Pig Girls

The Pig girl is observant, curious, reaching out to people. She does not like to argue and swear, benevolent and nice with everyone without exception. Although it is quite a strong-willed child. Maybe she seems an innocent girl, but she is not. In it an amazing combination of softness, kindness and firm determination. It’s hard to get out of patience and it’s for the best. An angry girl Pig is a natural disaster.

Since her early childhood, she is distinguished by her judiciousness and patience. She is inclined to long reflections, enthusiastically reading. Girl Pig loves to flash with her knowledge, seeks to make a favorable impression. This lovely girl is liked by adults, she is constantly praised and set as an example. She has quite a lot of friends, although she is on the sidelines, and others are leading. Too obliging and peace-loving to become a clear leader.

Pig Girl Personality Traits

Parents do not have to adapt to the nature of their daughter. This is an amazingly accommodating girl, besides a great optimist. She absolutely does not want to find out the relationship, stubbornly prove her point of view. Of course, if you wish, the Pig girl can insist on her, but usually does not see the point. On faith, she accepts any words, readily fulfills requests. Even with the smallest assignment, it is with great soul and responsibility. With this little girl it’s easy to communicate, she knows how to find a positive moment in any event.

Kind, responsive girl Pig is ready to make any sacrifices for the sake of relatives. It is able to forget about its ambitious plans and completely concentrate on the problems of close people. She does not know how to speak beautifully, she never boasts and does not praise her own dignity. Simply responsibly approaches to any business, works enthusiastically and with enthusiasm. It’s not lazy, but it’s best for parents to come up with something interesting for her. In this case the baby will work with even greater impact.


This little girl is so kind and open to communication that she can not resist evil. It is simple and naive, believes all without exception. She can not be called a fool, who can not think soberly. On the contrary, smart, smart, but too honest and sympathetic, so for a moment does not doubt the sincerity of people. Friends sometimes use her kind attitude for their own mercenary purposes. After all, a Pig girl can be asked to beg anything, but to cause her pity is a matter of a couple of minutes. Even deceived, tries to justify the bad deeds of people.


The girl Pig can be relied on in any situation. If she set to work, then the result of her work would be ideal. Instantly abandon their business and will certainly fulfill all that promised. It is an executive, industrious and crystal-clear child. Parents and teachers always note her ability to genuinely experience for the cause she is passionate about. It shows amazing for the child diligence and desire to please adults. Therefore, others often use her kindness and constantly ask for anything.


This little girl knows the value of her work and money, amazingly thrifty and practical. Although she is ready to share everything she has, close people know very well about her disinterestedness. At the same time she will not indulge her desires and the whims of her friends. It is useless to ask her to spend pocket money on the purchase of sweets, she will save them for more useful purposes. Ready to be content with the small, will not ask for new toys and outfits if the family does not have extra money. She can easily make dresses for her dolls, so as not to disturb her parents with extra requests.


The Pig girl seems unperturbed by the special, ready for any turn of events. Surrounding people consider her an optimist, which is true. She tries not to lose heart, she always tries to find a way out of the difficult situation. At the same time, she is very vulnerable, often worried about trifles. It can be upset by ridicule, rude jokes, although she carefully conceals it. Can cry over a book with a sad story or because of a film with a bad end. Parents should be serious about her tears, otherwise over time, internal tension will lead to neuroses.

Raising an Pig Girl

Since the birth of the girl Pig is an amazingly quiet child. She likes absolutely everything that happens around. She is unpretentious, benevolent, likes to play with other kids, happily goes to kindergarten. Rarely leads parents to their whims. If it is stubborn, then there is an important reason. With her it’s easy and fun, readily listens to adults, does not contradict them. It has good health, and most importantly, it pleases its parents with a positive attitude. This is the first assistant mother and favorite of all family members.

At school, the Pig girl is one of the best students. She carefully prepares for each lesson and does not argue with teachers. She is always neatly dressed, all her books and notebooks are arranged in strict order. Even serious difficulties will not make her forget about her studies. She will not stop doing anything until she learns the material for an excellent assessment. This versatile girl, it seems that she knows how to do everything in the world. Perfectly draws, writes poetry and actively participates in sports. Teachers constantly praise her, put classmates as an example.

Teenager Pig — personality remarkable, almost adult. Early becomes independent, many important issues are resolved, I do not consult with adults. Sometimes she does it because of her stubbornness, and more often than not she simply does not want to give the parents too much trouble. She continues to be responsible for her duties, especially to study. True, a lot of time takes away relations with the opposite sex. This is a passionate, amorous girl, so she can not do without bright emotions.

The parents of this girl should trust their daughter in everything. This is a kind and bright baby with a big heart, ready to respond with love to everyone around. It can be fussy and capricious, but in very rare cases. Behaves almost impeccably, tries to live up to the expectations of the parents. Therefore, there is no need to scold this sweet child, although it will not be superfluous to teach her to resist evil. Otherwise, with her cordiality and kindness, the girl Pig can hurt herself. She is too naive to make her own decisions, adults must guide her skillfully.

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