Monkey Parents

People born in the Monkey year are responsible for their parental responsibilities. In their understanding: the main value in the life of every person is children. In the east, the Monkey is considered a symbol of dexterity, wisdom. Therefore, there is no doubt that representatives of this sign will honorably fulfill their parental duty. Although some of them are driven not by insane paternal or maternal love, but by the desire to appear to be ideal parents.

Monkey parents are characterized by a light sociable character. They optimistically perceive any leprosy of children, always find something funny in them. They favorably treat friends of children who spend their days in their hospitable home. Always take an active part in children’s entertainment. There is no doubt that the Monkeys parents are the most cheerful, positively minded people in the world.

Frivolous parents Monkeys do not burden themselves with superfluous reflections, their methods of education are simple enough: always a good mood, indulgence to children’s weaknesses, good advice. With such parents it is never boring: life is an endless holiday. But the surrounding people, especially children, know that they can not be relied upon. Floppy adults can promise to take the children to the zoo, completely forgetting about the urgent cases scheduled for this time. You can not doubt: the kids will be upset.

Monkey Mother

Spectacular, beautiful mother Monkey — a subject of pride of children. Kids love to be in the company of their parents, especially in the presence of friends. He loves bright clothes, dresses boldly and brightly. He always talks and jokes a lot. In her presence, you can eat as much ice cream and sweets: no notations about harmful food just will not follow.

Merry laughter never scolds disobedient offspring, rather encourages them to take action. Without hesitation can leave an impressive amount in the amusement park, and will have fun most. Mother Monkey is happy to go with the child and his friends on a camping trip, though he will forget to warn other parents. It will be sincerely surprised: what is the concern and search for?

Mother Monkey features an explosive, unstable character. She does not give instructions and does not read notations, she allows any pranks. On the reproaches and remarks of teachers reacts quite calmly, even indifferently. But in a fit of bad mood, he will necessarily express everything that has boiled over a long time. Can suddenly burst into tears and throw a tantrum. Fortunately, the Monkey mother can not long to be sad and sad.

Active, sociable mother Monkey does not sit at home, works hard and often meets with girlfriends. But he always finds time to communicate with the child. Do not take her advice too seriously, often offers dubious solutions to problems. For the parent of this sign, in the order of things, resort to tricks and deceit. Although this approach to life can be useful and children have something to learn from it.

Monkey Father

Children simply adore their merry father Monkey, his wonderful sense of humor allows to defuse the most embarrassing situation. Restless parent always jokes, tells anecdotes, laughs a lot. Meeting in school is an occasion for fun. Having barely crossed the threshold of the house, Dad Monkey begins parodying teachers, talent playing through their manner of reading moral teachings. Even if the offspring have problems in their studies, this is not a reason to be sad and upset.

A talented, creatively gifted man of this sign can reach heights in his career, but has absolutely no interest in routine activities. He prefers to spend most of his time with family and friends. Communication with the child gives him great pleasure, he is entertained and has fun. Children do not have to persuade him to play football with them or go to the ice rink. Often kids have to fend off his intrusive participation.

Sly Monkey father knows a thousand ways how one can bypass strict rules. If the parent wants to go on vacation urgently at the height of the school year, he will necessarily go on vacation together with the child. Teachers will be forced to release the student from classes: father Monkey is so persuasive in his arguments that he can not be denied. For the baby it will remain a secret, that there his little restless father helped him.

An energetic parent Monkey takes too active part in the life of offspring. A man, completely devoid of a sense of tact, can offend a child with a careless word or inappropriate behavior. Obsessive attention can bore children, especially in adolescence. Monkey father needs to be more sensitive to the feelings of the offspring, it’s worth moderating your parental egotism and the desire to dominate the relationship. Father’s love can be manifested in understanding and agreement with the choice of the child, and without a vivid fountain of emotions.

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