Monkey Girls

A mischievous fidget, a merry talker, a common favorite is all the girl Monkey. Before the charm of this charming little girl it is impossible to resist, she is full of life and energy. She is happy to meet every new day, seldom mourns, much less worries about trifles. Always find a way out of a difficult situation, and with the help of other people. Does not burden himself with unnecessary problems, but simply carelessly flits through life.

Parents can be assured of the brilliant future of their daughter. True, they will have to worry a lot because of her behavior, the Monkey girl does not differ in obedience and diligence. A child often lacks endurance and patience, easily jumps from one case to another. She can talk superfluous, often late, shows rare levity, but always cheerful, loves to communicate. There are a lot of children around her, most of them boys.

Monkey Girl Personality Traits

Cheerful Monkey girl never faint, her head is full of different plans. Cleverly directs children, carries them with their ideas. Rarely she misses alone, has a rich imagination, finds ways to entertain not only himself, but all around. This is an excellent organizer, she gives tips and directions without hesitation. If necessary, she can cheat, because a little lie is just an innocent prank. At least, the girl Monkey is sure of this, so she inspires inspiration, tries to attract attention to herself in any way.

This sweet coquette is actually a pragmatic person. In solving important issues shows a rare persistence, although it is not distinguished by diligence. She tries to find the easiest and simplest way to her dream, she thinks rather boldly, she is not afraid to be original. Do not pore over the books, take extra lessons, but simply play the role of an intelligent and well-read girl. Perfectly gets used to any image, often changes masks. She has a lot of talent, but it is too obsessive and impatient. Such behavior often brings problems, hinders the achievement of goals.


Baby Monkey is smart and inventive, since early childhood is curious. It shows interest in everything that comes to her eyes, asks a huge number of questions. And quickly jumps from one topic to another. Many consider her frivolous, incapable of deep reflection. Although this is a very astute, intellectually developed child. It has a good memory, is well versed in many things, but focuses only on what can be useful.


This cute chatterbox is ready to talk all day long. She has a cheerful nature, easily acquires friends. Absolutely not shy of strangers, on the contrary, willingly communicates with them. Without embarrassment, she takes the toys of other children and does not hurry to return them at all. She is noisy, laughs a lot, says everything that will come up in his head. Often, her behavior causes discontent among more quiet children, but the Monkey girl always acts in her own way. Absolute self-confidence, sociability are qualities that contribute to its success.


From an early age the Monkey girl skillfully manipulates the surrounding people. Perfectly understands how to act in every situation. Do not argue and stubbornly prove their case, but will try to depict complete agreement. She can pretend to be sick if she does not want to go to school. It can not be said that this is a cynical deceiver, she just sees the world: a lie makes life easier. Monkey girl is kind, often resorts to cunning for good reasons. Why worry your parents with your bad grades, if you can just lose a diary.


Girl Monkey — a real actress, can organically fit into any role. Often appears in the image of a gentle, angelike creature. Always in good standing with adults, because she is trying to meet their expectations. She listens to her parents, behaves roughly, especially in the presence of strangers. But her real thoughts are a big mystery. This baby is born for the stage, loves to perform in public. Since childhood, she is eager to read poetry and dance, is not at all embarrassed and embarrassed.

Raising an Monkey Girl

Baby Monkey begins to speak early, stands out among peers her independence. She has a cheerful character, likes to communicate with other children. It is easy to contact, it can be carried away by any action. The Monkey Girl loves sculpting, drawing, but most of all she likes moving games. This is a very stubborn little girl, if her parents do not meet her wishes, she will find a way to achieve her. She will cry, complain, beg, spend a lot of time, but she will definitely get a new toy or a dress.

The Monkey Girl is a popular person not only in her class, but throughout the school. Actively participates in events, likes to be in sight. Maintains good relations with all teachers, skillfully flatter, is constantly interested in their affairs. In terms of studying, she has a good time in humanitarian subjects, likes to read poetry. Does not differ diligence, often forgets to do homework. In addition to school, she goes to all sorts of circles, her energy is enough for a lot of things. If you really found your calling, you can turn mountains around.

Teenager The monkey is captivated by feelings, characterized by amorousness. In the first place puts relations with the opposite sex, can not live without vivid emotions. Usually she makes light novels, quickly changes her fans, flaunts with all the nice guys. She can always rebuff, has a strong character, will not allow anyone to humiliate himself. She often conflicts with her parents, she does not want to listen to advice or comments. She considers himself an adult, capable of making independent decisions.

Parents will learn a lot of new things in the process of educating a Monkey girl. This restless baby is interested in everything, on the day she asks dozens of tricky questions. Parents will have to actively participate in all games, arrange for her home concerts. Thanks to their support, it can take place in life. It’s a cheerful girl, she’s bored once, but sometimes it’s too intrusive, intolerant of calmer children. Parents need to adjust its behavior, otherwise it will grow selfish.

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