Snake Parents

Parents Snakes are wise teachers, the best advisers for their children. Intelligent and strong intuition people fully comply with the definition — guardian angels. Are capable to foresee events, always give valuable advice necessary at a given time. Thinly feel the mood of children, act cautiously, trying not to destroy the fragile atmosphere of trust.

Powerful parents Snakes tend to control every step of their offspring. Of course, out of good motives: what can be better than maternal or paternal care? In every way they deny their parental egoism, their desire to be the main person in the life of the child. They need to feel the most necessary and loved ones, the attachment of children flatter the self-esteem of representatives of this sign. The influence of wise adults has a beneficial effect on the fate of the child, unless parental love goes beyond the bounds of the reasonable.

Sluggish people of this sign prefer to lead a quiet, measured life. Snake Parents supporters of intellectual conversations, they like the position of the observer, but not an active participant in the events. Kids will have to look for other partners for noisy games and insane entertainment. Parent Snake necessarily refer to urgent matters, just not to take part in a fun children’s holiday. His role is a sensible teacher, the role of a partner in games is more frightening than pleasing.

Snake Mother

In the Chinese horoscope, the Snake is a sign of wisdom. The kid can not doubt that his mother will give the right advice, will certainly help out in a difficult situation. The truth makes very high demands on the offspring. Mother Snake — ambitious nature, wants to see their children successful, they just have to please her with victories in school competitions and olympiads.

Calm woman easily falls into a rage, if he sees in the kid stubbornness and unwillingness to obey. But emotions are sparse, trying not to go beyond the bounds of decency. The coldness and detachment of mom is a way to punish a rebellious offspring. Her patience and endurance can be envied: it is bound to wait for the moment when the kid asks for forgiveness. Such behavior can not be characterized as a correct method of raising children. But this is the nature of Snake’s mother, she is a big egoist.

Mother Snake — housewife, loves his cozy nest, tries as best as possible to equip it. He has the talent of a designer, sews well. He endeavors to transfer his experience to children. Girls are very proud of their mother — the needlewoman, they often ask her to help with crafts for the school. A bright, creatively gifted person finds interesting solutions for the most ordinary works.

Careful mother Snake sensitively guesses all desires of children, but does not hurry to fulfill them. A sober woman tries to reason with reasonably, grafts a similar approach to the life of her child successfully enough. If you can do without buying a new toy or a fashionable outfit, then you will have to wait. She tries to accustom children to work, she herself with a willingness and a great desire to perform routine duties, keeps the house in impeccable cleanliness. Children reasonably believe that their mother is a model of an ideal hostess.

Snake Father

The ambitious father Snake is tuned to a successful career, gives a lot of energy to work. He does not like the position of an ordinary employee, he wants to occupy a high position. But the hardworking and purposeful Father Snake finds time for his children. Let it be only a few hours, but the joint rest is sure to be remembered by the kids. The parent of this sign is an interesting conversationalist, always has a few funny, but instructive stories in stock.

Loving father Snake often spoils children, but within the framework of reasonable. A sensible person can not cope with the pressure of children, always yielding to their persuasions and requests. Particularly caring for the daughters, insanely proud of their success. He tries not to miss their performances at school concerts or reporting events of the circles. Having a wonderful taste, the parent of the Snake often chooses spectacular outfits for his beloved girl.

Clever Snake father from the early years instills in children a love for reading, tells which books to learn first. A man tries to grow out of a child an educated person demonstrating a high intellectual level. He likes to lead long conversations and discussions with children, sincerely interested in their opinion. He tries as often as possible to go out with the kids to the museum or to fashion exhibitions.

A quiet Snake parent avoids excessive physical exertion. He likes a serene rest. In children’s competitions he takes the position of a leader, often acts as a judge. He who has a sharp mind and good memory prefers to share knowledge, he likes intellectual games: chess, checkers, charades, rebuses. But welcomes the enthusiasm of children for sports, believes that they must be physically strong.

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