Ox Birthstones

The Ox is the second animal in the Chinese horoscope. People born under this sign of the zodiac differ in independence, their word has weight in any company. Decisive and motivated individuals always bring to the end. Prefer proven methods, do not like innovations, hard going through a change. Oxen honor traditions, for them the most valuable thing in life is family. The famous proverb “Slowly but surely” just about them. For representatives of this zodiac sign, time is the best friend. They are leisurely, they are trying to do everything thoroughly and calmly.

Birthstone for Ox

For those born in the year of the Ox there are several minerals that can bring well-being and peace to their lives:

  1. The tiger eye — is the main symbol of the sign. Strengthens confidence and helps to continue working on new projects. It liberates shy people. Indispensable for maintaining balance in the financial sector. The ring and bracelet with a tiger eye will slightly squeeze the fingers or wrist, warning its owner about impending problems or conversations behind his back.
  2. Jade – a source of patience. Oxen are perfectionists and hate to give up unfinished business. Nephritis helps them not to despair and always achieve success. This mineral is best worn as inserts in the earrings.
  3. Agate – the engine of progress. It is this multi-layered mineral that promotes the development of natural talents. He is able to protect against the evil eye. It acts only if it is worn by a highly moral person. The copper frame on the jewelry enhances the healing properties of the stone. As a talisman, it is recommended to buy rings with agate. For example, if you wear such a decoration on the middle finger of your hand, insomnia will stop torturing a person.
  4. Moonstone – assistant in love affairs. This gem protects a pair of lovers from quarrels, helps lonely hearts to find each other. Works best in jewelry located at chest level (necklace, pendants, brooches).

Choosing a stone-talisman for the Ox is important not to overdo it with its size. Too large specimens can absorb the energy of the wearer.

Influence of the year of birth and the element

When choosing a stone by year of birth, it is important to pay attention to the element that dominates at the moment of birth. There are only five in the Chinese horoscope: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Knowing the element and the sign under whose domination a person was born, he must choose a stone of a suitable color. In this case, the main property of the mineral should be directed to the most negative trait of the character of the owner. Based on the worst features of the Oxen belonging to various elements, the following amulets can be distinguished:

Wood Ox – is the most conceited of all the representatives of this sign. He does not suffer defeat, does not recognize modesty and silence. Peridot — the main assistant in the fight against vanity. Wooden Oxen simply need a decoration with a stone, overwhelming overconfidence. Peridot also helps to get rid of nervous tension and develops empathy. Thanks to him, it becomes easier for representatives of this sign to understand people and accept their shortcomings. Most clearly manifests its properties when wearing miniature pendants on a long chain.

Fire Ox – impulsive, often unnecessarily puts pressure on others. The material value is above the spiritual, suffers from high self-esteem. Almandine — a stone that restrains emotions. Fire Oxen need this talisman more than any other sign, due to their quick temper. The mineral also develops the spirituality of its owner, contributes to the formation of a philosophical view of the world. Positively influencing true materialists, strengthens relationships with family and friends. In the jewelry can not be combined with green pomegranate, as they dull the properties of each other. Brooches and pendants are the best way to wearAlmandine. Located in the chest, the crystals create a barrier that absorbs an excess of impulses directed outward. Periodically, the stone must be cleaned from the energy of dirt with the help of fire.

Earth Ox – is a real sly. Able to go to their heads to get their way. Easily calculates all their actions, but stingy with emotions. Yellow Topaz — will make the Oxen of this element more sensual and emotional. They usually lack softness in dealing with family. Because of this, relations with parents are strained, and the second half cannot be found for many years. In addition, yellow topaz is a real money magnet. And for the earthly representatives of the Chinese horoscope, financial well-being is extremely important. In addition to the usual bracelets and rings, topaz works great when used in the decoration of wallets. It stores and multiplies existing wealth.

Metal Ox – unbearable talker. Stubborn, it is very difficult to convince. He will bend his line to the last, even if he himself begins to understand what is wrong. Agate will be his best companion in life. It not only promotes personal development, but is also considered a stone of prudence. It is sometimes important for Metal Oxen to stay in their constant desire to talk and talk. Agate helps to think carefully about their words, saving them from insults from loved ones. Earrings with small patches of mineral are more suitable for performing a specific function. For men, it is recommended to keep in stock an agate tie holder. In principle, the closer the decoration is to the organs responsible for human speech, the better.

Water Ox – is very secretive and suspicious. In the worst case, it is closed and uncommunicative to the extent that it is unable to normally exist in society. Aquamarine (blue or blue hue) — the gem makes its owner bolder. Due to its natural ability to change color, the mineral warns its owner about gossip and ill-wishers nearby. This feature of aquamarine allows suspicious Water Oxen to relax and not try to find a catch in every word and action of friends. The best variant of jewelry with such a stone is rings or rings. They are always clearly visible to the owner.

Birthstones for Ox Man

Male representatives born in the year of the Ox are extremely strong personalities. Conservatism in matters for them is paramount. They instinctively feel the need to protect their families. We are ready to do anything to get all the best for their relatives. Often they can lose their temper if something goes wrong. The most difficult thing for Oxen men is to admit that they are wrong. Reluctance to accept their wrongfulness comes with a natural intolerance of lies and deceit. To correct the negative character traits, it is recommended to pay attention to the decoration with the following birthstones:

Coral: a source of harmony. Not only restores the balance, saving the soul of his master from experiences, but also has powerful protective abilities. Keeps the owner from the evil eye of enemies. Interestingly, in ancient times, warriors decorated their armor with them, believing that this would help them return home alive. Mineral brings to the life of its owner a charge of peace and health. Men fit cufflinks with coral. For more courageous natures, you can offer beads or bracelets.

Opal: this stone will help get rid of the painful experience of each of its mistakes. Oxen men own mistakes are very hard, so they need to decorate with opal. A great find will be a watch inlaid with these crystals. They will not only soften the obstinacy of a man, but also emphasize his status.

Iolite: is a stone of family well-being. He will not allow failures at work or quarrels with friends to adversely affect the state of comfort and tranquility in the house. Iolite absorbs the energy of nascent conflicts, so it is best to remove jewelry with it at night so that the gem can “reboot”. A ring with this gemstone will relieve its owner of an extra headache due to problems in communicating with relatives and colleagues.

Birthstones for Ox Woman

Women born in the year of the domination of this powerful beast are distinguished by iron will power and steel nerves. At the same time, they remain soft, sometimes even too sentimental. Their main value in life is family and homeliness. They can easily give up their careers in favor of raising children and improving living conditions. They are not characterized by conflicts and loud showdown. Oxen women are sometimes unnecessarily boring because of the love of a calm and measured life. Jewelry with the following gems is recommended for them:

Carnelian: earrings and bracelets using this mineral will allow their owners to find the strength and desire for periodic exits from the comfort zone. This is of tremendous importance for them, because even calmest and seemingly imperturbable individuals sometimes need a shake to fill life with bright colors. Ox female most often phlegmatic. Therefore, an orange gem, contrasting with their green aura, will not let their relatives and themselves get bored.

Amber: is a source of strength that protects its owners from despondency and depression. He pushes on active actions, does not allow to stand still. Amber is able to pull the Ox woman out of the endless routine on which she tends to gain herself. Rings or bracelets made of this stone will help her survive the difficult stage of her life when children grow up and leave their parental home.

Pearls – best fill the natural energy of women of this sign. It helps to preserve the youth of body and spirit, as well as clarity of thought. Serves as a guardian of a happy family life. Necklaces of pearls — the undisputed classic, giving its owner success in heart matters.

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