Tiger Parents

Tiger parents are courageous people, prone to decisive actions. In the eastern horoscope, the Tiger is a sign of strength, courage. Parents are capable of any feats for the sake of children, at the moment of danger act quickly, completely without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Often demonstrate a quick temper and aggression, unable to cope with emotions. But children can be sure that their parents will protect them to their last breath.

Active parents Tigers do not tolerate boredom and constancy, happy adventures to their children are guaranteed. They take part in the life of kids with pleasure, are constantly interested in their affairs. Parent Tiger — rather a comrade in games than a wise mentor. Ebullient energy pushes him to the most unpredictable actions: hiking, parachuting, cycling.

Fair people of the Chinese Tiger sign do not like uncertainty, they try to find out the relationship to the end. It is important for parents to know the opinion of the child, they will not be afraid to hear even the most bitter truth about themselves. Be sure to listen to the wishes of the kids, try to understand their experiences. Strong-willed people can take control of themselves, change their lives for the better for the sake of children. They are open to dialogue, they can not be called authoritarian despots.

Tiger Mother

Life in the mind of the Tiger mother — one endless exciting adventure. She is annoyed by boring duties around the house, the need to follow strict rules. Children can count on the participation of mom in games and leprosy. He will not read the notations, suggesting to the kids that it is much more useful to study harder than to spend time in carefree merriment. With great pleasure, he will take part in a children’s party, regardless of his age. Active, cheerful mother Tiger is the object of envy of the whole environment of children.

Mother Tiger — a brave, determined woman up to the last defending her beliefs. An energetic parent takes an active part in the life of children. The parent committee is headed first in the kindergarten, then at the school. He organizes events with enthusiasm, carefully scrutinizes the scenarios. But this does not mean that he will agree with teachers in everything. He is always on the side of children, fiercely defends them, even if they are naughty.

Tiger mother truly knows no bounds in her generosity, if it concerns her beloved children. Carefully follows their wardrobe, tries to buy only expensive, bright things. The babies of the parents of this sign can be recognized immediately, they are always fashionable and tastefully dressed. Special attention is paid to hairdresses: the image must be perfect. From an early age she allows daughters to use children’s cosmetics, a little lady should look perfect on the example of her mother.

Woman Tiger — an intellectual, reads a lot, with the birth of kids increasingly paying attention to books on child psychology. He tries to educate his offspring, clearly following the instructions of specialists, though it does not always work for her. The hot-tempered and emotional nature is too fond of life, therefore prefers to apply the advice in a peculiar manner. Does not have lectures, presents children with information in the form of a game. Mom Tiger is a perfect example of an active, modern parent.

Tiger Father

Tiger father takes care of his family carefully. Do not waste time thinking, always acting decisively. He thinks that a real man should be able to defend his interests. Encourages the involvement of children in sports, often himself trains with them. The beautiful physical form of Tiger’s father is a matter of children’s pride. He is always full of energy, ready to compose a company in any competition.

The Tiger’s parent is adamant in matters of honesty. He is ready to forgive the most daring pranks, but not deceit. He considers himself to be the main friend of children, so lies offends his dignity. You can approach him with any question, caring father Tiger will try to help, if necessary, without hesitation, will enter into the most decisive battle. But intrigues and squabbles cause him deep disgust. Deceived his trust the children will have to try very hard to beg his forgiveness.

Dad Tiger is an intelligent man, he can not help to help offspring with lessons. He takes an active part in the school life of his child. He enjoys going to parental meetings, often he is the only man at such an important event. Therefore, a responsible parent is a faithful assistant to teachers, one can always turn to him about class matters.

The man of this sign is a cheerful person finding time for his hobbies. Likes to spend time traveling and traveling. Children will not have to persuade their father for a long time to go camping, but rather he will be more active in this matter. Every weekend, a loving dad tries to take the child out into the wild. Quite often visits amusement parks or a zoo. There is no doubt that the Tiger’s parent is the most gay and active dad in the world.

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