Dragon Parents

Strict parents Dragons in the education of children are too demanding and adamant. From an early age, children are taught to achieve only the best results, regardless of the circumstances. No doubt, the parents of the Dragons madly love their children, they wish them well. But they will never accept that their favorite child does not show talents, does not seek to succeed.

Willed people of this sign do not feel fear of life’s difficulties. They strive to raise a child strong, self-confident person, capable of independent actions. Resolute, energetic parents Dragons sometimes scare the force of their pressure, can be rude and impatient. But they can be forgiven, all the blame for the desire to see their children worthy, held in life by people.

In eastern philosophy, the Dragon is a mystical animal, blinded by its beauty and brilliance. But his appearance is deceptive, for a bright radiance you can see the uncertainty and weakness. The people of this sign are hot-tempered and irritable, angry too much, which they later regret. But children shamelessly use another parental weakness — excessive credulity. Despite all the equanimity and determination, the parents of the Dragons easily believe what they have said, to deceive them is a fairly simple task.

Dragon Mother

Children know that Dragon Mother is the most unusual and unpredictable woman in the world. She is distinguished by her determination and practical approach to life. He tries to live within his means, rarely allows himself to make rash purchases. But it is easy to believe that it is this gaming set that is vital for a child for important practical work, assigned to the house. Of course, the cunning little boy will achieve what he wants, he will get a coveted toy.

A strong-willed and proud mother Dragon wants to grow a leader from a child. She works hard and works hard, therefore she considers that success accompanies only purposeful people. He delves into all the affairs of offspring, is interested in their hobbies. Has excellent artistic data, if necessary, can participate in the school setting. He does not tolerate idleness, therefore he helps children in any endeavors.

Clever Dragon mother is easy to flattery. Children’s hand-made or a bouquet of wild flowers touch the mother’s heart so much that she is ready to forgive any wrongdoing. A bright, confident woman deserves the best compliments. He always carefully watches himself, tries to dress fashionably. Therefore, the words of admiration from the mouth of the baby is true, but sometimes it is used for selfish purposes.

The Chinese horoscope represents the Dragon mother as an active woman full of vitality. Despite the solid and serious appearance, he enjoys spending time with the kids, inspiring them with pinnacles of sand or riding a bicycle. But most of all he likes to stay with the child alone, completely concentrating on joint creativity. Over time, the children and the parent of the Dragon can make up a wonderful union of gifted people leading a joint business.

Dragon Father

Self-confident and courageous Dragon Dad does not accept objections: he believes that he has every right to point the right direction to his children. If a strict parent has decided that the son must engage in sports, then it will be so. Other hobbies are secondary. And it acts quite skillfully, owns the gift of persuasion. So colorfully painted the prospects of any, even the most boring thing, that the child with joy starts to work. In case of disobedience, you can seriously take offense at the willful kid, Pope Dragon is a harsh parent.

The energy of the Dragon father requires a way out, this is a very active person. It does not matter at all what to do, the main thing is movement. Can abruptly break down and lead children on a hike or have a picnic on the site. Athletic, smart parent The dragon is full of optimism and enthusiasm, he likes to see the fruits of his work. Therefore, children will have to take an active part in home or garden work. The most routine lessons can be turned into a fun game, you just need to trust your dad.

People of this sign are extremely ambitious, it is important for them to take place in life. The parent of the Dragon Chinese sign makes high demands not only for himself, but also for children. In his understanding, the only outcome of any business is a victory. The remaining results can not be taken into account. Children will have to work hard, make every effort to match their father’s ideas. But their efforts will more than pay off in adulthood. In addition, there is no more grateful and generous person than the representative of this sign.

Smart, experienced Dragon father is able to teach his children a lot. This is an excellent connoisseur of his work, he gladly welcomes the desire of the offspring to follow his example in choosing a profession. Can give valuable advice or help with admission to the school. Often the men of this sign love and are able to work with their hands, gladly pass on their experience to their sons. The only thing that the father Dragon categorically does not understand and does not accept is laziness.

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