Horse Girls

This fervent girl gets a huge pleasure from life. It is difficult to find her in sorrow and a bad mood. It is characterized by strong-willed, strong character, so it never fades. Girl Horse โ€” impetuous nature, it attracts everything new, quickly switches from one case to another. Not in the character of this lively, curious little girl, sad and moping. Parents have only to watch from the side of her active work, because she will not tolerate interference.

For the Horse Girl, each new day brings amazing discoveries. She does not like to play alone, she needs a company. Sociable, energetic baby is sensitive, can flare up because of a trifle. Too proud and proud, does not like to obey. She tries to impose her own rules of the game and necessarily finds children who will listen to her. Charming girl knows how to pick the right words, jokes and laughs a lot, easily makes friends.

Horse Girl Personality Traits

This restless little girl manages to do a lot of things during the day, and carries her other childrenโ€™s projects. Her energy and enthusiasm can only be envied. Has a good heart, even if resentful, very quickly forgives. She is always ready to prompt, help, her children love, she is very popular among her peers. The active Horse girl spends the whole day on the move. Usually does not experience serious health problems. Parents do not have to wrap it up, worry about the frequent colds.

Smart, smart kid behaves directly, can ask an uncomfortable question. True, she herself will not hide anything, she willingly shares her thoughts and feelings. This cute little talker is very perceptive, sees people through and through. Never go on the occasion of a more lively girlfriend, she is smart enough to refrain from ill-considered actions. But it can be a quarrel, the emotional girl is too emotional. The horse is not always able to hold back. The truth operates exclusively from good motives, it is very kind and sympathetic child.


From the very childhood, the girl Horse demonstrates a proud, independent temper. Stubbornly achieves what is conceived. She does not like to listen to advice and recommendations from outsiders. Negatively perceives criticism and any attempts to limit their freedom. Early enough to start an independent life, does not need the care and care of adults. This is a pleasant, sociable child, but parents should not control it and read lectures. I am confident in my abilities, if I am mistaken, I do not lose my self-control.


This persistent girl will not be difficult to achieve their own, is not only determined character, but also high work capacity. Even having lost interest in the matter, it is able to pull itself together and continue to work. The best incentive for her โ€” praise, for the sake of words of approval is ready to roll mountains. Girl Horse is very enthusiastic about any work, if she sees the ultimate goal. Parents should be able to direct its energy in the right direction, in this case the result will be ideal.


Impulsive girl Horse does not consider it necessary to hide her emotions. If angry, fully manifests its indignation. Can cry, scream, but quickly calms down, continues to communicate as if nothing had happened. She does not know how to be angry for a long time, she does not differ in touchiness and vindictiveness. She may flare up because of a trifle, she does not like instruction and instructions, she will not do anything against her will. True affectionate words can affect her mood, she willingly changes her mind. Too kind and cheerful to spend time on quarrels and conflicts.


The worst punishment for the Horse girl is loneliness. She can not be alone with herself for long, her energy requires withdrawal. Quickly begins to get bored, if not with whom to talk and play. She is not shy, she makes friends easily, likes to be among people. With great willingness communicates with other children, and tries to take over them patronage. She likes to guide, give directions. But she does not like to obey, so conflicts with ambitious peers are possible. If necessary, it can rebuff, because this is a physically strong girl.

Raising an Horse Girl

A Horse baby egoistically attracts the attention of its parents. The girl likes that adults fulfill her whims and whims. Loves, when around a lot of people, skillfully manipulates their feelings. It has a great appetite, takes an active part in moving games. With great pleasure she considers books, she perfectly absorbs large amounts of information. Her energy is enough for a huge number of cases, but often jumps from one to another. Parents should carefully monitor this fidget, it can get hurt or hurt.

An inquisitive Horse girl tends to knowledge, with pleasure goes to school. The truth is not always diligent, often can not sit still. She has a good time in all subjects, but teachers have to pay much attention to it. If a school girl is bored at the lesson or has a conflict with the teacher, the interest in learning instantly fades. But she has no equal in public work, with great willingness participates in school self-activity. The girl likes to play sports, often develops in this direction.

A teenager Horse requires a lot of attention, a capricious and inconstant temper. In any dispute with the parents, they try to gain the upper hand, it can be rude, they can say too much. She does not take advice, she tries her best to defend her own opinion. The girl Horse tries to find her calling, she thinks a lot about the choice of profession. However, she makes all decisions independently, considers herself to be quite an adult person, operates by trial and error.

An independent Horse girl does not like to obey, even parents can not always influence it. This is a very kind and sympathetic baby, but too stubborn. Perhaps, she will do the same as adults advised, but not immediately and try to do it in her own way. She is able to overcome any obstacles, this is a very hardworking and purposeful girl. It is just necessary to put up with her strong-willed character and act gently, imperceptibly. Parents will be sure to be proud of the success of their daughter, if, of course, they can show wisdom and patience.

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