Tiger Girls

The life of the Tiger girl is full of all sorts of adventures. She does not like to be bored alone, she quickly finds an interesting business for himself. She gets on well with other children, although she likes to command too much. It often happens unfair, harsh, but you can not take offense at it. Tiger girl is sympathetic, she always sincerely worries about others and wants to help. Can get angry in earnest, and after a moment the first will hurry to the rescue.

Nature has given the girl Tiger a stormy temperament and strong character. Emotionally experiencing joy and failure, it is quick-tempered, but always stands firm, not afraid of difficulties. Only in the power of parents to be able to direct its energy in the right direction. Baby or become an outstanding personality, the pride of the family, or grow up a narcissist. She will not be satisfied with something average, she was born for great things.

Tiger Girl Personality Traits

Finding a common language with the obstinate girl Tiger is quite easy, if you praise it as much as possible. She loves to receive gifts, takes for granted everyone’s attention. Despite the capricious nature, this is a very kind and sympathetic girl, she has a big heart. Willingly responds to a request to help, will not become obstinate and harmful. Truth can be evil and aggressive, if you see that her efforts were not appreciated. This is an ambitious nature, it must be the always best and in everything. Only in this case the girl Tiger is ready to do anything.

Parents will have to reckon with the mood of their daughter, she will not please adults. This impulsive, temperamental girl usually does not hold back her emotions. Although very resourceful, besides being addicted to nature. It can easily switch your attention, become interested in a new toy and forget about a bad mood. A workable and active girl has inexhaustible energy, so if desired, she can achieve anything she wants. If in doubt, the sensitive participation of adults will help her overcome difficulties and succeed.


The girl of this sign can be capricious, demanding, impatient, but close people know that she is not capable of meanness. To play intrigues and lie is an unacceptable behavior for her. This is a very domineering nature, does not like to obey, she likes the role of leader. However, she will never humiliate the weak, scoff and take away toys. Despite her quick temper, she is always the first to apologize, trying to restore relations. You can count on her support in any situation, even a very small girl. The Tiger does her best not to let her parents down.


A lively, energetic girl Tiger is a favorite of educators and teachers. She is interested in everything in the world, never lazy, on the contrary, shows activity in class. Has a sharp mind, an excellent memory, so it easily remembers new information. Although, faced with a serious obstacle, will not harass itself searching for a solution, but prefer to do more interesting things. It has too much energy to stay in one place for a long time. Adults have to wisely guide it, otherwise a good result is not achieved.


From the very birth of a baby Tiger requires a lot of attention. Parents should give her all their time, because she is an exceptional person. She loves to receive gifts with a reason and without it, does not see anything wrong with the fact that adults spoil her. Rather perceives as a norm a constant concern for oneself. However, it’s a pleasure to share sweets and toys with friends, yet it’s a noble nature. The main thing in time to remind her that all people have the right to their desires, their interests should be respected.


All the actions of the Tiger girl are dictated not by selfish motives, they go from the heart. It can be a long time to be capricious because of a trifle just because she has a bad mood. But the first one will approach the parents with apologies. Most likely, she will not remember any more of the unpleasant incident. She does not know how to be angry for a long time, much less will she take revenge. It works spontaneously, parents should teach it to make rational and balanced decisions. Not always people are able to appreciate the sincerity of a Tiger girl, sometimes her words and deeds seem rude and even apologies can not save the situation.

Raising an Tiger Girl

Baby Tiger — too energetic child, demanding vigilant attention. Loud crying is the usual behavior for the baby of this sign. After all, any discomforting feelings cause her fierce protest. Parents should remember that the girl Tiger is by nature curious. Therefore, they will have to entertain the baby, invent for her developmental games. It is only a little to attract her and the result will be excellent. This is a common favorite, playing with it is a lot of fun for adults and children alike.

Schoolgirl Tiger — the main and lead class leader, is capable of repelling the most notorious hooligans. Teachers will have to try a lot to entice her with their subject. Do not pretend, if the lesson is boring, will defiantly yawn and look out the window. Although this is a very smart and talented girl, she just does not like to make efforts. And if she sets a goal, she can become the best student. Parents just need to cite as an example a more successful classmate. The hurt ego of the Tiger girl is the best incentive for learning.

During the growing up, the girl Tiger shows her temperament in all its glory. Becomes more emotional, too close to perceive everything that is happening around. Many experiences bring the first feeling, especially unrequited love. This is a big blow to the self-confidence of a confident girl. Suffering and torment can distract from study, make you give up your favorite business. The best way to recover is sports, travel. The Tiger girl can not remain alone with her dark thoughts, she needs a company.

Parents should always be on the side of their daughter, even if her behavior is not ideal. Girl Tiger — freedom-loving, bold, determined nature. Threats and even persuasion from her do not achieve anything. Adults should behave with it firmly, do not show weakness, while enjoying significant advantages. A girl can only listen to the opinion of an authoritative person. And the unconditional fulfillment of her whims will lead to the fact that out of this charming little girl a big egoist will grow up.

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