Goat Birthstones

The Goat is the eighth animal in the Chinese horoscope. People born under this zodiac sign are very motivated and yet simple. Complex schemes and cunning intrigues are not for them. They are very honest people. Often they are capricious, demand too much, and they themselves behave quite irresponsibly. For them, in the order of things, forget about the meeting or not fulfill an important task. To solve problems, they need the support of a loved one. They themselves are hard to cope with failures. A heart-to-heart conversation is necessary for them in order to start moving in the right direction and correct unpleasant moments in life.

Birthstone for Goat

The capable and intelligent Goats usually do not know how to correctly apply their innate talents. It is easier for them to be led, completely getting rid of the burden of responsibility. In order to gain independence and go through life with a smile, even when they are completely alone, they are advised to have jewelry with the following minerals:

  1. Emerald – is a source of development of intuition and self-confidence. This stone helps its owners to get rid of complexes and stop transferring responsibility to others. It develops creativity, and also strengthens the connection with nature. For Goats, it is extremely important, it is from her that they draw a supply of energy. With prolonged wear, the emerald eliminates all the negativity and resentment accumulated over the life of its owner. It is recommended to pay attention to the ring with this green crystal. Women are better off wearing it on their right hand, and men on their left. This is due to differences in the formation of the energy field depending on the gender of the person.
  2. Jadeite – is the guarantor of long life. This mineral improves the overall health of its owner, relieves nervous tension. It’s easier to stay calm in stressful situations and not to show aggression. Jadeite is able to rid the Goat of manifestations that are more common for children. Having a pendant in stock with a pendant made of this stone, you can forget about infantilism. A person who constantly keeps such a jewelry with him will become more serious and independent. Suspension is the most effective method of wearing, since in this case the stone energy is evenly distributed throughout the body and has a complex effect on the body.
  3. Moonstone – is a magnet for love. The mineral attracts new acquaintances, followed by a long-term partnership. And not only in the context of love relationships. Configuring its owner for peacefulness and purity of thoughts, the moonstone helps to move up the career ladder. Also, the mineral weakens nervous tension and gives a feeling of complete confidence in fate. Thanks to him, it’s easier for the Goats to act on their own motives, without asking someone else’s opinion. It is recommended to wear bracelets using moonstone on the right hand to activate the full range of its strength.

Influence of the year of birth and the element

In the Chinese horoscope, unlike the European, five elements are distinguished, not four. This is wood, fire, earth, metal, water. People born under the same zodiac sign may be influenced by different elements. It depends on the year they were born. Each element has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the following stones will help balance energy:

Wood Goat — is a true financial expert. Despite her inborn talent to handle money wisely, her lack of confidence in the correctness of her own decisions compels her to seek advice from others. Alexandrite will help in eliminating this problem. He will give his owner the gift to anticipate profitable ways of financial investments that increase capital. Thanks to systematic luck, the Goat will take itself more seriously and will understand that she does not need anyone to succeed. Alexandrite also improves mood and makes thinking more positive. You should pay attention to the ring with this mineral. Carrying it on his right hand, a man will ensure an influx of money and protect himself from the negativity coming from the outside world.

Fire Goat — is the most energetic representative of her zodiac sign. The flour of choice is not peculiar to her. She always believes in her own strengths, trusting internal impulses. Calcite will expand the boundaries of consciousness of the Fiery Goat, which is too fixated on personal achievements. This stone will develop empathy, as a result of which relations with family and friends will improve. Wearing a bracelet with calcite on the right hand, you can get rid of self-centeredness and shift your attention to spiritual development. It is important to buy your own jewelry, otherwise it will not work properly.

Earth Goat — is the most self-sufficient of all elemental "sisters". For her, not only material things are important, but also warm relations with family and friends. The main drawback of the character of the Earth Goat is the inability to manage money wisely. Malachite will solve the problem of waste, making its owner more economical in spending. He will also help maintain old ties and may even attract a new love. The stone is great for meditation. It is believed that he is able to open the third eye, so it is best to purchase earrings with malachite. The closer the decoration is located to the frontal lobe, the stronger its effect.

Metal Goat — is a real lucky one. It seems that everything goes to her without the slightest labor. Smoky quartz is literally able to cleanse the world from negativity. Metal Goats need it to save energy. A pendant with this crystal will reduce the probability of emotional burnout to almost zero. Decoration is recommended to be removed while setting long-term goals or analyzing the current state of affairs. This must be done due to the fact that smoky quartz unnecessarily activates the imagination. And this can lead to the formulation of impossible tasks.

Water Goat — a lover to go with the flow. It has too much water energy. Adornment with Gagat will help her cope with the habit of taking the path of less resistance and encourage her to take active steps. The stone will not only give strength in order to become the creator of one’s own life, but will also become a partner for meditation. The jet is able to open the "portal" to the future, allowing to predict further events. Both for regular wear and for spiritual insight, beads from this mineral are best suited. During meditation, they must be removed and held in your hands, fingering individual stones with your fingers.

Birthstones for Goat Man

Male representatives born in the year of the goat’s reign feel great in society and easily meet new people. They are popular with women from an early age. Their main weaknesses are excessive credulity and a painful perception of criticism. For a happy life, they need the following mascot stones:

Chrysocolla – is an unusual mineral that is credited with the ability to develop insight in its owners. It protects against evil gossip and eliminates causeless panic and fear. A pendant with a large stone would be an ideal option. Being close to the heart, Chrysocolla will not only contribute to the development of intuition, but also protect sensitive goat men from emotional experiences. And also the stone neutralizes negative attitudes caused by childhood injuries.

Yellow sapphire – is a spiritual mentor. The gem will change the life of its owner, making it more tolerant of criticism. This will avoid conflicts. A watch inlaid with sapphire will create an energy channel of balance. He will bring harmony to the life of the male goat and will teach him to appropriately perceive the advice and comments of others. It is better if the stone is donated by a loved one. So its effect will increase many times.

Carnelian – is a source of health and prosperity. The stone reduces pressure on the nervous system and allows you to recover faster after physical damage and psychological shocks. In addition, the mineral helps in the realization of creative potential and teaches you to take care of money. The cufflinks of their carnelian will become a daily source of well-being for its owner.

Birthstones for Goat Woman

Women of this zodiac sign are real dreamers. They like to maintain a balance in everything, therefore they do not tolerate conflicts, they are avoided in every way. Too developed female energy makes her dependent. Most often from your man. The imperfection of logical thinking makes it unable to act independently. To find happiness, women-goats should have jewelry in their casket with the following minerals:

Sodalite – is a source of beauty. With him, any member of the fair sex will be prettier. Moreover, a positive development should be observed not only in appearance, but also in personality. A pendant or brooch made of Sodalite will be a great addition to the image of a refined woman-goat, while raising her self-esteem and making her more independent.

Chrysolite – is a stone of change. He will draw into the life of his owner of change and make her more open to everything new. With him, she will forget about uncertainty and the installation "I always owe someone something." Chrysolite earrings will help any representative of this sign of the Chinese horoscope spread their wings and show the world all their abilities.

Almandine – is a traditionally male stone. Women Goats need him first of all to create a balance between the energies of Yin and Yang. A ring with a large Almandine will make your hostess bolder and help to take place in a career, find your calling and find a loving person who takes into account her needs.

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