Rabbit Parents

According to the Chinese horoscope, people born under the sign of Rabbit (Hare), are considered lucky and lucky. They live easily, bypass scandals and quarrels side, try to wrap the most unpleasant circumstances for themselves for good. Parent Rabbits from an early age instill in children an optimistic outlook on life. For them, matters of material prosperity are not fundamentally important, the main thing is the happy childhood of your beloved offspring.

Hospitable Rabbits parents like to hear sonorous children’s voices in their house, gladly accepting the numerous friends of the baby. Experiencing a lot of fun with the children. Sincerely admire their direct behavior. Rabbit parents do not take into account spending, if it concerns the interests of the child. Often, holidays are arranged without a reason and take an active part in them. From the heart they have fun together with children.

At work representatives of this sign — respectable people, excellent professionals, at home — loving parents, infinitely devoted to their children. They always take care of themselves, they rarely resort to the help of grandparents. Active parents Rabbits perfectly cope with their duties, their energy is enough for a lot of things. Carefully monitor the appearance of the kids, accompany them to all the mugs and sections. Much attention is paid to verifying lessons, parents are trying to grow up educated people.

Rabbit Mother

A beautiful, fashionable mother Rabbit is the pride of her children. A stylish woman watch her appearance, tries to look elegant under any circumstances. Loves to visit public places, she likes to shine in society. Often selected with children for exhibitions and performances. It is important for her to know the opinion of the little ones, and discuss the content of the productions with them for a long time and in detail.

Mother Rabbit can not be blamed for mismanagement, she knows how to maintain coziness in the house, perfectly prepares. It’s not her fault that the duties of the house are so boring and uninteresting. Rather, go with children to a cafe or restaurant, then will prepare dinner. Turn this release into a real fun adventure. The easy-going woman Rabbit is the best mom for her children.

A woman who is peace-loving with respect to all children is a model of the most kind mother in the world. She can not get out of herself with loud cries, most likely, she will take part in a noisy game. Mother Rabbit enthusiastically welcomes all the bold ideas of children, with pleasure will help to build a tent from improvised materials. Do not wish for such an important matter favorite pillows, tablecloths and bedspreads.

Great optimist — Rabbit mother never gets discouraged, does not fall for difficulties. Always encourages children, often tells instructive stories from his life. By his own example he tries to prove: if one believes in a miracle, the most secret desires will necessarily come true. Happy positive, cheerful children grow up with a positive mother of this sign.

Rabbit Father

There is no doubt that the parent Rabbit is an ideal dad. In the eyes of little ones, he is perfection, a standard that you want to imitate. A cheerful, energetic man enthusiastically participates in all children’s games. Often suggests new ideas that allow you to diversify the usual course of action. Races on bicycles or rollers, going to the movies or the zoo — it’s easy and at any time. Does not such a father deserve the love of his children?

Smart, shrewd parent Rabbit manages to educate children without screaming and scandals. In difficult situations, he enjoys a wonderful sense of humor. He tries not to panic, not to make hasty conclusions. Poor performance of the offspring is not a cause for accusations. So, we need to do more, and it’s even better to hire a tutor. Such behavior will bring more benefits than menacing instructions. A disobedient disciple will certainly take up his mind, begin to receive good grades.

The man of this sign is quite successful in business, trying to excel in his career. Children are proud of their father, who often holds a high position. Parent Rabbit, when possible, takes the kids with them to work or on business trips. He believes that the best way of education is a personal example. Children should understand that in life it is necessary to work hard. True, an element of luck is not excluded, but they too must be able to use.

Father Rabbit, despite his light nature, is a fairly strict parent. He will not reconcile himself to the idle life of his offspring. The child must constantly develop, learn new things, even in the process of playing. If the baby is lazy, does not get carried away and does not care, the parent’s anger can not be avoided. Good-natured daddy Rabbit will find a way to shake the baby: he will go with them to training and even a beadwork if necessary.

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