Goat Girls

This smiling baby easily makes friends among peers, and adults just adore her. With the Goat girl — it’s impossible to quarrel, she is so sweet and courteous. She prefers to agree with everyone, does not even try to defend his point of view. This is a very kind and obedient child, above all appreciates calm and silence. She dreams about the universal peace, and the tense situation negatively affects her mental state.

For the Goat Girl, the most important people are parents, in them she draws strength and inspiration. I am ready to serve the interests of the family faithfully, loves my family endlessly, but in return I expect a caring attitude. This is a very smart, smart kid, although she tries to seem weak and defenseless. Can quite use the kindness of parents for mercenary purposes. Sometimes she specifically looks for an occasion for complaints, likes to cause sympathy for himself.

Goat Girl Personality Traits

In the life of the girl Goat luck plays a big role. If fate is supportive of it, then it will be possible to avoid troubles and failures. After all, she herself will not try to persevere in anything, she is absolutely devoid of fighting qualities. This baby has many advantages, but perseverance, courage are not included in their number. It is easier for her to agree with her opponent, to come up with an excuse for her own inaction, than to take decisive steps. She takes bad criticism, but loves to listen to compliments. With flattery from this girl, you can achieve impeccable obedience.

For this girl, the greatest joy is peace and tranquility in the family. Surrounding people admire her resignation, set an example for other children. True girl Goat — mercantile child, clearly understands its benefits. Although it is distinguished by kindness, responsiveness, it is fully capable of defending its interests. And it will cry, complain, skillfully flatter, but before the scandals and intrigue will never slip. She is an intelligent and talented girl, but a bit lazy and slow. Often content with what she has, does not strive for unattainable peaks.


From an early age the girl Goat shows her restless character, constantly worries over trifles. Parents should endlessly praise this timid little girl, take an active part in her affairs. The fate of the girl will be successful if she feels completely safe. She lacks optimism, self-confidence, strongly depends on the opinions of surrounding people. She often experiences anxiety about her achievements, but does not seek to solve problems, prefers to cry and complain.


The goat girl tries to please everyone, is afraid to create an unfavorable impression of herself. With she it’s easy and simple, works perfectly in a team, with joy adapts to the surrounding people. Quickly gets used to the new conditions, does not express her displeasure, because the main thing is comfort. Why protest and create difficulties for yourself? For all its timidity, this clever little baby will find a way to settle well. Instantly realize how to shift responsibility for everything that happens to someone else.


Calm, submissive girl Goat — a favorite of all adults without exception. She can be entrusted with any case, will not argue and protest, but immediately agrees. She never contradicts her parents, she lacks the strength or energy for a violent display of feelings. Perhaps she is not going to do anything, but why tell about it? Does not differ responsibility, can easily forget about the assignment, but more often just lazy. It will be easy to find a way to wriggle out, it will not be difficult to justify it. After all, this obedient girl is always in good standing.


This child is completely devoid of willpower, does not seek freedom and independence. Does not differ in discipline, does not want to overcome difficulties. The Goat girl wants to be the best for her parents, but she seldom justifies their expectations. In their dreams, they can represent her as a successful woman who has made a dizzying career. And they will create all the necessary conditions for development, but the girl Goat is not born to fight. Most likely, she would prefer a quiet job, albeit with a low salary.

Raising an Goat Girl

Since her birth, the Goat girl — the main person in the family. She strives to attract the attention of parents by any means, including crying and whims. Most of all she likes quiet games, she will not break and destroy everything on her way. She is always tidy, obedient, with pleasure helping her with her au pair. It can be easily negotiated with her, but in return she is rewarded for her diligent behavior. She loves to receive gifts, even more — to dress up. This is a real princess, requiring a gentle and trembling attitude.

The Goat girl easily finds a common language with classmates and teachers, so she goes to school with pleasure. Although it does not seek to attract attention to itself and become a universally recognized favorite. On the contrary, this is the quietest and quietest student in the class. But with the study there may be problems, because she does not have enough patience to pore over the notebooks. Goat Schoolgirl is good at things she likes. Usually draws well, expressively recites poetry. But the exact sciences make her bored, does not like to sit for a long time over tasks.

Parents can be surprised to find that their daughter is capable of bright bursts of emotion. A Goat teenager can not withstand someone else’s influence, can get into a bad company. Very quickly adopts bad habits, carefully copying the behavior of friends. Parents should monitor her surroundings and talk as much as possible with her daughter. After all, this is an obedient girl, you can influence her decision. It is necessary to attract the Goat girl some interesting thing, to organize her an unforgettable vacation. She does not like active activity, but travels with pleasure.

The Goat Girl is a responsive child, subject to outside influence. Parents should carefully guard it, be aware of all the affairs of their daughter. They will have to find a balance between the desire to raise from her a worthy person and the desire to pamper your beloved baby. If you always indulge Goat in everything, the self-loving egoist may grow out of her. However, strict education will not lead to a positive result. The baby will become nervous, crying special, devoid of interest in everything that happens. Only the loving heart of parents is able to find the right decision.

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