Monkey Birthstones

The Monkey is the ninth animal in the Chinese horoscope. Born in the year of the patronage of this funny beast, they live as they want. Sometimes it seems that they specifically go against the system, trying to prove their superiority over the others. Monkeys are extremely smart and inventive, they will find a profitable way out of any situation. Easy to meet and enter into trust. As a joke, they can both amuse and seriously offend. It is difficult to deserve their location, they rarely share personal experiences and do not really like intimate conversations. Finding out their true motives is quite difficult. They are extremely observant and secretive.

Birthstone for Monkey

Gifted Monkeys rarely finish what they have started. Success in serious matters is hindered by impatience and curiosity. The following stones will help to cope with all the flaws of character and take from this life to the maximum:

  1. Opal – is a coach of willpower. This mineral develops discipline, fights with forgetfulness and the habit of leaving things for later. It serves as a strong guard against energy exhaustion and protects against overwork. Cleansing the human mind, opal makes his life easier and more thoughtful. The holder of the jewelry with this stone becomes much more collected, it is easier for him to maintain order not only in the surrounding space, but also in his thoughts. The most harmonious opal is paired with silver. When choosing an accessory, it is recommended to pay attention to the rings. For youth, jewelry with a pair of small stones is suitable, for more mature people — with one large. This is due to the fact that the influence of opal decreases with increasing age of its owner.
  2. Aquamarine – is a source of courage. The mineral not only gives its owner strength and desire to act, but also helps to complete what has been started. Having an aquamarine jewelry with you can not be afraid of obstacles on the way. The stone protects its owner from gossip, does not allow them to spoil his relationship with loved ones. He develops negotiation skills. Thanks to him, Monkeys are easier to defend their position in conflict situations, while not raising their voices and not making new enemies. It is recommended to pay attention to earrings or necklaces with aquamarine. These jewelries are located close to the chakras, from which the mineral draws its strength.
  3. Hyacinth – is a source of focus and a clear head. The gem is able to help its owner to focus on the priority task and solve it on time. It repels all negative energy from a person, makes him more cheerful and happy. Hyacinth brings calmness and consistency to the life of the Monkey, relieves of long-standing experiences, and helps to rehabilitate itself after previous disappointments. A bracelet encrusted with this gem will create a protective field around its owner, driving away pessimism and despondency from it. It is recommended to wear it on your left hand so that hyacinth does not interfere in meeting new people.

Influence of the year of birth and the element

The Chinese horoscope identifies five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The bottom line is that each zodiac sign is divided into 5 elements that affect the personality of a person. Because of this, people born during the years of the patronage of the same animal have different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, their stones are talismans and differ:

Wood Monkey — is a dreamer who loves to implement her plans. Hurry hinders her most. Malachite will make the Wood Monkey more tolerant. Thanks to him, she will understand that it is not always possible to quickly get what you want. Malachite will also help to correct health problems and establish a strong connection with nature, from which representatives of this element mainly draw energy. The best wearing option is a silver pendant. In it, malachite will be revealed in all its glory and will not allow its owner to become discouraged in periods of lack of development.

Fire Monkey — is the favorite of the public. This is her main pain. Often the Fire Monkey acts, proceeding not from its own desires, but because of the expectations of others. Red tourmaline, a favorite stone of those who practice meditation, will help her cope with this. The mineral helps to understand yourself, understand your true desires and begin to move in the direction of their implementation. A ring with a red tourmaline will change the life of its owner, showing him what he really wants. It will make him purposeful. In addition, tourmaline is a symbol of passion, therefore, jewelry with this mineral will certainly help to find strong love.

Earth Monkey — is a true conservative. He does not like to invent something new, prefers stability and comfort. Material welfare is very important for her. Chrysoberyl will become a solution to this problem for the Earth Monkey, because this stone is one of the strongest money magnets. With rings encrusted with green crystals, you don’t have to worry about financial prosperity. It will be achieved in any case. Chrysoberyl will reduce the degree of excitability of its owner and calm his nerves. It is better that the rings are made using gold. His alliance with Chrysoberyl will double the chances of success.

Metal Monkey — is a hardworking person who tries too hard. Striving to be the best, representatives of this element really achieve a lot, but this improves their self-esteem so much that it becomes impossible to communicate with them. Spinel will allow its owner to be reborn and make many new friends. Wearing jewelry with this stone, it is extremely important not to wish evil to anyone, otherwise he will not show his properties. Spinel improves absolutely all aspects of life from career advancement to gaining a second half and improving health. Depending on which sphere is currently in priority, it is recommended to choose a suitable decoration. A pendant or necklace will help in solving heart issues. A bracelet with spinel on the right hand will strengthen health, and on the left — will contribute to the increase at work.

Water Monkey — is a secretive person with an analytical mindset. It is difficult for her to communicate with those from whom she cannot receive material benefits. Agate will be an ideal companion in the fight against suspicion, because of which the Water Monkey seems that everyone wants to use it. It will also help improve the work of the heart and relieve the nervous system from constant overstrain. An agate brooch will protect its owner from evil thoughts and a tendency to negative speculation.

Birthstones for Monkey Man

The male representatives of this zodiac sign remain children until the end of life and do not even try to hide it. They like adventure, and they are always ready to break into new opportunities. Their impudence sometimes knows no limits and goes beyond all limits. Envy and selfishness also prevent male Monkeys from moving through life, becoming happier and more successful. To overcome character flaws without losing dignity, the following minerals will help them:

Onyx – is an assistant in the fight against excessive self-confidence. This mineral makes power-hungry people a little calmer. With it, it becomes easier to control your emotions and not lose your temper when something goes wrong. It is recommended that you opt for an onyx ring and wear it on your middle finger.

Carnelian – is a source of spiritual enlightenment. This mineral relieves its owner of bad thoughts and does not allow him to let negative into his life. It has a stabilizing effect not only on a person’s consciousness, but also on his body. As a result, the general condition of the body improves, and the effect on the nervous system is weakened. A cornelian bracelet is a great option for those who want to save energy for important business.

Zircon – is a personal trainer of charisma. This stone helps to improve the natural characteristics of its owner, to create a profitable image in the eyes of others. Zircon makes a person more successful, contributes to the fulfillment of all plans. He develops intuition and indicates how to behave in a certain situation. Pendant with zircon will be the perfect assistant to the male Monkey in achieving long-term goals.

Birthstones for Monkey Woman

The woman of this zodiac sign is successful in men and feels great in an unfamiliar company. She is smart, attractive, friendly, has a good sense of humor. The main thing for her is to be independent, to do only what she wants. The following stones will help her to be happy:

Topaz – is an amplifier of natural charm. Wearing jewelry with this gem, a woman will surely attract men’s looks and with a high probability will find a new love. Earrings with topaz will be a great accessory for the representative of this zodiac sign, emphasizing her sophistication. It is better to opt for a blue variety of stone. It is he who develops the best qualities of his owner.

Heliodor – is the guarantor of family happiness. A ring with this mineral will protect the woman’s house from adversity, bring comfort to it and save her husband from cheating. Heliodor will help those who are just looking for a groom find love and bring the relationship to its logical conclusion. With this decoration you can forget about sadness, a ring with this mineral will make every day look like a holiday.

Ruby – is a source of calm. This stone will become a reliable assistant in the fight against a constant lack of energy. He will bring to life a balance between work and leisure. A ruby bracelet will create an energy channel through which the Monkey woman will draw new strength. This jewelry will help in normalizing brain activity and make your mistress more tolerant in stressful situations.

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