Horse Parents

People born in the year of the Horse, have a rare ability to rejoice in small things. Life-loving, energetic parents enjoy life, appreciate every moment of it. Sincerely admire the smallest achievements of their children, endlessly love and pamper them. Horse parents are open to the world, their house is full of guests, communication with which delivers real pleasure. Children are drawn to them, and all without exception.

In the Chinese horoscope, the Horse is a symbol of nobility, the parents of this sign fully correspond to the ideas of the Oriental sages. Try to understand the child, support him, often sacrifice their own interests for the sake of children. Hot and quick-tempered nature can not pass by an unworthy act, especially when it comes to babies. Their first desire is to protect and protect.

Hard-working parents Horses with the same zeal are engaged in both household chores and their professional activities. It is believed that a person must pass a life with dignity, without getting involved in questionable matters. The only way to achieve success is work and diligence. From an early age, they try to teach the kids useful skills that will certainly come in handy in life. Their children know how to work with their hands, it is not a problem for them to cook dinner or to hammer a nail.

Horse Mother

Active Horse mother plays the main role, unites all members of the family into a single whole. Her head is full of ideas about how to diversify leisure. On your day off, you will not get bored at home for a book, immediately put together a team of children and take them to the beach or to the park. And with pleasure he spends time not only with his kids, but also all the kids around. Children are usually very proud of a communicative mother who is able to make contact with people.

A loving mother Horse tries to forgive offenses, but the disrespectful attitude of children painfully hurts her. The parent yearns to hear compliments in her address, carefully keeps all the gifts of the kids. Often children abuse her good attitude, deceive the gullible mother of the Horse. Even if she reveals their cunning and lies, remains faithful to their beloved babies.

Cheerful Horse mother is easily carried away by new ideas, is not afraid to experiment with its appearance. Of course, welcomes the child’s desire to short hair or put on a caller attire. Why not? Life provides so many occasions for joy, it is foolish to miss at least one chance to spend time cheerfully. Often, the mother, along with the offspring, disappears for a long time in shopping centers, especially since there are so many ways to entertain — movies, game rooms.

Energetic mother Horse loves to lead life in motion, with pleasure rides with children on bicycles and rollerblades. Most of all he likes to organize children’s holidays in the bosom of nature. Loves animals, kids do not have to ask the parent to have a pet, most likely there is a cat or dog in the house. Although the choice of livestock is wide enough, it can be: fish, hamsters, parrots. Love and care of my mother Horses are enough for everyone.

Horse Father

Children should be proud of their Horse father, he is a great hard worker. He spares no effort and health to provide the kids with everything necessary. Easily sacrifice his rest, will not go on a planned vacation, but will send the child to the best children’s camp. Parent Horse is very pleased to see the happy faces of the little ones. Always puts the interests of the offspring above their own.

Energetic Horse Daddy misses in four walls, his soul asks for freedom. He often takes his children with him to fishing or to the forest. At the same time it will be fascinating to tell different stories from his childhood. Most of all he likes to watch animals and plants, can watch the life of ants for hours. He tries to grow up children with curious people who are interested in the world around them.

A friendly Horse father can be quick-tempered, and sometimes even an evil person. He easily loses his temper because of the child’s stubborn desire not to recognize parental rightness. A self-willed and proud man will never reconcile himself to the fact that his opinion is not important for the offspring. In a rage, it can be rude and inflexible, often too cruelly punishes kids. Does this not from harm, sincerely believes that children must obey the will of their parents.

A strong and self-assured father, the Horse seeks to grow from children of real people, resistant to life’s troubles. Especially demanding applies to sons, they must engage in sports, temper and lead an active lifestyle. Daughters usually know how to pity their father severely, resorting to feminine wiles and tricks. A loving father endlessly spoils girls, buys them new toys and luxurious outfits. Daughters have a big influence on their father, he can not refuse them even in the most expensive purchase.

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Chinese Zodiac Parents