Rat Girls

Adults can not help but be touched by this lovely angel. It seems that the Rat girl is a perfect creation, woven of solid virtues. Calm, focused on their affairs, do not be naughty, do not play around. Although this behavior is just a way of comfortable existence. Simply, she studies the world around her, analyzes the events that are taking place. Nature endowed her with boldness, purposefulness, an active personality, reasonably spending her powers.

For the Rat girl, the most important people on earth are parents. Blindly trusts them, strives to be always near, which does not prevent her deftly manipulating the feelings of her loved ones. Ready for any tricks to get it. Differs decisiveness and stubbornness, so you can rest assured that it will easily overcome all difficulties and troubles. Rat is a smart girl, cunning, has a strong intuition, always knows how best to do in this or that situation.

Rat Girl Personality Traits

Girls of this sign are distinguished by rare prudence, and have the talent to clearly prioritize from birth. Even in infancy, they behave quite quietly, not capricious, but carefully study the world. With the girl Rat can always be agreed, but the dialogue should be conducted on an equal footing. As soon as she convinces the adults of pretense, she will immediately manifest all the strength of her character. It can be anything, including hysterics and threats. This is the nature of this child: to fulfill oneโ€™s desires at any cost.

The Rat girl has all the data to take place in life. Diligence, concentration, dedication are qualities worthy of respect. It does not have to be forced or asked to take away your toys for a long time, to do the lessons. This is a very responsible child, aimed at the result. The girl of this sign is not alien to the usual childish pranks, she loves communication and funny games. Parents can be calm: you will not have to blush for it. Always finds a common language with peers, rarely with whom it quarrels, and even more so fights.


The activity of this girl can only be envied. Parents do not have to come up with ways to entertain her, she will easily find an occupation for her. She knows very well what she wants, so she will not hesitate for a long time, she will simply ask you to write down on the circle of interest. Is assertive and resolute, always moving forward. If the first time you did not succeed in achieving your goal, then you will make a second attempt. Although she may be disappointed and switch her attention to another goal.


The Rat girl can not be alone for long, it is important for her to feel the presence of people. She strives to realize her leadership ambitions, she does not hesitate to poke other children. The truth does it so imperceptibly that no one can even imagine that this sweet little baby is the leader of the collective. She has the talent of easily making friends, demonstrating goodwill towards all those around her. It can not be said that she is sincerely attached to each of her friends. But if you are sympathetic, then this is for life.


This girl has a rich inner world, impressionable and emotional. The truth tries to look unperturbable and self-confident. But very worried because of family problems and indifferent attitude of adults. Touchingly stores her childrenโ€™s things, likes to look at old photographs. This is a very dedicated person, for the girl Rat family is a great value, a support and a reliable rear. Although excessive sensitivity does not prevent it from sometimes being aggressive towards relatives.


Over time, the beautiful mistress will grow up from the girl of this sign. She loves to collect, collect a variety of things. It is distinguished by frugality, never throws toys, even if they are completely worn out. Do not waste your pocket money on any nonsense, try to buy a worthwhile thing, as soon as you save a decent amount. She likes to please her parents with pleasant surprises, she makes crafts with great pleasure, and any improvised materials are used.

Raising an Rat Girl

Baby Rat sometimes wipes parents with crying, and for no apparent reason, it just needs attention. She likes to feel like the center of the universe, adults should be always near. Mom can easily put the daughter to sleep, if she sings a lullaby, but you can not leave her alone, despite the whims. Rich imagination, sensitivity can play with a little girl a bad joke, she will begin to be afraid of the dark. A girl should feel care, only in this case she will grow up to be a confident person.

At school the pupil of Rat quickly becomes a favorite of teachers. A neat, hard-working girl like everyone, including classmates. She rarely has conflicts with other students, she is too smart and cautious to provoke people to anger. She has a good memory, likes to read, especially she likes the humanities. She takes part in the public life of the class with pleasure, tries to prove himself, likes to hear praise. Visits several circles, her energy is enough for both her studies and her own hobbies.

Adolescence is a difficult period, requiring from the parents of the Rat girls endurance and patience. It is no longer a child, but an established personality with its own tastes and preferences. She tries to be low-key, but she does not always succeed. The girl becomes sharp and quick-tempered, to the great surprise of adults, can abandon all of her hobbies and start to learn badly. It fully demonstrates the stubbornness and firmness characteristic of all representatives of this sign. Fortunately, eventually becomes the same intelligent girl.

The parents of this beautiful girl should remember that they are an indisputable authority for their daughter. Only on their behavior depends on how close and trustful the relationship will be. The Rat Girl is always open to communication, ready to listen and wise advice, and remarks. From an early age demonstrates the mind and wit, with it you can talk on any topic. With all the difficulties she is able to cope on her own, she needs only the support of her parents. The girl should feel protected and the most beloved.

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