Rat Parents

Rat parents according to the Chinese Horoscope are ready for any sacrifices for the sake of the well-being of their children. With care create the most comfortable conditions: everything in the house is subject to the interests of the kids. Loving parents overly protect their offspring, every second they take care of their welfare. Children know that the family is a safe haven from any life’s difficulties and adversities.

Parents Rats will try to win the respect of children. They want to influence them by the power of words, they like to tell instructive stories from their childhood. It is fairly believed that the main thing in the relationship is love and trust. Wise parents do not consider fear, unconditional obedience of children — excellent results of upbringing. This is more of an occasion for sadness and recognition of their parental insolvency.

Rat parents rarely experience serious difficulties with children, they know how to achieve peace and understanding in the family. Possessing strong intuition and sharp minds people thinly feel the mood of the kids. They do not need to read books on raising children or to contact specialists in the field of psychology. The inner world of a son or daughter is an open book for the sensitive and loving Rat parent.

Rat Mother

Rat mother is the standard of the ideal parent. A clever, cold-blooded person in ordinary life, but she completely loses her head from worrying about her babies. Carefully watches the state of health and mood of children. The slightest signs of a cold are an urgent visit to the doctors. Particular concern is the child’s appetite: it should always be good. A wonderful cook knows how to please his beloved child.

An impeccable mistress, an interesting companion, an excellent partner in games is all about the Rat mother. It differs cordiality and hospitality, with joy opens the door of the house for the friends of its children. It can not be difficult to cover a luxurious table. A caring mother often prepares delicious dishes, constantly replenishes supplies of food, trying to pamper the kids. Has a rich imagination, often amuses children with funny stories, which she herself thinks up.

Mother Rat possesses intelligence and discernment, is capable of foreseeing the actions of children. He always knows what kind of advice to give at this very moment, and does it tactfully, not dropping the self-esteem of the little man. A wise parent has the ability to enthrall her ideas: children perform the necessary actions at their own volition, and not under the strict instructions of the mother. Completely spares no time and energy to please the kids. Do not scold them for pranks and leprosy, if necessary, she takes part in the games.

Mother Rat often in his love goes to extremes: the son or daughter is her property. He takes care of the little ones too much, depriving them of their independence, their ability to build life according to their desires. In old age, it can reproach children for devoting their lives to their upbringing by sacrificing their own interests.

Rat Father

Rat father is a real man, striving to provide his family with everything necessary. Therefore, too often absent from home, often neglects his parental responsibilities, but for a good reason: he is an earner. The parent of the rat will not rush into the frenzy of insanity, seeing the broken knees of the baby. He reasonably believes that children should know all the difficulties of the world. In life there are so many difficulties and obstacles that it is necessary to temper the will from an early age.

Father Rat is an ideal example of a strong person, children should take an example from their courageous parent. Always find the time to listen to the offspring and give him valuable advice. The Rat dad of the in education shows rigidity and straightforwardness, and believes that it operates on the basis of the interests of children. In his understanding, the pope is an indisputable authority for a son or daughter, who has the right to the strictest criticism. His goal — to grow a real man, a faithful assistant, heir to the family business.

The Rat parent most appreciates in people of quality: diligence, honesty, fidelity. Offspring should fully comply with his ideas, no objections are accepted. It does not matter if the baby is too fragile and weak, Dad with Chinese zodiac Rat sign can bring up a worthy person. In his arsenal are many ways, including daily training. A man prefers intellectual activity, but if necessary he can make a company in sports.

Despite the coldness and detachment, the man of this sign is adored for flattery. Children can easily persuade the pope to any madness if they make an effort. Compliments are a sure way to soften the heart of a man of courage. Father Rat is an easily addicted, adventurous person, albeit rarely, but with pleasure participates in children’s games. His horse is a team competition, he will gladly lead his small team, he will certainly achieve victory.

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