Pig Parents

In the Chinese horoscope, the Pig (Boar) is a sign of patience, naivety, kindness, whose representatives are distinguished by a soft, complaisant character. Pigs parents are so attached to their babies that they practically serve them faithfully. They too trust the offspring, they are dedicated to all secrets. Often ungrateful children use their kind attitude, subordinate the life of adults to their interests.

Simple, naive parents Pigs take on faith any information. Do not consider it necessary to delve into the subtleties of the case, immediately rush to help. A child can write a whole story, justifying his laziness, loving parents, of course, will be on his side. They will try to interest the poor kid with their studies, and they will buy him beautiful writing instruments. But they will never think that their wonderful child just does not want to learn.

Good-natured parents Pigs are wonderful interlocutors, they adore entertaining children with stories. Many read, have a good memory and imagination, so they can amuse their beloved child and his friends for several hours. In this case, their stories are often accompanied by mini-presentations. No doubt: the Pigs parents are kind, sunny people, to whom all are drawn, including children.

Pig Mother

Despite the apparent simplicity, Pig mother is a rather complex nature. Calm, quiet woman does not know how to swear and scandal. As soon as the conversation turns to high tones, cowardly runs from the battlefield. Children will have to learn to assert their rights on their own, the parent in this matter is not an assistant. But as soon as there is a real threat to life, instantly turns from a nice woman into an enraged fury.

It is believed that the women of this sign are wonderful mistresses, but here there are controversial points. Mother Pig diligently erases and ironed the baby’s things, thoroughly cleans the floors and necessarily prepares several dishes a day. But it has a weakness for accumulation, that’s why it stores a lot of unnecessary things at home. A child can protest as much as he likes against turning an apartment into a warehouse, but the parent will not throw out even the most modest thing.

The diligent Pig mother responsibly fulfills her parental responsibilities, always in good standing with the teachers: she does not miss a single meeting. Can not sleep all night, performing the homework for the child. If the kid is naughty and does not want to go to school with an old pencil case, immediately breaks into the store and buys him another. Such efforts do not benefit children, they grow up as infantile and dependent people.

All the surrounding people agree unanimously: Pig mother is a crystal-honest person. He does not know how to lie and dodge, he trusts people too much. He tries to raise decent children from children: justice is above all. She often finds herself in embarrassing situations, acutely experiences deception, and cries a lot because of this. Children should be extremely honest with a sensitive parent, otherwise her heart will be broken.

Pig Father

Cheerful father Pig infinitely entertaining with domestic jokes and funny stories. Easy to climb man tries not to let sports holidays and entertainment. He likes to travel the most, even if he does not have enough money for it. You can go to the forest or relax on the river’s banks: what’s not a fun adventure?

Soft, kindhearted father of the Pig sign does not forbid his children to bring home all kinds of living things. He likes to work on the ground, he is an inveterate gardener. At the same time he is quite successful in business, he is considered a valuable employee at work. His energy is enough for a lot of things, children are very attached to their father, they try to imitate him in everything.

An easy-going parent Pig never argues with offspring. Do not consider it necessary to put pressure on them, force them to act against their will. He is a friend who perfectly understands the desires of the little ones. Often, having fun and enjoying childish joys more than the children themselves. He does not know how to be envious and angry: getting him out of himself is an almost impossible task. He tries to settle any conflict, does not see any reason to swear and shout, especially to fight.

Responsible Pig Daddy tries to keep his promises. If, the children are waiting for the holiday, then it will certainly take place. A loving father will take a day off, but he will necessarily lead the children to the cinema or entertainment center. In his heart he is a small child, prone to adventures. A gambler can spend a lot of money in a dash, trying to win a toy for kids. Most likely, the offspring will be able to do it faster. But the good-natured father Pig will not be offended at him: pride and joy are quite natural emotions. All over the world, there is no more sentimental father: the successes of children evoke tears of emotion in him.

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