Rooster Birthstones

The Rooster is the tenth animal in the Chinese horoscope. Representatives of this zodiac sign are extremely inventive, they can always overcome the difficult trials of fate. Roosters are successful in building social bonds. They make good speakers who sometimes like to embellish the situation to add fascination to their story. In ordinary life, they are sincere, sometimes so much that they offend others with their straightforwardness. Their faith in their own strengths helps to achieve success, but at the same time pushes them to thoughtless actions. By nature, Roosters are kind and try to help everyone they can.

Birthstone for Rooster

Sociable Roosters do not lack friends, but not everyone likes their arrogance. Especially this character trait interferes with work. The following stones will help them weaken the negative manifestations of personality and develop their innate potential:

  1. Pomegranate – is a source of energy. This mineral has an outstanding strength, which is fully revealed in partnership with the aura of a fast and constantly developing Rooster. The stone will create a reserve to which its owner can always turn in moments of emotional overload. Pomegranate will not only help maintain good spirits and energy, but also attract love. Jewelry with this crystal sets the way and on a subconscious level directs you to the path, as a result of which strong, trusting relationships are built, not devoid of passion and romance. Any accessory made of pomegranate is suitable for a rooster. The most important thing is that he be chosen personally and really sunk into the soul of the future owner.
  2. Baryte – is a wise mentor. This mineral has the ability to dull the feelings and emotions of a person, putting logic in priority. Thanks to him, you can put your thoughts in order and forever forget about unsuccessful decisions. Baryte always teaches to weigh everything and not rely solely on blind faith in one’s own rightness. The stone develops patience, shows that the path to success is not always easy. It is believed that the mineral most effectively acts in direct contact with the skin of its owner. Therefore, the best decoration will be a Baryte bracelet. It will create a favorable field of events that will propel its owner forward in life.
  3. Aquamarine – is a stone of tolerance. Roosters often lack tact, so this mineral will be an excellent companion for them, telling you when it’s best to keep silent. Aquamarine teaches sensitivity. Wearing jewelry with it, a person begins to better understand the feelings and needs of others. This allows you to find an approach to anyone. This is especially useful for those whose work is related to communication. Aquamarine develops empathy and also cleanses the mind. It is recommended to use it during meditation. When choosing jewelry, you should pay attention to pendants, beads and earrings. The closer aquamarine is to the shining blue chakra, the more good it can bring to its owner.

Influence of the year of birth and the element

In the Chinese horoscope there are only five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, water. A representative of each zodiac sign may be influenced by one of these elements, depending on the year of birth. Many characteristics of an individual depend on the patron element. Because of this, people of different zodiac signs are very similar if they are controlled by one element. Because of this, the mascot stones for Roosters differ depending on their element:

Wood Rooster — a real lucky one. He always manages to achieve his goals, even if at first glance they seem impossible. Jasper will be a wonderful talisman for the Rooster of this element. She will attract additional luck to him and help to succeed not only in the professional sphere, but also to find the happiness of love. Jasper will rid its owner of negativity and give him strength in order to overcome all obstacles. Also, this mineral improves concentration. This is especially valuable for the productive performance of small tasks, which rarely turn out to be done qualitatively. It is recommended to pay attention to the bracelet made of jasper. Keeping it with him every day, a person will forget about fatigue, and his intuition will reach a new level.

Fire Rooster — is a born leader. This person knows how to perfectly organize others, can lead him, has a pronounced charisma. Aventurine will be his best friend, allowing him to avoid emotional burnout and too sharp mood swings. Earrings with this unusual stone will calm the wearer’s nervous system, and also make you believe in the inevitability of a positive outcome in any situation. The bracelet with Aventurine will create a balance between the energy poles passing through the body of the Fire Rooster, which will make his life calmer and happier.

Earth Rooster — is a person with an analytical mindset and incredible performance. He succeeds always and everywhere, moving along a predetermined path with cold calculation. Being an ideal performer, he absolutely does not know how to relax. Transparent quartz will teach him to relax and enjoy moments not related to work. This mineral will fill the heart of its owner with an unconditional love for the world and give a feeling of serenity. Earth Rooster fit rings with transparent quartz. In periods when it is necessary to work intensively, it is better to remove jewelry. This will allow you to tune in the right way.

Metal Rooster — a practitioner who knows how to set long-term goals. A gray Diamond will help him cope with his inability to listen and hear, because of which all natural inclinations and talents can be wasted in vain. This gem is not in vain considered necessary for judges and diplomats, because it really teaches you to competently negotiate and find compromises. A medium gray diamond ring is ideal. Too large a stone can make a person too compliant and pliable.

Water Rooster — is a master of words with great creativity. For the development of innate talents, he just needs a Crocoite. He will contribute not only to the emergence of new ideas and inspiration, but also to the improvement of oratory, which the Water Rooster is likely to need for successful work. A Crocoite pendant will bring its owner public recognition and satisfaction from creative activities.

Birthstones for Rooster Man

The male representatives of this zodiac sign are usually popular with women due to natural magnetism. He also helps them to gain influence in society and to occupy leadership positions. Their main pain is the addiction to smoking and alcohol abuse. Also, because of the excellent results in different areas of life, they are too proud of themselves. The following stones will help to cope with negative character traits:

Topaz – is a stone of wisdom. This mineral will never allow a male Rooster to be arrogant. Blue topaz will bring luck and happiness to their lives, as well as relieve negative thoughts. The stone will make its owner more humane, teach to be more careful with other people’s feelings and not look down on anyone. Signet ring with topaz will be an ideal decoration for a Rooster man, enhancing all its best qualities.

Ruby – is a stone of courage. The red mineral is recommended to be worn by male Roosters from an early age, even before their conceit swells to enormous proportions and they become too powerful. Ruby will protect his master, daily cleaning his energy field. The best jewelry with this gem is a pendant or a watch on a chain. The latter should be worn in the breast pocket, as an accessory with a ruby should be located close to the heart — its source of strength.

Amethyst – is a shield from experiences. This stone will not allow its owner to become discouraged. He will protect him from emotional experiences and will help to become a more peaceful person. Amethyst also averts from bad habits and has a positive effect on health. It is recommended to pay attention to watches with this gem. Carrying them with the left hand, a person will save himself from the evil eye.

Birthstones for Rooster Woman

A woman born in the year of the Rooster is a very attractive and complex nature. She herself can not always figure out her own thoughts and feelings because of what she becomes vulnerable. This is especially acute when the situation changes. It is difficult for her to accept criticism, or rather, she simply does not know how to do it. Because of the attractive appearance and innate charm, the Rooster woman has many admirers, and because of this, even more envious people. The following stones will help her protect herself from their negative energy and maintain her composure even in extremely stressful situations:

Citrine – is a source of loyalty. The mineral makes it easier to take constructive criticism and not take it with hostility. Thanks to him, the Rooster woman will be able to look at herself and her activities from a different angle and become more open, learn to use other people’s advice. Earrings with Citrine will become a powerful amulet for the representatives of this zodiac sign. The power of the jewelry will be fully manifested if it is made to order.

Agate – is a stone of calm. He will help his owner to maintain good spirits in any difficulties and adapt to new conditions quickly and painlessly. Agate is well tuned for deep reflection and helps to determine true priorities. With it, you can realize where the truth is and where is the lie. Since the gem is able to have a healing effect on the cardiovascular system, it is better to choose jewelry that will be located in the chest area, such as pendants or necklaces.

Chrysocolla – is a defender against the evil eye. Envious glances accompany the Rooster woman throughout her life. Chrysocolla is better than other minerals able to protect from slander and preserve its happiness. A ring with this stone-amulet is recommended to be worn on the right hand. It will create a protective channel of energy that envelops its owner.

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