Dragon Girls

The girl, born in the year of the Dragon, is generously endowed with nature by many talents. Please parents with their successes, firmly and persistently achieves the goals. Fate is supportive of this strong-willed girl, she does not have to experience strong disappointments. Truth is sometimes too insistent in its requests, it is impossible to refuse. The surrounding people have to adapt to her wishes, but in general it is a kind and sympathetic child.

Dragon girl — a proud nature, can not always express her gratitude. However, she appreciates a good attitude towards herself, is devoted to friends and relatives. Under any circumstances, she will not deceive, lie, she can be safely trusted. From an early age, the baby is looking for an example to follow, in everything tries to be like her parents. Always considered with their opinion, seeks to live up to the expectations of these people who are dearest to the heart.

Dragon Girl Personality Traits

Charming, cheerful girl like all children without exception, especially attentive to her boys. She does not represent her life without communication, she has many friends. The truth will not allow anyone to contradict themselves, always makes it clear that it is she who dictates the rules of the game. Stubborn and willful, she strives for the role of leader. It is not boring with her, because Dragon is a smart girl, can tell a lot of interesting things. Her honesty, adherence to principle, deserve respect, friends understand what kind of whole nature.

Girl Dragon differs with a rare diligence and dedication. From an early age she behaves with great dignity, clearly understands what she wants to achieve. In fact, this cute, playful child is no different from the rest. She loves active games, loves to learn everything new, nice and friendly with all without exception. However, the baby has a sense of pride, a strong confidence in its own exclusivity. The Dragon girl is waiting for a great future, and she knows about it.


Responsive Dragon girl is famous for its kindness and big heart. Do not calmly look at the suffering of even strangers. Always responds to requests for help, ready to forget about the long-standing quarrel for the good of the cause. It’s too noble a nature to avenge and persecute former abusers. Parents can safely leave her with younger brothers and sisters. After all, she is not only responsibly responsible for her duties, but is sincerely attached to all relatives. She has enough patience and generosity to communicate even with unintelligent babies.


From an early age, the girl Dragon shows a rare for children constancy. She always keeps her word, does everything possible and impossible to fulfill the promised. Focused on the result, does not show a characteristic of girls frivolity. She adheres to firm principles, clearly fulfills her duties, but also demands from others not less. Does not belong to any coalition, it communicates equally with all children, it is difficult to win over to their side. Among her peers is distinguished by seriousness, diligence.


Active, sociable girl Dragon loves to be among people. Always friendly to the new acquaintances, easy to contact. An inquisitive little girl enjoys communicating with her peers. She likes active games, loves team competitions. True friends will have to accept her desire to lead. Despite all her charm, she defends her position quite rigidly, she will not give in to even a strong opponent. Of course, she acts politely and tactfully, her plans do not include quarrels and scandals.


From an early age the Dragon girl likes to dream, in the smallest detail represents her future life. Early understands its purpose, enthusiastically engaged in the favorite thing. With great enthusiasm she goes to mugs, attends additional classes. Parents have to not control it, but restrain it. Sometimes it is so desirous to achieve a perfect result, which comes to fanaticism. She starts to delirious with her idea, can no longer think about anything. If she decided to become a great biologist, she is ready to abandon the study of other subjects.

Raising an Dragon Girl

Baby Dragon is a sweet, charming creature, an obedient and meek child. She smiles joyfully at everyone without exception, willingly goes to her hands. Differs strong health, rarely sick. However, her cheerful disposition of spirit does not indicate complete tranquility. Daytime worries and anxiety sometimes spill into nightmares. The Dragon girl can sleep badly and cry a lot, at such times the parents should be especially sensitive to her. In general, it is an active and cheerful child, it is easy to communicate with her.

The inquisitive girl Dragon with great desire goes to school, she likes to study. And the study of all subjects is easy, it does not have bad marks. This responsible student is not distracted by stupidity, parents do not have to worry that she will be confused with a bad company. Girl Dragon is aimed at learning, all the time devoted to this particular activity. Nature has generously rewarded her with all sorts of talents, she can seriously engage in sports or learn to paint. If desired, can reach huge heights in any business.

Girl Dragon behaves independently, stubbornly defends her own opinion. Do not become a scandal, find out the relationship, rather, try to keep silent about the problems. She may have new hobbies, which parents do not even suspect. Girl Dragon is too self-confident and does not consider it necessary to consult with adults. Although she still loves and respects her parents, she does not want to share her thoughts and feelings with them. Even during adolescence, when the mood changes every minute, remains true to its principles, first of all it thinks about studying.

Parents should remember that their daughter does not accept lies and deceit. This is a very honest, principled man, ready to work hard. Even in the most difficult situation, it is better to tell her the truth and try to find ways to solve the problem. The Dragon Girl understands everything from a half-word, has a big and kind heart. However, she will not agree to betray her ideals, so she requires a delicate approach. This girl can be trusted: always and in everything she will defend the interests of the family. Although from a close environment waiting for understanding, akin to support.

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