Pig Birthstones

Pig (Boar) — the twelfth animal of the Chinese horoscope. Representatives of this zodiac sign are truly honest people. They do not tolerate lies from others. Pigs prefer to carefully consider all the pros and cons of a particular scenario. Having made a decision, they no longer deviate from the task. In general, these are modest people who do not like to flaunt their successes and point others to their advantage over them. Tolerance towards others makes them good diplomats and helps to achieve what is desired in all areas of life. The main problem for the Pig is its almost childish naivety, which many do not hesitate to use.

Birthstone for Pig

Smart Pigs, who manage to achieve financial well-being and succeed in love affairs, often suffer from innate credulity. The following minerals will help them cope with this deficiency and live without worries:

  1. Moonstone – is the protector and source of strength. This mineral will fill its owner with an inexhaustible supply of energy, which is just what the active Pig needs to realize all its grandiose plans. Moonstone develops intuition. With it, you can understand the true motives of others and in time to refuse to communicate with people who are driven by selfish goals. It is believed that the mineral attracts luck. In particular, it favorably affects financial issues, attracting profitable transactions or profitable positions. The moonstone pendant will be a great friend for the Pig born in the year, because he works miracles, helping to find true love and maintain feelings for many years.
  2. Lapis lazuli – is a stone reflecting the best character traits of the Pig. He exudes a bright energy of purity of thoughts and a good soul. The mineral will help to survive unpleasant situations associated with deceit and betrayal by loved ones, not allowing the belief in a positive outcome to fade. Lapis lazuli will maintain the emotional state of its owner in constant balance, avoiding hysteria and apathy in his life. Stone interacts best with silver. In symbiosis with this metal, he will protect his master from any negative world. A ring with lapis lazuli is suitable for those who need wisdom and determination to make decisions. Pigs fit bracelets from this mineral. They will bring to life the long-awaited changes and relieve uncertainty and fear for the future.
  3. Selenite – is a healer for body and soul. The mineral will become the spiritual mentor for the Pig, guiding and supporting in difficult moments. Selenite will add harmony to life, teach you to philosophically relate to periodic failures and trust your sixth sense. The most important thing for the owner of this stone is not to be afraid to listen to the impulses that arise when it is worn. Selenite is also able to have a powerful healing effect. Therefore, depending on the problem area, it is worth choosing a decoration. For example, earrings will help get rid of headaches and reduce the likelihood of depression to zero, and a ring with Selenite will improve joint mobility.

Influence of the year of birth and the element

From the European, the eastern horoscope is distinguished not only by other signs of the zodiac, but also by the number of elements. There are five of them: wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Each of them affects the character of a person, his strengths and weaknesses. It is the elements that make people of different zodiac signs look alike. Due to the various characteristics that elements give to those born under their auspices, Pigs should choose mascot stones guided not only by the year they were born:

Wood Pig — diplomats who easily persuade people to their side. They are distinguished by incredible optimism and thirst for life. Born in the year of the protection of the elements of the tree are real altruists. This not only attracts people to them, but also brings a lot of inconvenience. Ammonite will help you learn to say “no” more often and still remain an open person to the Wood Pig. This natural stone will make a person more confident and will help shift the focus of interests on one’s own life. Wearing jewelry with ammonite, a person begins first to desire personal happiness and strives for it. Thanks to this, it becomes easier for him to refuse others if their requests are too complicated and require a lot of time. Ammonite beads will surround their owner with an atmosphere of well-being and will develop his self-esteem.

Fire Pig — is a windy daredevil. It is difficult for him to stay in one place for a long time. Fire gives the Pig the desire to win and an unlimited supply of energy, but he also makes the representative of this element changeable in his desires and hobbies. Malachite will be able to calm the ever-raging temper of the Pig of this element. The gemstone will literally turn it away from change, but it will not deprive its flexibility and ability to quickly adapt to new conditions. Malachite works especially well paired with a silver frame, the union with which guarantees its owner success in relations with friends and loved ones. The best decoration from this stone is a pendant. The accessory will dull the feelings of the Fire Pig and activate its mind.

Earth Pig — a good organizer with a creative streak, prone to bad habits. Weak will sometimes does not allow the Pig of this element to fully enjoy life and use all natural talents. It is believed that Amethyst is better than other stones able to solve this problem. It is recommended to wear it from an early age to form a hostility to alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances in youth. A ring with amethyst will help maintain health, as well as relieve its owner of negative thoughts and unnecessary experiences that have no real reason. And earrings with a gem will keep clarity of thought for many years.

Metal Pig — is an extrovert prone to go too far. Metal makes its representatives strong-willed people who are not used to putting up with when something can be decided not in their favor. This attitude harms the Pig’s nerves and reputation. The Emerald will become a conductor for the Metal Pig into a world without aggression, competition and constant dissatisfaction with their own lives. He will help to perceive all events in life wisely and relate to what is happening with a share of irony. An emerald bracelet will teach the Pig of this element to be in harmony with itself and others. If you wear it on your right hand, then the energy of the stone will have a stronger effect on relationships with others, and if on the left, then on personal growth.

Water Pig — is an optimistic good man who trusts people too easily. A Pig born under the auspices of this element is inclined to think too well of others, placing high hopes on them. Chrysocolla will help him to maintain a sense of reality and not stay with a broken heart. This mineral is ideal for those who lack insight. He teaches his possessor to think logically and sensibly to weigh all the facts. Chrysocolla is necessary for Water Pigs not only in personal relationships, but also in working matters. Mainly because of his ability to develop the intellectual abilities of his owner. Chrysocolla pendant will make the water Pig more thoughtful and mature.

Birthstones for Pig Man

Pig male - a real Man from a capital letter. He is kind, sympathetic, extremely decent, not boastful, and not inclined to put himself above others. However, it is difficult for him to accept the fact that changes in life are inevitable. The following gems will help to achieve happiness and prosperity for a Pig man:

Peridot – is a stone of stability. Such a mineral will make the life of its owner more predictable and calm, and also protect it from conflict situations and cases that violate the usual order of things. A peridot pendant is recommended for male Pigs to create a favorable atmosphere at work and at home.

Sillimanit – is a stone of pure energy. He will save his master from the evil eye and other intrigues of ill-wishers, and will also help preserve the youth of his soul and body. Watches with Sillimanit seem to stop time, increasing the number of years spent by a male Pig on earth.

Ruby – is the mineral of success. This stone will help to quickly learn and improve in the professional field. In addition, he guarantees his master an elevated state of mind all day. Cufflinks with Ruby will not only be a wonderful decoration for a male Pig, but will also make his way up the career ladder easier and more enjoyable.

Birthstones for Pig Woman

The representatives of this zodiac sign are multifaceted, their personality is complex and raises many questions. However, others are inclined to not notice this and see a good-natured woman who has many friends and few reasons for sadness. The Pig woman is usually non-aggressive, however, if the feelings of her loved ones are affected, she will show remarkable ingenuity to take revenge. Despite her outstanding mind, she does not always succeed in recognizing her enemies. For a happy and harmonious life, the representative of the twelfth sign of the Chinese horoscope needs the following mascot stones:

Azurite – a mineral that arouses insight. This stone has great spiritual value, endowing its owner with the ability to feel and understand the energy of other people. An Azurite ring on her right hand will help the Pig woman understand who her true friends are.

Heliotrope – a source of financial independence. The complaisant Pig does not always succeed in realizing that it can well be independent and not depend on anyone. This red mineral will show her that in any situation she can count on her strength and not be afraid of failures. A bracelet with Heliotrope will attract cash flows into the life of its owner, thanks to which she will forever forget about financial problems.

Hauyne – an assistant in the fight against depression and emotional burnout. This stone will maintain its owner’s mood in balance, avoiding too sudden changes. Hauyne earrings will allow the Pig woman to achieve complete harmony and never despair.

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