Rabbit Girls

This charming child, woven of solid virtues, is very sympathetic to everyone without exception. Calm, friendly girl Rabbit - a real favorite of both adults and children. Differs accurately, likes to dress up, in her wardrobe there are a lot of beautiful dresses. She is friendly, sincerely happy every new acquaintance. It seems quite harmless, sweet creature. However, she never misses her own, has a fairly strong character.

Soft, ingratiating manners, cheerful mood — the undoubted merits of the girl of this sign. Easily makes friends, is listed on a good account with adults. It is difficult to confuse, does not communicate with bully and hooligans. She prefers quietly to do her own business, but she has plenty of them. It is creatively gifted nature, from an early age likes to draw, sing and dance. In general, the life of the girl Rabbit is filled with the most pleasant events, it does not happen much trouble.

Rabbit Girl Personality Traits

Nature has given the girl Rabbit inner flair, she understands the feelings of people, easily finds a common language with a variety of children. She knows perfectly well when to keep silent, and when to insist on her own. She tries not to upset her parents, she behaves with restraint, she rarely sulks. Although she has a subtle emotional organization, she often experiences trivialities and cries, it would seem, for no reason. In this way, the little girl expresses her resentment and makes it clear that she does not have enough warmth.

An agile, executive girl is the pride of parents, with her there is absolutely no problem. It is often set as an example for other children, praised for good behavior. Although she is capable of deep experiences, it is an emotional and sublime nature. She’s just too well brought up to throw out her emotions on others. Girl Rabbit maintains a good relationship with all, but her fighting spirit and determination demonstrates in extreme cases.


From an early age, this thoughtful girl shows prudence unusual for young children. She does not need to explain simple truths, she already knows that you can not touch a hot kettle or take matches in hand. Nature has endowed the girl Rabbit with the ability to intuitively perceive danger, she is cautious and prudent. Usually fate is supportive to this sensible baby, she does not have to face serious problems. She always chooses the shortest path to her goal, does not get involved in questionable matters.


Girl Rabbit sincerely empathizes and takes to heart the problems of other people. Particularly fond of animals, and strives to bring home a homeless kitten or a puppy. And she understands perfectly well that Mom and Dad will be against such a neighborhood, but they are unable to cope with themselves. Many children consider it weak, but softness, on the contrary, testifies to the strength of character. Only a confident person can be kind and sympathetic. Any conflict will immediately clarify the situation, because the girl Rabbit can stand up for himself.


Parents do not have to worry about the state of mind of their daughter, she can cope with any problems. Girl Rabbit thinks positively, tries to benefit from the most unpleasant situation. Do not be upset if something did not work out the first time, because she believes in her happy future. If there are problems with studying, she will not give up her hands, but will start to work with redoubled force and will necessarily receive an excellent rating. She does not like changes, the girl Rabbit is comfortable only in the familiar environment. However, she will try to find favor in changing her residence, she will try to make friends in a new place.


From an early age, Rabbit girl correctly prioritizes. Of course, in her life she changes plans many times, but she always finds the best option possible. Do not spray and take up everything. This is a creative person, therefore will develop in this direction, will try to get a promising profession. She does not throw from side to side, like other children, she does not dream about something unrealizable. She stands firmly on her feet, besides, she is often lucky in business. Therefore, parents can be calm for the future of their daughter.

Raising an Rabbit Girl

Baby Rabbit provokes affection, so this is a beautiful and quiet child. Although the nervous situation in the family can affect her behavior, the girl will begin to cry and be capricious without any reason. Differs curiosity, actively exploring the world around, it seems to have an intuitive knowledge of how everything is arranged. Therefore, does not feel the need to taste everything, does not try to check every corner of the children’s room. She feels cozy at home, she does not like traveling and talking with a lot of people.

In school-days, she shows herself as an ideal student. She does not like to argue, to prove her case, except for fundamental issues. Any teacher will say that the Rabbit girl is the best in her class. With great respect for teachers, friends with almost all classmates. For all the time she has no serious problems with children or with teachers. She does not give up social assignments, but this does not prevent her from studying well. In addition, she is engaged in creativity and is friendly with sports.

A teenager Rabbit can move away from her parents, because during this period of life, friends are more likely to cause trust. Despite its strong character, the girl of this sign is very dependent on public opinion. Not at once, but can succumb to persuasion and get carried away by not quite a noble affair. Parents should talk with her as much as possible. It is better to direct the energy of the girl Rabbit to study, you can write it down for some interesting courses. Mom can become a friend of her daughter if she shares her hobbies.

A tender girl Rabbit — a fragile vessel in the hands of parents, it depends on them how happy her fate will be. Has all the data to take place in life. She is an intelligent, serious, kind girl, and very lucky. However, the rudeness, egoism of parents can make it cruel, nervous special. It is necessary to listen sensitively to the girl’s desires, to proceed from her needs. You can gently guide it, but do not force it, otherwise it will close in itself, cease to perceive the advice of the parents.

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