Rabbit Birthstones

The Rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese horoscope. People born under this sign have incredible charm and are capable of captivating people. People are drawn to them, trying to please and become friends with the Rabbits. They are responsible, the way they live can be envied. Because of this, they are often tried to imitate. This sign is extremely calm, rarely shows aggression. You rarely hear an evil word from his representatives. Thanks to these qualities, they are good diplomats, do a great job of resolving conflicts and always successfully discharge the situation.

Birthstone for Rabbit

For those born in the Year of the Rabbit, there are several minerals that can help their owners to enjoy life:

  1. Malachite – is a companion in working matters. People born in the year of Rabbit’s reign usually want to build a successful career. To do this, they have all the makings: the ability to compromise, natural industriousness and poise. Malachite will help them competently save up and spend energy, as well as relax properly. In addition, jewelry from this mineral improves the financial position of its owner. Universal accessory — brooch. It will be both a decorative element and an amulet.
  2. Pearls – are an indispensable helper in love. Rabbits are too romantic and open, do not hesitate to express their feelings. Sometimes this leads to emotional distress and closure. Early failures in love and friendship can make them too callous and unable to communicate. This stone will protect them from the negativity of the world and drive away unnecessary people. Pearls can be worn not only around the neck, but also, for example, used as decorative buttons.
  3. Ruby – is a reliable amulet from evil. The softness of this zodiac sign is its main enemy. Due to the credulity of the good Rabbits, they are often deceived. Rubin will protect them not only from lies and fake friends, but also from damage, the evil eye. He will also make them more confident and help make decisions easier. An interesting option for wearing a stone is as a key ring. This option is suitable for people of all ages, regardless of their gender.

Due to internal insecurity and a certain weakness of character, it will be better for the Rabbit if the jewelry with a mineral is presented to him by a loved one. So its significance and power will double.

Influence of the year of birth and the element

In the Chinese horoscope, there are not four elements that Europeans are used to, but five. These are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. A tree is an element under the auspices of which rational people are born who seek to help others. Fire gives its representatives leadership qualities. Earth is the element of workaholics with serious intentions. Metal is the guarantee of intelligence and quick wit. Water is the best assistant in learning.

Wood Rabbit – is a favorite of the public, easily finds a common language with everyone and feels comfortable everywhere. Its main drawback is secrecy. She often prevents him from asking for help or advice. Because of this, you always have to act alone, which complicates the work. The desire to be extremely independent can be dulled by wearing jewelry with Kunzite. They will help to open up new knowledge, while maintaining faith in yourself. It is recommended to choose accessories located in the chest area of a person, for example, pendants. In this case, the stone most fully reveals its wonderful properties.

Fire Rabbit – is a cheerful person, capable of leading people. Attracts them with quick wit and inexhaustible energy. It recognizes the insincerity and mean intentions of others. For Fire Rabbits, the most serious problem is the inability to act without constant support from loved ones. Decision making is difficult for them, so it is worth wearing jewelry with Rhodonite. Beads from this mineral best replenish the energy reserves of its owner and develop his confidence in his innocence.

Earth Rabbit – is a lover of constant work. Prefers, setting goals, think through everything in advance. Always adequately evaluates its capabilities and does not take risks. Excessive diligence, and sometimes suspiciousness, prevent him from achieving serious success. Olivine, the chief assistant for the Earth Rabbits in a constant fight against anxiety, can save from this. This natural mineral has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieving stress. Bracelets with Olivine are a great option, creating channels for the release of negative energy.

Metal Rabbit – is the owner of steel willpower. It is impossible to turn off his chosen path. He is single-minded and knows his worth. A side effect may be the inability to compromise. This makes it difficult to build good relationships both at work and in the family. Azurite can help to develop understanding in relation to other people. This mineral must be worn on the chest, because it is closest to the heart chakra, which is responsible for gentleness in communicating with others.

Water Rabbit – is the most cunning and quick-witted of all the brothers in the zodiac sign. He easily learns from the mistakes of others, draws the right conclusions from them, and does not consider it shameful to ask for advice. His thoughtfulness also has a flip side — excessive vulnerability. Water Rabbits, even because of one betrayal, become very closed. This prevents them from enjoying life. To avoid this, it is recommended to wear jewelry with Carnelian. They allow you to relax and feel freer. Pay attention to the rings and bracelets. These accessories help its owner not to take everything so to heart.

Birthstones for Rabbit Man

Representatives of the male born in the year of the Rabbit are two-faced. Their interests and preferences change quite often. This is due to the extreme susceptibility to what is happening. By their nature, they are gentlemen, but sometimes the animal principle may prevail in them. Women enjoy incredible success, thanks to charisma and elegance in words and actions. They are adherents of comfort, do not tolerate changes that violate it. Nevertheless, huge visionaries, always able to give out a new idea or come up with a project that will be in demand. This characteristic helps them become successful entrepreneurs. The following stones will help the Rabbit men in maintaining their well-being:

Hyacinth – is a powerful shield against insecurity and stressful situations. This will allow you to easily adapt to changing environmental conditions and emerge victorious from any situation. It beneficially influences not only work, but also personal life, developing mutual trust in a couple. It is recommended to have a watch with inlaid hyacinth in your wardrobe. Being on the wrist, they create an energy field around their master, without letting in the negative.

Topaz – is a source of courage. The mineral will make Rabbits more responsible and persistent. At the same time, it will help to relate to unpleasant changes easier, expand the comfort zone. They will become less susceptible to the world around them, more focused on personal growth. Topaz works well together with silver. Tie holders made from such a combination of precious stone and metal are suitable for men.

Pyrope – is a source of energy. This mineral will give Rabbit confidence in the success of all his endeavors. Pyrope will make his owner bold and decisive, allowing him to move faster through the ranks. A watch with this gem will teach the Rabbit to value time and spend it wisely, and not be afraid of change, because without them it will not be possible to translate plans into reality. In addition, such a jewelry will attract the very only partner who satisfies all his requirements to the life of a man.

Birthstones for Rabbit Woman

Women of this sign are extremely mysterious, so creating a complete portrait of the sign is quite difficult. They have in common — grace in movements, sophistication and a sense of style. They look attractive under any circumstances without much difficulty. Such women are careerists, for them their own well-being is above all. Because of this, they often neglect marriage and giving birth to children. Their thinking cannot be called rational. They use their internal instincts more often than logic, to which they practically do not appeal. Such women cannot be broken or subjugated. Even the Tigers, who are often considered the strongest sign of the eastern horoscope, can envy their strength of will. In order to suppress the worst and develop the best qualities, it is recommended that Rabbit women wear jewelry with the following stones:

Jadeite – is an unusual companion for the Rabbit woman, corresponding to her exceptionalism. One of the stones dominated by the moon. So — the patron of the family and home comfort. Develops representatives of this sign of the Chinese horoscope maternal feelings, promotes marriage. In already formed families, jadeite brings harmony and comfort. That is why it is best to have a decorative decoration in the house made of this stone. However, for single girls, the option that will always be there is more suitable. For example, a ring.

Jade – is the source of wisdom and career advancement. The mineral gives a multifaceted result: increasing tolerance and kindness, getting rid of evil thoughts, developing empathy. Female Rabbits under the influence of this stone can easily start a new life if their soul so requires. Jade opens the world of opportunities, protecting its owner on her way. The closer the accessory is to the head, the stronger the effect of the stone. Therefore, it is recommended to wear earrings from jewelry.

Nacre – is a money magnet. Women born in the Year of the Rabbit strive to achieve financial independence. Mother-of-pearl will help them achieve their goals related to replenishing a bank account. It is recommended to choose wallets that are decorated with this stone. So his energy quickly reaches his destination and begins to work.

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