Dragon Birthstones

The Dragon is the fifth animal in the Chinese horoscope. Those born under this sign are bright personalities that arouse the interest of others. They are distinguished by a rich imagination and the ability to generate fresh ideas. In the company of the Dragon is impossible to get bored. He is confident in himself and does not hide it. He easily makes new acquaintances, likes to joke, he always has some funny stories in his reserve. Learns throughout life, easily learns new knowledge. Because of her natural kindness, she does not notice the true motives of others. He is often envied, and sometimes even try to harm. In addition, because of their straightforwardness, Dragons often make new enemies. Most often this happens at work. However, even this does not prevent them from making an excellent career.

Birthstone for Dragon

For those born in the year of the Dragon, the following minerals are suitable as helpers and protectors:

  1. Amethyst – is a stone for people with a pure soul. Perfectly suits Dragons, because they are just like that. Amethyst contributes to the preservation of health, and also relieves the experiences caused by the actions of other people. Dragons are very vulnerable when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Therefore, they need a talisman that can facilitate the restoration of energy after ending communication with someone. In addition, amethyst develops intuition. Thanks to this quality, its owner can determine who is plotting behind him. The best jewelry with this gem is a ring. Women are recommended to wear on the ring finger of their right hand, and men — on the left.
  2. Sapphire – is a shield against envy and anger. Protects its owner from gossip of ill-wishers and their own negative thoughts. It softens the character, facilitates the process of building strong relationships. Sapphire makes Dragons less hot-tempered and more tolerant of the flaws of others. This helps to reduce the number of conflicts in this sign in business matters. Also, this gem promotes creative activity. But it is important to remember that wearing jewelry with him in a bad mood is not worth it. The mineral is extremely sensitive to negative energy. Most strongly sapphire shows its properties when wearing bracelets with it.
  3. Chrysolite – is a source of friendliness and diplomacy. The charm and kindness of Dragons can easily be interrupted by their love for total control. This makes communication with them sometimes unbearable. Chrysolite makes its owners wiser by setting them subconsciously to be more tolerant. Also, the powerful energy of Chrysolite gives its owner the ability to feel lies and determine the secret motives of the interlocutor. This feature can save the nerves of the Dragons. Of the accessories, it is recommended to wear bracelets. Located on the wrist, they create a closed flow of energy that feeds its owner.

In the case of this zodiac sign, talismans should be alternated by year of birth. The energy enclosed in the Dragons is so strong that when you wear the amulet for a long time it negates all the useful properties of minerals.

Influence of the year of birth and the element

In the Chinese horoscope there are only five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, water. They, like the year of birth, affect the optimal choice of a talisman stone. The tree is an element of great thinkers. Fire breeds true leaders. Earth makes a person a real "social activist." Metal is a source of self-confidence. Water gives patience.

Wood Dragon – is a fan of learning something new every day. His curiosity knows no bounds. Anything can interest a representative of this element. Unfortunately, this does not always add up to his life. Often, Wood Dragons jump too quickly from one sphere of knowledge to another. Because of this, it is difficult for them to master the profession well. Variability of interests negatively affects work. A constant desire to find a job elsewhere prevents you from building a successful career. To correct this drawback, it is recommended to wear jewelry with Malachite. Rings are best. They will always be with the person and allow him to enjoy the current state of affairs.

Fire Dragon – is an unrivaled leader. Under his strict supervision, everything will be done perfectly. He does not tolerate defects, likes to control and double-check everything. A true perfectionist. These qualities often act against him. People perceive him exclusively as a person above them in the social hierarchy. Because of this, representatives of this element have few friends. Carnelian will help correct this situation. He will make his owner more attractive to others, weakening his authority. At the same time, the mineral will not make a person less diligent and hardworking worker. A watch inlaid with Carnelian is a great option. They create an energy channel that softens the character of its owner.

Earth Dragon – is an altruist. He is less than all his zodiac brothers in his qualities of a despot. He appreciates cooperation very much and sees great strength in it. Flexible enough and able to compromise. He always brings what he has started to the end, is in no hurry and does not require too much from others. Earth makes it a little dull and gray against the background of other Dragons. A bracelet with Olivine will help to light a fire of creativity. This mineral makes its owner more open to new ideas and opinions. Olivine will allow the Earth Dragon to open to others from a new interesting side.

Metal Dragon – is too self-confident representative of the zodiac sign. He puts his opinion above all else; for him there are no authorities. This helps them move forward and achieve what they want, but it prevents them from building friendships. They are devotees, they will never leave a friend in trouble. However, they communicate only with those who meet their high criteria. Their main drawbacks are an overestimated sense of self-importance and harshness in statements. Fluorite will help get rid of them. This mineral makes its owner more balanced, allows you to adapt in society. It weakens the degree of fixation of a person on his own person. It is recommended to wear bracelets or watches on the left hand with Fluorite.

Water Dragon – is a patient person. He never hurries in personal and work matters. For him, quality is more important than speed. Very sociable and friendly, always surrounded by well-wishers. Despite his successes, he is rarely treated negatively. Water has a positive effect on the dominance characteristic of Dragons. The main problem of representatives of this element is excessive optimism. They feel bad about the risks and tend to take on too much. Azurite will help improve their intuition. This stone is even credited with the opportunity to endow its owner with the gift of clairvoyance. It is recommended to wear earrings with Azurite. The closer the mineral will be to the head, the better it performs its function.

Birthstones for Dragon Man

Male representatives born in the year of the Dragon are freedom-loving. They do not want anything to bind them. Because of this, they are extremely unstable, are not in a hurry to get married and, in principle, start a relationship. The most important person in their life is themselves. However, with a high level of spirituality, they may not be complete egoists, but quite loving and sensitive to relatives. The constant attention to their persona basically makes the men of this zodiac sign arrogant. To suppress the minuses of character Dragons are recommended to wear jewelry with the following stones:

Amethyst – is a “magic pill” from selfishness. The gem makes its owner friendlier and more responsive. It relieves focus solely on one’s own problems and deeds. In addition, Amethyst will help in fulfilling even the most elusive plans, which Dragon men usually have a lot of. In the wardrobe, it is recommended to have a tie holder with this gem.

Turquoise – is a love magnet. Those born in the year of domination of this mythical creature usually suffer from a lack of trust. No matter how powerful and narcissistic they are, they still need a close person nearby. Turquoise bracelets will help in finding a soulmate. For those who do not wear jewelry, key rings are suitable.

Sillimanite – is a source of strength and health. This mineral is able to relieve nervous tension and prolong youth. At the same time, it helps to develop spirituality to its owner. Thanks to Sillimanite, the Dragon man will have a greater sense of empathy, and he will begin to pay more attention to the interests of loved ones. A pendant with this mineral will make its owner more kind-hearted and will not allow its natural modesty to overcome the pride that arose due to the universal admiration for its charisma.

Birthstones for Dragon Woman

Women of this sign of the Chinese horoscope are admired. They are strong, independent and full of energy. The inner core allows them to overcome all life’s difficulties. In relation to others, they are quite loyal, generous. If a person wants to come to terms with them, they are likely to meet, because they do not like to stay in bad relations with someone. They are distinguished not only by external attractiveness, but also by attractive energy. Female dragons are often too immodest. They want luxury and wealth. For them, life is black and white. Because of this, they have painful mood swings. To cope with these problems will help:

Topaz – is a money magnet. This stone not only helps to improve financial solvency, but also helps to move up the social ladder. Perfect for the representatives of this sign to meet their need for a chic life. It is recommended to wear jewelry with not too large stones, as their energy is very strong and can overwhelm a person. Topaz earrings are most suitable. They will be around the clock with their owner, improving the state of her affairs.

Kyanite – is a protector against quarrels. The mineral will save the Dragon woman, who is not in conflict by nature, from unnecessary unrest associated with disagreements in relations with others. The stone will bring luck and happiness to the life of its owner and create an energy field around that will bring people to it. He will make it more reasonable, will not allow you to commit rash acts, help manage mood swings. Earrings made of Kyanite will become a universal decoration for a woman of this zodiac sign, correcting the flaws of her character and eliminating possible betrayal by her partner.

Labradorite – is a source of harmony in family life. The mineral will help its mistress to find balance and relieve nervous tension. When wearing a labradorite bead, it will be easier for a woman to bear the setbacks and avoid emotional burnout with bursts of joy.

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