Snake Girls

Silent, calm girl Snake completely focused on their feelings, her thoughts — a great mystery for peers and adults. It can be difficult for parents to understand their daughter, but she does not need it. Nature has endowed her with intelligence, discernment, the baby can perfectly live without someone else’s participation. Although she loves games, entertainment, she willingly goes to contact with other children. Simply, this is a smart and serious girl, not everyone can find a common language with her.

For the Snake Girl there are no secrets and mysteries, she knows everything in the world. She thinks a lot, loves spending time alone. It is distinguished by purposefulness and diligence, parents do not have to monitor it and control every step. Benevolent, sweet, it is impossible to imagine a situation when she would make a remark. People are good to her, this little girl has no enemies and ill-wishers. True and friends very little, she trusts very few people.

Snake Girl Personality Traits

Parents can be calm for the fate of their daughter, throughout her life, luck and luck accompany her. Girl Snake does not seek to prove the truth at any cost, but tries to find a conflict-free solution to the problem. Can stay hanging for a long time to calm things down. Clever, cautious, but vindictive and vindictive. Be sure to find a way to deal with the offender, and do it beautifully and gracefully. She can not be denied fantasy and fiction, this is a very gifted person. And how correctly she can dispose of her talents depends on education.

Girl Snake tries to intelligently distribute their strength, clearly calculates every step. It is not just a thinker and an observer, but an excellent strategist. In any situation, strives to be a winner, if you take the case, will definitely win. Often children consider it hindered and slow, do not approve of excessive stiffness and discretion. With this girl should be more careful, can for a long time harbor insult. It feels firmness, determination, it helps in achieving the goals, but sometimes it hinders relations with people.


From an early age, she amazes with her self-control, she does not act up for any reason. Perfectly keeps herself in the hands, if she does not know what to do, just keeps quiet. Does not differ in frivolity and babbling like other children. She does not like to gossip, she expresses herself only as a matter of fact. She can be entrusted with the most responsible role in the children’s morning performance, the girl Snake will perform it with brilliance: she will not forget the text, she will not cry at the crucial moment. Even in the most nervous atmosphere, she remains cool and calm, which helps her overcome all difficulties with honor.


The girl of this sign is wise and reasonable by the years, attaches importance to every little thing. Even at an early age, she closely follows the behavior of people around her, studies their habits. Tries to understand the motives of actions, draws conclusions. And the inclination to long reflections is a natural need, and not the desire to appear intelligent. Girl Snake likes to sit in silence and think about everything in the world. Do not make her play with other children, if she does not want it. This little girl has everything for everything, and the only true thing.


This stubborn little girl can achieve her by any means. It is not afraid of difficulties, the main thing is the goal, and sooner or later there will be ways to achieve it. The patience of the girl Snakes can only envy, can wait as long as needed. Do not distract adults, do not ask unnecessary questions, this is a very focused child. Mom can safely deal with their own affairs, if the baby is playing, then, will not make a step from her place. She likes to collect puzzles, read books, can long and patiently do what she likes.


Girl Snake — vain nature, highly appreciates herself. She likes to hear praise, although she does not ask for compliments, but she is very happy with kind words. She makes high demands on herself, she always tries to do the right thing. Apologies from it you will not wait, does not consider it necessary to explain your behavior, and even more justify yourself. Rarely interested in the opinions of others, does not like to consult, and even more — to obey. Any criticism, even in the most mild form, takes her out of herself. May be offended for a long time, and if necessary, take revenge.

Raising an Snake Girl

Quite still the little Snake behaves properly, it’s almost an ideal child. Parents can miss the moment of teething, so she is calm. She sleeps a lot, eats with appetite, actively plays. With the girl Snake there is no trouble, with it is possible to agree about everything on light. It is important to be able to choose the right tone, but you can not go into details. Nature endowed her with wisdom and discretion, she grasps everything on the fly. She gets on well with other children, but feels comfortable alone.

In terms of study, the girl Snake does not, and there can be no problems. She is an intelligent, diligent student, always carefully preparing for lessons. Excellent in humanitarian issues, takes part in creative competitions. But in the relationship with classmates and teachers, problems may arise. Behaves independently, it can be arrogant. Although, thanks to natural wisdom, skillfully resolves conflicts with minimal losses. She is in good standing, her classmates are respected, they are often asked to help with the lessons.

Girl Snake for a time forgets about her restraint, becomes an uncontrollable teenager. Still a lot of thinking, analyzing, looking for a place in life. At the same time, she has enough energy and energy to find out the relationship with her parents and friends. She does not listen to advice, she violently rejects someone else’s opinion. She strives to become independent, considers herself ready for adulthood. The truth clearly distinguishes between good and evil, does not fall into bad companies, does not participate in questionable cases. Intuition and strong character help her avoid serious problems.

The life of the Snake girl flows quite calmly, without strong shocks. She has many talents by nature, she has a sharp mind, not childish wisdom. Easily grasps the essence of what is happening, without being distracted by unnecessary details. Parents only have to show interest in its affairs, support with kind words. It is necessary to talk as much as possible with the girl Snake, try to know her opinion. Adults should constantly bother her, otherwise she will spend all her time in meditation.

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