Ox Parents

According to the Chinese horoscope, parents born under the sign of the Ox (Bull) — quiet, balanced people. It seems that it is impossible to get them out of themselves, they are so unperturbed. Ox Parents skillfully combine love and hardness in the upbringing of children, try to remain calm even in the most difficult situations. But if the parent Ox is dissatisfied with the behavior of the child, demonstrates all the power of his temperament, in rare cases, possible assault.

The Ox parent controls the fate of his offspring with a firm hand. He considers himself entitled to solve the most important issues without asking the child’s opinion. In his understanding, any methods of upbringing that allow the cultivation of a decent person are good. At the same time, she loves her children dearly, works hard to provide them with a happy life. In return, waiting for reverence, there is no better joy for the parent of the Ox sign, than the love and respect of children.

The Ox’s parents are conservatives, it’s hard to get used to everything new. With pleasure, they perform routine duties, they like to follow the way of life that is habitual for themselves. In education, they rely on the experience of their parents, not paying attention to the fact that time has changed. Children will have to meet the expectations of adults, any protests and disobedience — it’s a hopeless business. Ox parent mercilessly suppresses the will of the child, is it any wonder that he seeks to leave his father’s house as soon as possible?

Ox Mother

Ox mother is an impeccable mistress, enthusiastically fulfilling all the duties of the house. It’s not difficult for her to get up early and cook a delicious, and most importantly healthy breakfast. He spares no effort to create a cozy atmosphere, loves to make cute trinkets to decorate the house. He willingly teaches his daughters all the useful skills that she herself owns: sewing, embroidering, knitting.

Responsible and accurate mother Ox tries to be an example for her children. A strong, determined woman thinks that it is not enough to succeed, the main thing is to live life worthily. Easily overcomes difficulties, thanks to his diligence and optimistic attitude. Most of all, people appreciate honesty and decency. He works a lot, from an early age he teaches children to work. He despises lazy idlers, believes that they are wasting their lives for nothing.

Mother Ox is a gardener by vocation, her house is filled with flowers. With pleasure, he shares his enthusiasm with children. Always takes the kids with them to the exhibitions devoted to landscape design, telling them about the most different grades of flowers for hours. Summer is the favorite time of the mother of the Ox, children can leave their attempts to protest against rest at the dacha. The parent does not tolerate objections — vacations must be conducted in nature, especially since she has so many plans for the development of the site.

Calm and confident mother Ox gravitates to a calm, measured life. Extreme sports are not her fad. Active activity quickly tires, deprives forces. For all his love for children will not participate in their games and games. It’s more like a quiet, relaxing holiday in the shade of trees with a book in hand. But carefully follows the appearance of the kids, her children are the most neat in the yard.

Ox Father

Father Ox is a silent, strict parent. He believes that one act more than a thousand words. He is not disposed to sincere conversations, in his understanding the main thing in relations with children is a personal example. A serious man works a lot, attaches great importance to the financial component. His duty is to provide good living conditions for his children. Has neither the time nor the desire to delve into the problems of offspring, except for really serious situations.

Ox father, with all his severe form, loves children. He is very proud of the smallest achievements of his children. With pleasure tells everyone around what a talented and intelligent child he has. According to the Chinese horoscope, the man of this sign is a workaholic, but in spite of employment he will necessarily be asked to leave the work to take the kid to the clinic.

Strict Ox Dad shows firmness in the upbringing of children, it is useless for anything to ask him. He as a parent knows best what his child needs. If at this point in time the purchase of new toys is not included in the family budget, the child can cry for days on end, but will not achieve its goal. The caring father will fix the old toy of the baby and solemnly hand it to the tear-stained offspring. And he will be sincerely proud of his impeccable behavior.

Dad Ox is a calm person, calmly watching what is happening around. He is not bothered by other people’s experiences because he does not have any of his own. Has a rare talent to keep under control feelings and emotions. Rarely raises his voice, expresses his thoughts laconically, does not allow the slightest opportunity to criticize and discuss his actions and decisions. The child must understand that the word of the father is the law. Kara for disobedience can be very different: deprivation of pocket money, a ban on walks, labor service.

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