Goat Parents

According to the Chinese horoscope, Goats (Sheep) are timid people, subject to other people’s influence. They are distinguished by a capricious, touchy disposition, inability to defend their interests. Goat parents in the upbringing of children fully show their characteristic qualities: softness, indecision. The favorite method of influencing children is complaints, manipulation of the feelings of offspring. The hidden talent of representatives of the Goat sign is the ability to achieve the desired result without gross pressure, solely by its charm and softness.

Unstable parents Goats do not know how to clearly state their position. They seem to doubt the correctness of the actions taken. Kids need to guess what adults want from them. Often the children of the parents of this sign grow up quickly, try to become independent. Quite calmly refer to the whims of mom or dad, in the end: they are just lovely, helpless cranks.

Kind parents Goats show excessive softness in matters of raising children. Absolutely lost before their whims and disobedience, they seek to coax the kids with gifts and sweets. They prefer persuasion and manipulation, and not angry cries and orders. Children know that they can insist on any of their decisions, if they want strongly. Fortunately, the kids try to upset their parents as little as possible.

Goat Mother

Mother Goat — a real woman: fragile, timid, shy. He tries to arrange life in such a way as to avoid anxiety and unrest. Do not force children to do things that they do not like. It can not be considered a special, completely devoid of ambition, but she lacks the willpower to insist on her decision. Of course, she wants to see her child as a successful person, but if he prefers a quiet, calm life, then it will be so.

A weak-willed parent can not resist the desires of children. If the kids decided to spend the whole day at the computer, most likely they will achieve their goal. Careful Goat mother can not leave this state of affairs without her attention. The only way out of a difficult situation is a lie. He will try to inspire the offspring that the computer has failed.

The hospitable mother Goat welcomes the communication of children with friends, always happy to see them in her house. Often arranges home celebrations, but does not like to trouble himself, so he tries to attract other parents to organize the event. Sharply needs help, seeking support even in his children. Likes when babies present gifts or devote poems to her. The parent of Goat is sensitive to every mark of attention of offspring.

Loving Goat mother admires her child, he seems to her the best in the world. He is immensely proud of his successes, endlessly tells his friends about the merits and talents of the baby. She is inclined to exaggerations, but she likes to indulge in dreams and fantasies that she can forgive her this small weakness. If a toddler grows up as a bully, teachers and neighbors constantly complain to him, he will easily find an excuse for him. The surrounding people know that the Goat is a devoted mother.

Goat Father

Parent Goat is a loving and caring father. He lives in the interests of children, though he does not forget about himself. An unpredictable and impetuous man can suddenly fall into a trip, but he will take a child with him. He is not too lazy to deal with a baby, it is rather vital. He will not rest until he learns the offspring to skate or ride a bicycle. Be sure to be proud of his successes and achievements.

The soft father of the Goat sign does not know how, and most importantly — does not want to order the children. They are allowed to do everything that is pleasant and interesting, naturally, within the framework of the reasonable. The parent will not force them to go against their desires, for the kids he is a loyal friend. Perhaps, sometimes it is necessary to show determination and perseverance in matters of education, but Goat Dad manages to do without it. He possesses the gift of persuasion, therefore the children succumb to his influence, although he does not press them with the power of parental authority.

Calmly Goat father does not like to show his feelings, trying to behave like a real man. He prefers to keep experiences to himself, never loads children with his problems. But will be glad to attention of kids, always with pleasure responds to their requests to spend time together. With pleasure, he will go with his sons for fishing or teach them how to make a boat. Daughters can count on the excellent taste of Goat’s father in choosing outfits.

It is impossible to consider Father Goat as a weak-willed person, he is an ambitious man. He tries to reach a high position to provide comfortable living conditions for his beloved family. He dreams of his kids becoming worthy people, ready to support them in all their endeavors. For the sake of the child’s interests, a job or a place of residence can change.

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