Snake Birthstones

The Snake is the sixth animal in the Chinese horoscope. Active and purposeful people are born in the year of the reign of this reptile. They always strive to achieve what they want, nothing can stop them. People perceive them as a role model. Their taste in clothes and the ability to keep themselves in society is really amazing with sophistication. Any of their movements and words are always appropriate. Snakes are very serious and do not like to waste time on useless activities. Boring conversations about anything are definitely not for them. They are often secretive, which is why even the closest ones are not aware of their current aspirations and problems. They are mainly guided by intuition, which is very developed among the representatives of this sign.

Birthstone for Snake

Snakes seem to be people whose success goes to them with incredible ease. However, this is completely wrong, only they themselves know how much effort has to be spent on any achievement. The following minerals will surely help these strong personalities save energy for a productive and happy life:

  1. Hematite – is the main amulet for this zodiac sign. The stone has been used by magicians for centuries, since they believed in its magical ability to recharge with the power of spirits. He really creates an incredible protective field around his owner. It instills a sense of confidence and security, and also helps to quickly get rid of negative thoughts or avoid them altogether. Hematite is also a guard against rash decisions. Despite developed intuition and the habit of calculating everything, Snakes also have periods when they are one step away from erroneous actions. The ring will become the best hematite decoration. The mineral works especially well together with a frame made of silver. Women are encouraged to wear rings on the index finger of their left hand, and men — on the right.
  2. Topaz – is a universal stone. He helps to build a career, find true friends, find a soul mate and live in prosperity. First of all, blue topaz possesses such characteristics. He develops all the best qualities of people. Moreover, its effect is so powerful that it extends to others. It creates an effect of attraction, under the influence of which the right people come into the life of its owner one by one. It is also believed that wearing topaz favorably affects the condition of the whole organism. Based on this feature, you should choose a jewelry with this gem. Earrings will save its owner from headaches and insomnia. Beads and pendants will help to cope with discomfort in the spine. And bracelets and rings will improve immunity.
  3. Spinel – is a love magnet. It can be difficult for snakes to openly demonstrate their feelings, which leads to conflict and understatement in relationships. Spinel has the powerful energy of Venus, which is responsible for love and affection. The mineral has a positive effect only on the lives of people with a pure soul and good intentions. Therefore, in contact with the stone, you need to be careful not to charge it with negative energy flows. For girls, as soon as possible to find a life partner, it is recommended to opt for earrings or a bracelet with spinel. It is better that the jewelry was made using gold. Bracelets with one small stone are suitable for men, because spinel has a much stronger effect on them than on women.

Influence of the year of birth and the element

In the Chinese horoscope, there are only five elements that must be considered along with the year of birth when choosing a talisman stone. This is wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Each element gives its representatives some property that makes them a bit like other signs of the zodiac of the same element. The following minerals will help to correct the minuses of character and develop positive qualities to "elemental" Snakes:

Wood Snake – is an example of wisdom, beauty, and sustainability. The recognition of the public is extremely important for her, therefore the impetus for its development is mainly the comments and desires of others. In order to avoid nervous strain, achieve harmony and realize their own needs, the Wood Snake should wear jewelry with Smoky Quartz. It is also called Buddha stone. Smoky quartz is actively used in meditation practices. It develops spirituality and makes a person’s life more meaningful. Thanks to jewelry with its use, the Wood Snake will be able to shift the focus of its desires onto itself. This means that she will no longer seek to please others, but will act on the basis of her own aspirations. It is recommended that crystals be worn clean. The only mineral acceptable for framing smoky quartz is silver.

Fire Snake – does not hesitate to express own opinion and is often too hot-tempered. To achieve inner peace and tranquility, she should wear jewelry using white Agate. It cleanses the mind of its owner from oppressive thoughts and relaxes its nervous system. Wearing bracelets using white agate will help representatives of the fire element get rid of anger, anger and even envy. The mineral fills a person’s life with meaning, allows you to look at it from a new perspective. Thanks to this, the Fire Snake realizes that a lot of good things are happening around her and it is necessary to express gratitude to the Universe more often. In addition, white agate protects against gossip and intrigues.

Earth Snake – is a faithful, purposeful and adequately evaluating his capabilities personality. Alexandrite can become her talisman. He gives a sense of harmony and a feeling that everything is going according to plan. This source of vitality will fill its owner with energy every day, increasing efficiency and enhancing the desire to move forward. With it, the Earth Snake will certainly never be disappointed in its capabilities, it will be cheerful and ready for new achievements. Brooches and hairpins with Alexandrite will give their owners a sense of grandeur, as well as give the impression of a holiday. It is recommended to wear not too large stones, as it symbolizes regality and large specimens can attract the wrath of detractors.

Metal Snake – is a strategist who loves loneliness. Eudialyte will become a wonderful talisman for these individualists. It will help you not to be afraid of the burden of responsibility in any situations and will give courage to make fateful decisions. Under his protection, they will always be 100% sure of success. It is recommended to wear a ring with Eudialyte on the middle finger of the right hand. It is believed that in this way the mineral will not only give the person confidence, but will also improve the condition of his circulatory system. When wearing earrings with Eudialyte, vision becomes sharper, and the eyes do not get tired even after prolonged work at the computer.

Water Snake – is an inquisitive, smart and charismatic representative of the sign. Jasper will help her to become more resourceful and stop being angry with guilty people for many years. Due to the constantly accumulating negativity, Water Snakes often cannot be truly happy. Jasper allows you to remove all the negative attitudes that have formed during life, as well as let go of resentment. In addition, the stone will not allow new reasons for disappointment into the life of its owner and will help to relate to unpleasant moments easier. It is recommended to choose jewelry from jasper, which will be close to the chest. Pendants, necklaces and beads will do. It is located in the solar plexus region that jasper affects the chakra of its natural color and improves the health of its owner.

Birthstones for Snake Man

Men born in the year of the Snake combine charm, power, stubbornness and a bloated ego. It is really incredibly difficult for them to bear the setbacks. The following stones will help them in maintaining harmony:

Pomegranate – is a source of power. Jewelry with the use of this mineral will give the men of this sign what they have always dreamed of - power and authority. Pomegranate helps its owners become more successful and achieve recognition in the professional field. A perfect accessory will be a watch decorated with this scarlet stone.

Amazonite – is a deliverer from negativity. This stone will help you to relate to troubles more calmly and stop dividing the whole world into black and white. It has a positive effect on relationships within the family. It is recommended to have a tie holder or bracelet with Amazonite.

Tiger’s eye – is a softening stone. It will make male Snakes more flexible in decision-making, help to relate to the need to listen to other people’s advice. Suitable only for those who strive for success and work hard for this. It is best to wear a pendant with a tiger’s eye pendant.

Birthstones for Snake Woman

Women Snakes are beautiful by nature, but their dependence on the opinions of others and the painful experience of all failures have a devastating effect on their personality. The best gems for them will be the following gems:

Jadeite – is a source of confidence and calm. The mineral helps to stop depending on the opinions of others and begin to trust your instincts. Thanks to him, a woman will feel like a full-fledged personality and get rid of a number of complexes. It is recommended to wear rings with jadeite. The stone is responsible for the connection of generations, so it can become a family decoration in the future.

Emerald – is a mineral of optimism. It will allow you to keep a smile on your face, even in seemingly hopeless situations. The stone eliminates suspiciousness and helps to recover from serious failures at work or a break with loved ones. Female Snakes are recommended earrings with Emerald. The younger the girl, the smaller the stone should be.

Lazurite – is a magnet of happiness. This stone will positively affect the development of all the pluses of the character of women of this zodiac sign. Will give them energy to achieve their goals. He will help to find a worthy man and build a strong marriage. From the jewelry should pay attention to earrings and necklace made of Lazurite. It is in the area of the head and neck that the blue and blue chakras are located, which interact with this gem.

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