Dog Parents

Parent Dogs — the most loyal friends, defenders: until the last breath they are baked about their already grown children. In the Chinese horoscope, the Dog is a symbol of devotion and reliability. People of this sign have the qualities of an animal patron: loyalty, selflessness, responsiveness. Dog Parents completely dissolve in children, they live solely by their cares and problems, forgetting about themselves.

Calm Dog parents do not take quick, thoughtless decisions. First, they thoroughly understand the details of the event that happened, slowly weigh all the arguments. Therefore, children can not be afraid that they will be unfairly punished. The highly responsible people of this sign above all place parental duty. For them there is nothing more important than the happiness of children: material wealth, career growth — not the most important goals for which it is worth sacrificing the well-being of offspring.

Sentimental people of this sign sympathize with any trouble, and problems in the family perceive as a great tragedy. From despair, they are saved by a cold logical mind and a calm, balanced character. The propensity to detailed analysis helps out at the most difficult moment, when emotions, it would seem, have already prevailed over the mind. Therefore, children can count on the valuable advice of parents in any, even the most critical situation.

Dog Mother

A calm woman, who knows her own worth, is always confident in herself — this is Dog mother. Children do not have to be upset about the trouble at school, they know: the parent will sort out their problems. Lovely, well-bred mother Dog will be able to find the right words to justify the offspring. He tries to hide his bad mood: the sensitive nature too close to the heart perceives the failures of children.

Slightly closed mother Dog does not particularly like noisy gatherings, tries to avoid society. But she is always happy with her children’s friends, she likes to watch their games. It is not difficult for an economic woman to cover a table for a cheerful company, she will cook a delicious treat with pleasure. In her house, always an ideal order, especially in the children’s room. He believes that children deserve all the best, never save on toys and clothes for kids.

Punctual Dog mother controls children, constantly reminds them of the planned affairs. At all does not wish to subordinate their life to the will, simply tries to raise from children of responsible people. Despite his personal affairs, he will certainly find time to take his son or daughter to school. Active mother Dog believes that children should grow physically strong, seasoned people. Therefore, her children attend sports clubs, participate in competitions.

The suspicious parent Dog tries to hide the experiences, does not consider it necessary to spoil the mood to close people. It puts the interests of family members above their own, lives with the problems of children and husband. But this does not mean that she is so strong a woman that she does not need sympathy. She rejoices at any attention of the offspring, sincerely admires their gifts: a postcard, an embroidered handkerchief, a drawing.

Dog Father

Modest, reliable Dog father honestly fulfills his parental duty: he does everything possible to ensure that children grow in abundance. Do not wait for words of gratitude, in his understanding to be a good father — the norm. A focused, strong man tries not to show feelings, but he loves little children: much more than you can imagine. Courageous, self-assured Dog Daddy is the authority for his child.

A few-sided man prefers to engage in business, he will not talk and talk about love for children. Father Dog, despite the fatigue, will necessarily go for a walk with the baby after a hard day’s work. He never complains, expresses thoughts sparingly and in essence. He tries to instill in the children real values, for him above all — honesty. Can understand any act of the offspring, except for deception. He does not consider it necessary to put up with lies and pretense, even if it concerns a native person.

Hard-working parent The dog works a lot, but his strengths are enough for domestic duties. Maintains order in the house, constantly repairs something or makes simple household items. He considers it necessary to instill in his offspring a love for work: boys are required to own a hammer, and girls — to sew or knit. An ambitious Dog father is a successful person, can buy anything offspring, but his opinion is inexorable: heirs should be able to work with their hands.

Responsible father Dog never forgets the requests of children, it is another matter — too high requests. Do not waste money on their whims and quirks: the phone of the latest model, branded things. He considers that the main thing is diligence and moderation. Therefore, children will receive good, but not insanely expensive gifts. If the offspring wanted to impress friends with a particularly luxurious thing, then he would have to earn money for his own whims.

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