Horse Birthstones

The Horse is the seventh animal of the Chinese horoscope. In the year of the reign of this zodiac sign, people are born, charged with energy of incredible strength. They always strive to be in the center of events, without adventures they are bored with living. Philosophizing and long thinking is not for them. They are used to focusing on their own feelings and acting in harmony with their desires. Horses born in a year are always in a hurry and cannot stay in one place for a long time. They are attracted by everything new. They are unlikely to give up going to an entertainment venue even in the middle of the work week.

Birthstone for Horse

Some minerals can help those born in the year of the Horse not to exhaust their energy supply and successfully overcome any difficulties:

  1. Amethyst – is a stone of spiritual enlightenment. Representatives of this zodiac sign often lack wisdom. They tend to make rash decisions. Amethyst relieves them of this shortcoming by activating the hidden potential of logical thinking. Wearing jewelry with this stone, you can not be afraid to make the wrong choice and ruin your life with a rash decision. Amethyst protects its owner from the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and even narcotic substances. Rings or rings with this mineral are well suited. It is recommended to remove them at night so that the gem has time to "reboot" and clear itself of all the negative that happened during the day.
  2. Aquamarine – is a source of calm. This stone will help keep the desire to move forward and keep the nervous system in order. He gives his owner a sense of balance and confidence in his own decisions. This mineral is not afraid of changes and helps to adapt to them easily. For Horses, always eager for adventure, aquamarine will become a protector against stress and disappointment in the process of exploring the world. Of all the jewelry, it is recommended to choose bracelets. They create an energy channel through which there is an exchange of positive with others. Moreover, through the bracelet, its owner himself is charged from what is happening around.
  3. Agate – is a traditional amulet of travelers. Sailors took this stone with them on long voyages almost from the time when the expanses of the seas and oceans first began to plow. Agate provides protection at both the physical and psychological levels. Having jewelry with this mineral, a person will always be a welcome guest in any home. Agate helps make new friends. It is believed that he can even tell with whom it is better not to communicate. Pendants with agate will be a great helper for the Horse. It is recommended to choose pendants made of yellow or green stone. It is these colors that are lucky for those born in the year of this graceful animal.

Influence of the year of birth and the element

The Chinese horoscope differs from the European one not only in the signs of the zodiac, but also in the number of elements. The Chinese have five of them: wood, fire, earth, metal, water. They, like the year of birth, must be considered when choosing a mascot stone. Depending on the elements, representatives of one zodiac sign, while maintaining common traits of character, can differ greatly. In this regard, the following minerals are suitable for them:

Wood Horse — is the most reasonable of all the brothers in the zodiac sign. Her imagination and ability to inspire can be envied. Albite will be an excellent partner for her, helping to always stay organized. This mineral increases working capacity and develops punctuality. With it, it becomes much easier to solve problems and complete tasks on time. In addition, Albite has a positive effect on the device of personal life. It attracts new love or helps maintain existing relationships. It is recommended to pay attention to bracelets with Albite. Wrapping their wrists, they create a closed flow of energy that makes a person more collected. It is better to remove jewelry during a period of too strong experiences, since the stone is susceptible to external factors and can absorb negative.

Fire Horse — is a real hurricane sweeping away everything in its path. For her there is no framework and the word "no". Ready to go ahead, it charges the confidence of others. Therefore, it is often an excellent speaker. Rose quartz will become the fiery comrade of the Fire Horse in the fight against outbursts of anger. This mineral calms and softens the character. He instills in the heart of his possessor gratitude and love for everything that happens around. Rose quartz eliminates negative attitudes and indicates new paths for development. It is worth interacting with stone with caution. In periods of excessive joy, it is better to remove it to avoid emotional burnout. Rose quartz rings are perfect. It is desirable that the decoration was made of silver. This mineral weakens the effect of the stone itself.

Earth Horse — is a cautious person. Prudence is both the best friend and the worst enemy for representatives of this element. On the one hand, it allows you to calculate all the risks and become a successful entrepreneur, and on the other hand it slows down development. Pomegranate inspires confidence in its capabilities, while maintaining the sanity of its owners. Earth Horse he guarantees good luck in work and love. Wearing jewelry with pomegranate, you can not be afraid of the onset of depression or stressful situations. It is recommended to choose accessories located in the chest area: necklace, pendants, brooches. They will not only attract good luck and teach you to take justifiable risks, but also have a beneficial effect on the state of the circulatory system and the work of the heart muscle.

Metal Horse — is a true revolutionary. She is distinguished not only by a craving for constant change, but also by a rather radical attitude towards the world. If she does not like something, it will immediately become noticeable. Turquoise will make the Metal Horse much calmer and teach to appreciate the small joys of life. This stone will relieve her of skepticism and excessive criticality to everything that happens. It will also make it more open to other people’s opinions. Turquoise will develop diplomacy in the representatives of this element. This will help them avoid constant quarrels with loved ones and build relationships with them. For these purposes, turquoise rings are perfect. It is recommended to wear them on the right hand, because with this arrangement, the stone works outward, working through previous experience and neutralizing potential conflict situations.

Water Horse — is a hostage of inspiration. This is an interesting person with whom it is very difficult to get along because of a changeable mood and the habit of doing everything in his own way. Citrine is a powerful assistant for concentration. He will make the Water Horse more stable. Thanks to him, she will stop throwing from one idea to another. This will always bring the job to the end. Citrine also increases the sense of responsibility to others. Often it will not allow the representative of the water element to change something without consulting with interested parties. In addition, this mineral attracts money and profitable career offers. It is believed that citrine works best in jewelry that has been made to order. Therefore, when choosing an accessory, it matters not whether it is a ring or earrings, but whether the amulet is specially made for the future owner.

Birthstones for Horse Man

The male representatives of this zodiac sign are friendly and easily fit into any company. They are drawn to where there is a place for the holiday. Behind external confidence lies a person with a vulnerable soul. The following stones will help them to get rid of doubts and achieve a balance of content and form:

Alexandrite – is a powerful ally in the fight against depression and apathy. This gem neutralizes negative thoughts and heals mental wounds. Wearing jewelry with Alexandrite, a person becomes more determined and is not afraid to make a mistake. You should pay attention to the rings with this stone. It is better that they be made using silver.

Carnelian – is a money magnet. This mineral will bring its owner financial well-being, as well as peace in a love affair. Having a bracelet with a carnelian, you can forget about quarrels with your soulmate.

Chrysoprase – is a fighter against fears. It is used to protect against ill-wishers. It is recommended to pay attention to the Chrysoprase amulets made to order. They will become a guard against all bad things and will help to cope with any life difficulties.

Birthstones for Horse Woman

Women born in the year of the Horse are truly complex natures. They love to argue and can never accept their own wrong. At the same time, they have a lot of positive qualities: endurance, patience, optimism and determination. Assistants in life for them will be the following stones:

Sapphire – is a source of peace. It brings harmony to life, protects from stress and conflict. Earrings are best for women. The size of the stone should become larger as the age of its owner increases.

Obsidian – is a limiter for the passionate nature of the Woman Horse. She helps her to control anger and relate to cases where she is wrong. It is recommended to wear pendants with obsidian. Located close to the heart, they will make their owner softer and more tolerant.

Pearls – are needed by anyone who wants to build healthy relationships with others. This stone attracts warmth to the family, rallying relatives and friends. A pearl necklace is a win-win. Such a decoration symbolically creates an energy channel between the mind and the heart of its owner. Thanks to him, her feelings and logic are in balance.

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