Dog Birthstones

The Dog is the eleventh animal in the Chinese horoscope. Representatives of this zodiac sign are incredibly noble people who cannot stand by if they notice injustice. Sometimes trying to help, they not only receive well-deserved gratitude, but also make themselves ill-wishers. Dogs are responsible workers and loyal friends. You can always rely on them. They do not lie and do not envy. They are better at listening than talking. That is why they prefer to do, rather than talk about plans. Dogs are real altruists whose advice usually really works. However, because of too big a heart, they themselves often suffer from betrayals of loved ones.

Birthstone for Dog

Kind Dogs can find it hard to come to terms with the fact that the world is imperfect. The following minerals will help them not become discouraged and become happy:

  1. Agate – a stone of eloquence. Considering that actions speak louder than words, Dogs often underestimate the power that gives the ability to express their thoughts beautifully and competently. Agate not only helps to choose the right words, but also teaches diplomacy. This helps in conducting business negotiations, as well as when applying for a new job. It is believed that this mineral prolongs life and has a healing effect on the whole body. In particular, thanks to him, a person gets rid of nervous stress and finds peace of mind. Agate bracelets are recommended. They are convenient to remove and use during meditation. Dogs are best suited for decoration using gray agate, as this stone meets their inner convictions — it is customary to call it a “fighter for justice”.
  2. Tiger’s eye – a guard against negative energy coming from outside. This stone will provide the Dog with protection from the slander of ill-wishers, with whom she crossed the road in pursuit of achieving world peace. With such an amulet, you can forget about mood swings associated with failures in relationships with others. The tiger’s eye makes its owner more balanced and patient, while not at all reducing its desire to achieve new heights. Beads from this mineral give their owner endless optimism, and also help in building harmonious relationships with your loved one. Such an accessory eliminates unreasonable jealousy on both sides. A ring with a tiger’s eye can develop intuition and attract financial energy to life, which improves the financial situation in the family.
  3. Carnelian – is a deliverer from spiritual torment. The incredible power of the stone will protect the Dog from the wrong people and potential traitors. Decorating with this mineral will help to understand the true intentions of others and to determine with whom to be friends and build romantic relationships, and with whom it is better to just stay familiar. Carnelian will draw true love into its owner’s life and will not allow feelings to fade away. Earrings with this mineral will enhance the attractiveness of a person and develop his oratorical abilities. A ring with carnelian will help you find your calling and make good money on it. Any decoration using this stone will become a faithful companion of the Dog in the fight for justice.

Influence of the year of birth and the element

In the Chinese horoscope, unlike the European, there are as many as five elements. This is wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The element under whose protection a person is born depends on the year of his birth. This is what makes the representatives of one sign unlike each other in some manifestations. But thanks to them, spontaneous brothers born during the reign of various animals, it is easier to find a common language. It is because of the characteristic features of the five elements that Dogs need to pay attention to different mascot stones:

Wood Dog — is a team player. She manages to fully reveal her potential precisely in the process of teamwork. Dogs of this element usually lack confidence in their abilities, alone they are difficult to make decisions. Citrine will save them from this problem by increasing their self-esteem. Such a mineral is a powerful source of personality development. It not only helps to realize its value, become independent and independent, but also indicates in which direction to move in order to fully reveal its potential. A ring with Citrine will fill the life of its owner with light and joy, will teach you to look at what is happening with optimism.

Fire Dog — the eternal seeker of something new. Possessing a vivid imagination and an inquiring mind, people of this element strive not only to comprehend the unknown, but also to apply fresh ideas in life. Jewelry with Quartz activates the logic of the Fire Dog, which it sometimes lacks because of the desire to act quickly. This mineral slightly dulls the senses, allowing you to better understand your goals and choose ways to achieve them. Quartz is an excellent assistant for introspection. Thanks to him, you can become more balanced and overcome the fear of not having time to do something. A quartz pendant will become a wonderful companion of the Fire Dog, endowing it with wisdom and patience.

Earth Dog — is a workaholic. Such devotion to the cause certainly has a positive effect on the career advancement and financial capital of representatives of this element. However, it also makes them prone to callousness and aggressive behavior. Ammonite will relieve nervous tension from its owner, normalize his sleep and teach him how to enjoy the little things. This stone will bring a harmonious combination of work and rest to the life of its owner. It is recommended to pay attention to the rings with Ammonite. It is better to wear them all day long and not to take them off even at night. It is at this time of day that the energy of the mineral is most active and acts on the person, providing a relaxing effect.

Metal Dog — is a principled person. The people of this element are characterized by unshakable confidence in their own capabilities and their correctness. Unlike other Dogs, it can be so blinded by its own goals that it will resort to dishonest ways to achieve them. In such situations, it simply needs Topaz — the main protector from wrong and rash acts. Earrings with this mineral will have a powerful effect on the human brain, making all its decisions fair, not contradicting the nature of the Dog. A brooch with topaz will remind a person of his principles and stop him from acting contrary to conscience.

Water Dog — is an eternal child. People of this element are sincere, trustful, kind and not serious about important issues. Aquamarine will make the Water Dog more responsible, teach to respect the opinions of others and values, while preserving the freedom of spirit of the representative of this element of the sign. The energy of the stone is great, so it fills with harmony not only the soul of its owner, but everything else. It is recommended to wear a ring or bracelet with aquamarine. Better on the right hand, since it is a symbolic channel connecting a person and the world around him.

Birthstones for Dog Man

Men of this sign in the Chinese horoscope are distinguished by nobleness and a desire for justice. They can be called real gentlemen, true to their word and always ready to help. These are true altruists, it is difficult for them to accept that they cannot improve the life of every creature on the planet. They are often distinguished by a pessimistic view of the world because of the innate ability to soberly evaluate others, their motives and behavior. In addition, the male Dog thinks a little narrowly. For him, everything is either black or white. The following minerals will help him become less categorical and find harmony with the world:

Tourmaline – is an assistant in the fight against bad thoughts. This gem guarantees getting rid of a pessimistic mood and the emergence of a completely new outlook on life. Moreover, he equally beneficially affects the personal and working relationships of its owner. It is recommended to wear a pendant with tourmaline. The most favorable color of the stone is purple.

Ruby – is a stone of courage. He will develop the best qualities of the male Dog and bring true love into his life. Also, the gem will expand the boundaries of consciousness of its owner, making it more open to different points of view. Representatives of this sign should pay attention to a ruby watch. They will help to achieve harmony.

Phenakite – is a fighter with limited thinking. This mineral works on the spiritual enlightenment of a person, opening him new feelings and emotions. Cufflinks made of Phenakite will make the male Dog less critical and will learn to look at things not only in black and white.

Birthstones for Dog Woman

Dog woman has a natural charm and attracts male looks. She has a clear plan for life, which she follows and purposefully moves towards the goal. Prefers to lead a modest lifestyle, does not seek to be in the spotlight, on Saturday evening it is better to stay at home alone with an interesting book. She is not inclined to trust people, in order to deserve her favor, you need to try. Dog woman is extremely serious, sometimes she lacks lightness in relation to what is happening. The following minerals will help her to achieve what she wants and become happy:

Chrysoberyl – is an assistant in love. It is this gem that allows you to recognize those you can trust. Earrings with Chrysoberyl will bring luck to life, fulfilling all the wishes of its owner. It is preferable that the jewelry be framed with gold, as this metal interacts with the gemstone best.

Chrysoprase – is a source of trust. This gem will help to forget old grievances and not be afraid to let new people into your life. Thanks to him, a woman will achieve peace of mind, and will also succeed in all areas of life. A Chrysoprase bracelet will protect its owner from sadness and worries.

Sapphire – is a cosmic stone. By establishing a connection with the universe, the gem makes its owner easier to lift and teaches her to be more mobile. A sapphire ring will help a woman become more active and have more fun.

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