Ox Girls

Calm, obedient Ox girl — a matter of pride of their parents. Adults like her diligence and diligence, she always carries out any task entrusted to the end. Rarely argues and proves her rightness, even when she does not like something. Restraint, kindness, patience are the distinctive features of ther girl’s character. To some it seems too quiet and boring, not capable of a vivid display of feelings. But her inner world is much richer than she demonstrates.

The Ox is a balanced girl, quickly learns rules and norms of behavior. With it, there is no hassle in the domestic plan, it is always neat and collected. She can not be called an active child, she prefers quiet games, but she does not like noisy entertainment. Surrounding people can be touched by its ideal behavior, but for them there should not be a surprise rare outbursts of aggression and anger. Injustice and deceit cause in it a protest, a desire to punish the offender.

Ox Girl Personality Traits

Ther quiet modest person behaves with restraint, does not aspire to the role of leader. Making her speak in public is a difficult task. She likes more calm, measured activity away from prying eyes. At the same time she has a strong character, does not pay attention to remarks, firmly strives for what she has conceived. She is a very loyal and reliable person, she never imposes her opinion, she does not ask unnecessary questions. The truth and about their own experiences will not tell, will suffer alone.

In the life of the Ox girl there is everything: ups and downs, triumph and setbacks. However, in any situation, she behaves with dignity, tries to hold on steadfastly. Always responsibly approaches to study, from an early age determined with her vocation. Ther purposeful nature, however, prefers not to spread her plans ahead of time. Can give a rebuff to the overly curious, and children and adults alike. Although rare, but in conflict with peers, she does not like talkers and fighters.


The girl of ther sign is very sympathetic, takes her family’s problems to heart. She is always ready to regret and help everyone as she can. She is never greedy, willingly shares her toys. However, you should not expect from her responsive participation, if a person categorically does not like. Will not close to communicate, though, apart from an indifferent attitude, will not show any dislike. Parents can fully rely on it: the girl Ox does not need to explain the truisms, she is by nature endowed with a kind and gentle heart.


Ther quiet person actually has a strong will, perfectly understands, what purposes pursues. Having made a decision, she always follows it clearly. If, to everyone’s amazement, the girl Ox decided to become a polar explorer, you can rest assured that it will be so. To convince her of the opposite is very hard, can only listen to someone whom she considers an unquestioned authority. First of all it’s parents, she trusts them immeasurably. True arguments must be very serious, otherwise the result will not be positive.


From an early age, the girl Ox demonstrates seriousness, a balanced approach to any business. Even more reverent attitude to people, although she does not know how to express her feelings violently. A silent, quiet girl can, if necessary, stand up for the offended person’s breast. Girlfriends know that the girl Ox can be asked about anything, she will gladly rush to help. True, if you feel that it is being used and cheated, it will manifest all its temperament. In a fit of feelings can seriously quarrel with the abusers and immediately cease to communicate with them.


Adults are quite easy to find a common language with the girl Ox, usually with it there is no trouble. If there was a need to go to the doctor, then the visit will pass without hysteria and whims. Do not bargain and set conditions, just calmly do what they ask. Responsible for her domestic duties, always follows the daily routine. She has a strong will, so she is able to control himself. Parents do not have to accompany her to school and check homework, she is never late and does everything on time.

Raising an Ox Girl

Baby Ox makes parents happy with their impeccable behavior. She eagerly repeats all actions for her mother. Since early childhood she likes helping with housework, she arranges toys in her own place. She is distinguished by strong health, eats with great appetite and is happy to go to kindergarten. Truth does not particularly like to perform on the matinees or read poetry for guests. There is no sense in fighting with her natural shyness, a modest girl will not tolerate pressure even from her parents.

Ther industrious, zealous girl responsibly approaches to study, will not calm down, yet will not achieve excellent estimations. The Ox girl loves to read, spends the whole day doing it. She has many talents, she likes to visit mugs. If she overcomes her modesty, she can successfully perform in school amateur performance. It is distinguished by good health, loves sports, although it pays most of its time to study. With all classmates she talks smoothly, tries not to conflict, but she will not let the scoundrels and hooligans descend.

In communication with the teenager, the Ox can have difficulties, but insignificant. Parents do not have to worry much about the daughter, she understands the extent of her responsibility. In the first place is always worth studying, but for teenage stupidity she does not have time. Although it becomes hot-tempered, it can be rude or disobey the parents. However, she quickly takes himself in hand and asks for forgiveness, ther is a very responsible and reserved person. But an unhappy love can significantly affect the nerves of the girl Ox and all of her surroundings.

Parents can be calm for their daughter, because the girl Ox is a model of an exemplary child. She believes in adults, does not argue with them, tries to please. True, the authority in her eyes is very easy to lose. One has only to carelessly express their opinion, shout out for no apparent reason, how the girl immediately closes in herself. You can not pester her with immodest questions, it’s better to wait until she wants to share her pain. Tact, patience, respect, trust — these are the main components of the education of the girl Ox.

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