him only one reaction — to run.

Tiger Baby Girl

The Tiger girl is the master of the hearts of all loved ones, without exception. He considers his parents and friends his property: they simply have to follow her instructions. Proud, independent baby from early age clearly knows what she wants. It is impossible to persuade her to abandon the plan, promising the best toys and sweets. He easily loses his temper, often fusses, but can pretend to be an exemplary and obedient child. Life is a game on the stage, where she is a great actress. Gets pleasure, trying on different images, boring everyday life cause her yearning. Despite the quick-tempered, eccentric character very much loves native people, touchingly cares about their well-being.

Tiger Baby Boy

The Tiger boy from an early age shows an imperious nature. His desire to take a leading position in the life of the team causes irritation of peers. At all, he does not know how to build relationships with children, he quickly loses his temper, he starts shouting. He bravely enters into any fight, while easily forgives his abusers. Behind the bursts of rage and anger, there comes a period of tranquility and tranquility. The boy feels a huge responsibility not only for himself, but also for a close environment. Disinterestedly helps friends, the only requirement is submission.

Tiger Child Personality

Elements: Wood Tiger, Fire Tiger, Earth Tiger, Metal Tiger, Water Tiger.

Tiger — a strong, noble animal, the children of this sign are outstanding personalities, combining qualities: courage, determination, reliability. They consider it necessary to take care of close people, fiercely defending the interests of their family. Child Tiger will not lie and pretend, always honestly expresses his opinion. He is not afraid of condemnation of others, does not consider it necessary to please everyone. He is a bright individuality, a leader who leads others behind him.

Tiger baby — the favorite of the family, charges everyone around with their energy and optimism. It’s never boring with him, but sometimes it’s difficult. The self-confident kid often neglects the interests of the surrounding people, behaving too aggressively. Child of Tiger sign — a born actor, woven from contradictions, in any manifestations is very organic. The nature of the representatives of this sign is significantly influenced by the elements of the year of birth.

Child Tiger is characterized by restless character, is in constant movement. His active nature does not tolerate peace and tranquility, easily enthralls his friends with ideas. He tolerates loneliness badly, strives for communication. But often he manipulates the feelings of other people, trying to prove his superiority. It is hard and uncompromising in their judgments, often offends close ones by rude behavior.

Tiger Baby Health

Tiger child — energetic baby, can not sit quietly in one place for more than a minute. Natural curiosity pushes him to seek adventure. Constantly in motion, very often gets bruises and abrasions. Too active a child can suffer from insomnia, it is difficult for him to control his emotions, so at rest he continues to think and analyze experiences.

Child Tiger has a strong immunity, with proper care rarely sick. But excessive activity leads to rapid exhaustion, the baby is hard to resist viruses and infections. He does not like to complain, he suffers pain, so as not to contact the doctors. Therefore, the disease can go into a chronic form. Parents should contact their doctors as often as possible. Prevention, vitamins, outdoor games — the secret of good health of the baby Tiger.

Hobbies of Tiger Children

Children in the year of the Tiger are distinguished by mobility, it is vitally important for them to exercise. Parents can be sure, the kid will be happy to attend the sections: tennis, volleyball, sprinting. In courtyard games, the Tiger is the leader who confidently leads his team to victory. He is easily carried away by new ideas, is happy to invent entertainment for his friends.

Children of the Tiger year are rich in imagination, they like to fantasize and invent stories. With great pleasure play the scenes from your life or close environment. Despite the mobility, children are able to do a favorite job for quite a long time: drawing, designing, embroidering. From the children of this sign can turn out fine specialists in the field of art: artists, designers.

Study for Tiger-Child

Schoolkid Tiger tries to prove his superiority over classmates. It does not tolerate competition, so it seeks to take the place of the class leader. The best science is given to him, he often takes prizes at school Olympiads. Sometimes it can be lazy, a sure way to make him work — a comparison with more successful friends. The hot-tempered and stubborn Tiger will make every effort to achieve better results.

Teachers appreciate the Tigers schoolboy for their purposefulness, always note his keen interest in the subjects studied. But weak teachers can not interest a clever child, he begins to miss the lessons. Active nature finds a way out of accumulated energy in self-indulgence and pranks. Parents should not over-criticize a nagging child. It is better to talk quietly with him, you can hire a tutor who can develop his natural abilities.

How to Raise Your Tiger Kid

Parents should remember: the child Tiger is an ambitious person. Any doubts about his exceptional qualities cause anger and aggression. Criticism — the worst way to affect the baby of this sign. Natural stubbornness does not allow him to admit mistakes, so he will prove his case to the last. Nothing good confrontation between the child and adults will not end, therefore parents should be extremely cautious in their statements and remarks.

A child of the Tiger sign easily falls into anger, if he does not achieve the desired result. In a rage he behaves aggressively, does not consider it necessary to restrain emotions. Parents should teach him to control his behavior. It is important to explain to the child that life is multifaceted and does not always meet its interests. He must set new goals and strive for them, without wasting energy on trifles.

Tiger child is sometimes too heartless towards close people: easily violates prohibitions, does not fulfill requests. Parents should not tolerate the selfishness of their beloved child. In the future, he will have to contact with a huge number of people, few will like his self-confidence and arrogance. It is necessary to share his experiences with him as often as possible, uploading household duties.

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