Rat Birthstones

In China, the New Year is celebrated during the second new moon after the winter solstice. Every twelve months pass under the auspices of one of the twelve animals, which are symbols of each newborn. Their repetition is cyclical and takes a total of sixty years, since each beast has representatives of five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The cycle, which began in 1984, is ongoing. The first animal of the Chinese calendar is the Green Wooden Rat.

Birthstone for Rat

Those born in the year of the Rat have a series of stones that add luck and happiness to the lives of their owners.

  1. Moonstone — a talisman of sincere pure love, will help avoid conflicts with loved ones. Those born under this zodiac sign are often prone to be aggressive towards family and friends. They need a deterrent.
  2. Emerald – will bring to life of its owner longevity, ingenuity, sharpness of mind, luck. It is a source of efficiency, a universal fighter with laziness and despondency.
  3. Heliotrope – increases the attractiveness of the individual for the opposite sex, improves self-esteem. Of the therapeutic properties, the most significant is the normalization of blood flow in the body.
  4. Diamond – the source of power, perfection of the spirit. Protects from the evil eye and destroys infections. You can not wear jewelry with too large diamonds, as an excessive sense of superiority can interfere both in building a career and in personal relationships.

When choosing a talisman is very important to find the optimal size of the gemstone. The younger a person is, the more acutely he reacts to his energy. In addition, some positive effects can have a negative effect on a person when jewelry is abused.

Influence of the year of birth and the element

The best birthstone for those born in the year of the Rat should be chosen based on the elements that act in the year of birth. There are minerals with different shades, such as sapphires. Depending on the element to different people, sapphires of different colors will do. The rule of color works with all the elements. Blue or blue are most effective for water, green for wood, yellow for earth, white for metal, and red for fire. Knowing the color needed for a particular element, you can choose the right accessory, which will be located in the area of the right chakra.

Recommended stones for representatives of various elements:

Wood Rat. This animal loves Green Emerald. The most faithful of all the Rats, very down to earth, are not inclined to soar in the clouds and strive into the unknown distance. The emerald retains the power of the heart chakra responsible for the health of the soul. In addition, it protects owners from diseases, especially pregnant women. The green color of the mineral attracts monetary assets, eliminating financial problems. It is recommended to choose jewelry with emerald, located in the chest. A universal option is considered a brooch.

Fire Rat. For them, it is valuable Red Garnet. It allows them not to fade away to their passionate optimism and competently use a huge reserve of forces. Otherwise, it may not be enough for all the accomplishments, which dozens of representatives of this element usually have. Suitable varieties of pomegranate: Pyrope and Almandine. Care should be taken to choose jewelry with this mineral, as it is poorly compatible with some gemstones, such as Emerald and Moonstone.

Earth Rat. Their best friend is Yellow Sapphire. The most careful type of this zodiac sign. They need a stone that can ignite the fire of passion, which overcomes excessive shyness in some moments. They believe that it combines all the energy of the universe, as well as the magic of gold. Wearing large jewelry with sapphire is not recommended. This can attract detractors. In addition, too large a stone can have a very strong impact on its owner. In this case, the positive properties can become negative.

Metal Rat. For them, the perfect companion is Diamond. A transparent crystal cleans the thoughts and souls of its owners, who are prone to intrigue and love to go over their heads. Representatives of this element in the Chinese horoscope often neglect the warm attitude towards others. A cold-looking diamond is actually a powerful source of empathy. The most acceptable accessory using a diamond is a pendant. She can always be hidden under clothes, where she is close to her heart. This is practical, as in some situations, wearing shiny jewelry is completely inappropriate, and useful for the owner’s energy.

Water Rat. The ideal option for them is Sapphire (blue or light blue). The most emotional representative of this zodiac sign is sometimes not able to determine where the truth is and where it is a lie. Sapphire acts as an excellent assistant in this matter, as it develops the instinct, allows you to see the insincerity of others. It is recommended to wear earrings with this stone, because the chakras of blue shades are located in the head and neck.

Birthstones for Rat Man

Male representatives born in the year of the Rat are distinguished by vigor and purposefulness. In contrast to their advantages, there are such disadvantages as excessive sharpness, dryness in communication, as well as stubbornness and impulsivity. To neutralize these negative features, you should pay attention to the following stones-talismans:

Amethyst: will help get rid of negative emotions, normalize relations in the family, eliminating the tension between its members. Often, men under the auspices of the Rat have a pernicious passion for such bad habits as alcoholism and smoking. Amethyst is able to neutralize craving for drunkenness with prolonged wear. Another useful property of the mineral is the ability to attract love to its owner. Therefore, it is suitable for those who are still looking for the lady of the heart. In the well-established alliances, he will return the former passion and strengthen the relationship. It is best to have a clip for a tie or cufflinks with amethyst. The most favorable metal is silver, energetically compatible with purple crystals.

Pomegranate: a stone of sexuality and love. Adds romance to male Rats, which they usually lack. Strengthens creative activity and increases the level of energy that is necessary for men of this type, because, because of too violent activities, they lack power and feel exhausted. Pomegranate saves from depression, which sometimes can not be avoided, for example, businessmen. The mineral is able to improve the psychological background of the life of its owner, bringing harmony and tranquility to it. Should wear a wrist watch with a pomegranate. They give strength and confidence. The ring of crimson-red mineral has a positive effect on the development of leadership qualities, especially if worn on the index finger.

Lemon Quartz: the keeper of the family hearth. Ideal for those whose family home is at risk of collapse. Quartz creates an atmosphere of benevolence, in which omissions are rare. Quartz subconsciously adjusts its owner to success. Usually this leads to improved financial affairs, as well as to the development of relations with business partners. Some other positive effects of this mineral are also distinguished: improved memory, clarity of thought, ease of decision-making, public speaking. Silver acts as an energy shield for quartz, which is subject to negative waves from the outside world, so it is recommended to give away jewelery, namely this metal. Citrine does not have to be worn on itself; a key fob for home or car keys will be a good alternative to jewelry.

Birthstones for Rat Woman

In general, the Rat is a male sign in the Chinese horoscope. Therefore, it is not forbidden for both sexes to use each other’s stones to combat unwanted traits. Although the stone-talisman for the Rat woman is still different from the male because of differences in the characters and purposes:

Sun Stone: an attractive magnet. Endows its owner with an inexplicable beauty that fascinates. The same rock slows down the aging process and rejuvenates the body. It is recommended for wearing both young girls who are looking for their husband and elderly ladies who want to preserve the freshness of their body and spirit. The proximity of solar crystals to the stomach is most effective. The crystals are traditionally orange, so the proximity of solar crystals to the stomach is most effective. The best accessories with “solar” inserts will be bracelets or belts, you can also hang small charms on waist bags.

Moonstone: gives softness, which is so lacking for female rats. He is able to solve internal and interpersonal conflicts. When wearing a ring or bracelet with this mineral on the left hand, the emotional state improves, psychological barriers are destroyed and positive waves are not spent outside. If the jewelry is worn on the right hand — corrected relationships with others. The choice should be made on the basis of the analysis of problem areas in the life of an individual.

Amber – from family discord and troubles with friends. Representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope are prone to criticism, which is extremely annoying to others. She is the cause of frequent quarrels with loved ones. Amber suppresses the desire to judge others. The cleaner the copy, the more generous and benevolent, he is able to make his owner. Young girls are suited to bright shades of resin, women aged prefer to choose jewelry with a dark fill.

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