Rooster Girls

A charming coquette, a lively and direct baby — this is the girl Rooster in all its glory. Always and in everything she strives to be the first, eager to achieve universal recognition. For her the best gift is admiring looks and compliments. From an early age shows independence of judgments, acts resolutely and boldly. This little girl knows her own worth and requires an appropriate attitude from the surrounding people.

Girl Rooster is a wayward person, she does not tolerate objections, quickly becomes angry. So complicates the simplest things that meets misunderstanding from other children. In any company, she strives to win the role of a leader, generously gives instructions, and therefore often conflicts with peers. To many it seems too brisk and self-confident person. Although this is a cheerful and charming girl, she just tries to attract attention to herself.

Rooster Girl Personality Traits

Only close people know the real character of the Rooster girl. The surrounding perceive it as a bright, eccentric person, capable of any adventures. In fact, this is a very clever, perceptive baby, with a strong and determined character. Sincerely attached to her parents, she tries to justify their expectations. This energetic girl can be relied on, she will find the strength to bring the matter to an end. If desired, can be serious and patient, different responsibilities and diligence.

Parents will have to get used to her unique ability to spend money left and right. So much she loves beautiful clothes, bright trinkets, which completely loses the sense of reality. Will cry, demand and even threaten, but will certainly receive the desired new thing. Hardly experiencing failure, will not be able to accept refusal. Despite her keen character, this is a fairly vulnerable child. Not immediately, but can drop her hands and run away from all troubles. A prolonged series of troubles depresses her.


Brave baby Rooster easily gets into the most dubious adventures. Do not show your fear of other children, try to hide all the worries and emotions. Differs a firm, determined character, so she is always responsible for her actions. Will not complain, complain, is fully capable of dealing with the abuser. Moving and energetic, loves to spend time in noisy companies. It gives the impression of a self-confident person who never fails to face difficulties.


From an early age, this baby is different mobility, it seems, her energy has no end. She boldly undertakes the most difficult cases, is not afraid to find himself in a difficult situation, because she is completely confident in her abilities. I am ready to work hard for my own sake. Does not lose heart, does not complain, but simply works on conscience. True, in the event of serious problems and difficulties, may for a time become sad. Girl Rooster is a vain nature, painfully experiencing failures and failures. However, she always finds the strength to move on.


The energetic girl Rooster gives the impression of an irresponsible child. It seems that it was created only for entertainment, it can not be entrusted to any important business. However, this neat girl, her room is in perfect order. Responsibly approaches to the execution of any assignment, carefully thinks through all her actions. Emotionality, impulsiveness — just a manifestation of the temperament, which she was awarded by nature. Deep inside is a collected and hard-working child.


Girl Rooster dreams of great deeds and grandiose accomplishments. This little girl will try to loudly declare herself to the whole world. Clever, ambitious, lucky, has all the data to be in the spotlight. Clearly sets goals and confidently moves to them, not spending time on trifles. In dreams, she sees herself as a famous actress or successful business woman. It is difficult for her to accept the usual, boring life, but she is ready tirelessly to storm the most inaccessible peaks.

Raising an Rooster Girl

Since the birth of a girl Rooster — a person who requires respect. Stubborn, self-willed, always does only what she wants. Parents will have to try hard to get her to obey. However, polite requests, attentive attitude can help to achieve mutual understanding. But to forbid her anything is a useless occupation. A stubborn little girl will still insist on her, she has enough willpower not to break even under the pressure of adults. But has a cheerful character, always cheerful and happy with life.

Schoolgirl Rooster is not distinguished by obedience and diligence, but it stands out clearly for her eccentric behavior. Will go to any experiments, but will find a way to attract the attention of the entire class. She adores extravagant outfits, her original manner of dressing leads teachers into rabies. True, if desired, teachers can see in it an extraordinary personality with great ability to study. It has a good memory, can think broadly, read a lot. Just can not live a single day without adventure, because the usual school life drives her boredom and longing.

Girl Rooster is a complex and unpredictable character. After all, adolescence is a period of bold experiments and new discoveries. Parents will have to come to terms with the daughter’s desire to actively participate in everything that is happening around. A teenager Rooster can change her image dramatically or get carried away by extreme sports. It is characterized by amorousness, therefore it is quite capable to start simultaneously several parallel novels. True natural ambition will not let her forget about the true goals, yet study remains for her the most important thing.

Raising a Rooster Girl is a responsible process that requires patience and endurance from the parents. In all circumstances this little girl tries to defend her independence. Although in fact it is a modest, loving parent of her child. It does not at all seek to do everything for evil, simply can not cope with its character. If parents can establish contact with their daughter, they will be able to understand the nature of her actions, this real person will grow out of this obstinate baby. This bold, purposeful girl, who defends truth in every way, deserves respect.

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