Rooster Parents

The Chinese horoscope characterizes the parents born in the year of the Rooster as brave people. Emotional natures are in captivity of passions, do not consider it necessary to hide their feelings, are extremely straightforward. Parents Rooster, despite the bravado and the propensity for shocking, sensitive to the wishes of children. They are loving people, who surround the family with care and attention. True, slightly extravagant in their actions, unrestrained in the manifestation of feelings.

Kind, trusting parents Roosters only seem confident and lively people. They try to look stronger than they really are. They like to live widely, endlessly spend money, have a lot of fun. It is believed that every day is a holiday that gives only positive emotions. At the same time, very responsible people in relation to the kids are ready for any sacrifices for their happiness. Often, children use a good attitude of their parents for mercenary purposes, try to extract the maximum benefit from them.

Parents Roosters love to attract attention, they like to see the admiration in the eyes of people. Waiting for the approval of children, they believe that they deserve their love. Therefore, they are genuinely surprised: the child does not share the views of parents, prefers to lead a closed way of life. Straight, incompetent people of this sign often conflict with children. Misunderstandings and quarrels cause them pain, life-loving parents Roosters are completely lost in difficult situations.

Rooster Mother

Cheerful mother Rooster is the most important companion and assistant of children in all their ventures. Break down during the working week in the late evening at the cinema? For an active parent — this is not a problem. The main thing is that the child, as convincingly as possible expresses his desire: persuasion, tears, assurances of infinite love. The woman of this sign is greedy for flattery and compliments. If she hears pleasant words in her address, she easily agrees to any madness.

A bright woman Rooster adores dressing effectively, can lower the whole state to her wardrobe. Children seem incredibly beautiful, like she is a famous actress or model. All the girls around are dreaming of being like her, often their own daughter is jealous of mother for success. Although completely in vain, the Roosters parent can not be accused of selfishness: she spends no less, and sometimes even larger sums, on her children’s clothes than on herself.

Purposeful mother Rooster does not see herself in four walls, she deserves more. She likes to attract the attention of the public, tries to be in full view all the time. In this case, an energetic woman has enough time for a family, tries to maintain coziness and cleanliness in the house, but without fanaticism. Still, her vocation — to shine, even if the backdrop for a fine acting game is an ordinary apartment.

Strong and courageous mother Rooster up to the last defends the interests of children. She only needs to see her baby upset, immediately losing control over herself and bursting into battle: who dared to offend the child? Children feel that they need to, they know that my mother will protect them. Parent Rooster spares no time and effort, always tracks the success of the kids. Be sure to cancel all cases to support a beloved child on a children’s matinee or school play.

Rooster Father

An ambitious Rooster Daddy is a pretty tough parent. It is aimed at success, never changes its decisions. If, something does not suit the strict parent, he bluntly declares his displeasure. Father Rooster does not care much about what the baby feels at this moment, what doubts gnaw his soul. If an adult has made a decision, the child’s task is unquestioning obedience. Children should understand that the parent acts out of good intentions, shows love and care.

The willful father Rooster loves to be always the first, passionately wants to seem the most courageous and brave person on earth. Therefore, he is very flattered by the attentive, respectful attitude of people around him. Children can easily melt the heart of an impregnable man with just a few compliments. Often they use the fatherly weakness for their own good, manipulate it cunningly. The man of this sign is a generous man: he flaunts the offspring with gifts.

Father Rooster can forgive much, except insubordination and lies. He will severely punish a child who dares to deceive him. Despite tears and pleas, he will be adamant in his decision. He always tries to observe the norms of decency, so he is insulted by disregard for his feelings. How can you mislead your own father? Such a manifestation of disrespect, he certainly will not forgive.

Children should be prepared for the fact that a loving Rooster father, who endlessly defends their interests, can dramatically change his decision. It would seem that a strong-willed person can not be weak. But the parent quickly gets tired of complicated and confusing situations, does not like to take responsible decisions. Therefore, support teachers in their notations in relation to the offending son, it is easier for him to live the situation more quickly than to endlessly find out the relationship.

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