Tiger Birthstones

Tiger is the third animal in the Chinese horoscope. Those who were born in the year of this strong beast are endowed with leadership abilities from birth. They are witty, have a good sense of humor, love to be in the center of attention. The heads of the Tigers are always overflowing with ideas that, unfortunately, this sign can not always be realized due to the mutability of their goals and desires. Such people are often arrogant, they have a hot-tempered character. Despite this, they treat their elders with great respect and try to listen to their opinions.

Birthstone for Tiger

For those born in the year of the Tiger, there are several minerals that will help make the lives of their owners more pleasant and successful:

  1. Topaz – is a universal gem that can solve any Tiger problem. Topaz of any color helps the mind of its owner to prevail over feelings. Emotions often overwhelm representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope, which leads to impulsive actions with unpleasant consequences. In addition, topaz helps to improve immunity with long wearing jewelry with him. From the entire range of accessories you should pay attention to the chains with pendants.
  2. Diamond – is a powerful source of energy. The nugget will retain the vigor of the body and spirit of the Tiger, which, because of its activity, often does not notice that it is time to rest. In addition, a diamond is a love magnet. He is able to draw into the life of a lonely person a soul mate, as well as strengthen the already existing union. Diamond jewelry is not recommended for yourself. All properties of the mineral are revealed only if it was accepted as a gift. The strongest jewelry with diamond — earrings.
  3. Amethyst – is a stone blocking thirst for extreme and constant changes. It is common for Tigers to constantly get involved in dangerous activities and jump from one idea to another. This hinders the development in the professional sphere, as well as negatively affects relations with others. It is difficult for relatives and friends to get along with a person who changes his mind and goals every day. Amethyst brings peace and harmony to this zodiac sign. Rings and brooches with this mineral will surely help its owner to become calmer and permanent.

Stones for those born in the year of the Tiger, if necessary, to solve narrow problems should be chosen, taking into account some additional factors.

Influence of the year of birth and the element

According to the Chinese horoscope, representatives of each zodiac sign, depending on the year of birth, belong to one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water. The Wood is an element under whose power strong leaders are born. Fire is the element that gives people strong will power and purposefulness. The Earth is a patron of logic and a clear mind. Metal — the guarantor of character durability. Water is the element that develops intuition from its representatives and gives them peace of mind. Thus, depending on the element, under the influence of which the person was born, his different features of the sign prevail.

Wood Tiger — a lover of public speaking and jokes. Possesses the gift of persuasion and is able to win over even extremely conservative people. Because of innate artistry, too much gives to others, eventually losing strength and tranquility. It is easy to give if the desired result is more difficult to achieve than it seemed at first. Tigers that are exposed to wood are recommended to wear jewelry with green stones. One of the best options is Jasper. It helps to defeat negative thinking, increases self-esteem and eliminates the experience. Jasper creates inner balance, helping a person to maintain energy reserves. Effective jewelry with this stone — bracelets and necklaces.

Fire Tiger — is a human flint. It can not be broken. To maintain the balance of Yin and Yang, the representatives of this element are able to balance active work with rest. They tend to go against the system, sometimes it leads to public disapproval. They fit Heliodor. Mineral attracts people to its owner, allows you to make useful and long-term acquaintances. Since the heart is the weakest organ of the Fire Tigers, one should choose jewelry located in the chest area. For example, beads, brooches, tie holders.

Earth Tiger — is thoughtful and logical, but it is often extremely stale towards its close ones. It is difficult for him to make friends and find a common language with colleagues. Yellow Apatite helps Tigers of this element to find harmony with themselves and others, as well as to increase their attractiveness. In addition, the stone can drive away bad dreams. A good option to wear — earrings. They do not need to be removed at night, so during the day they will remain balanced in relationships with other people, and at night they will be protected from nightmares and disturbances.

Metal Tiger — is an overly self-confident and optimistic zodiac representative. Wants to get everything at once. When this fails, he quickly experiences failures, but he is very angry that something has thwarted his plans. He lacks patience. White Turquoise jewelry can relieve Metal Tiger of this problem. Especially well this mineral works together with gold. Their symbiosis creates a powerful shield for a strong man from the machinations of enemies and troubles in life. An interesting accessory with turquoise is a wrist watch. Embracing the wrist, the stone fills the wearer’s entire body with peace of mind.

Water Tiger — is a sensitive, understanding listener. He has developed empathy, he wants to help others. Because of this, it often suffers from energy hunger, since the support of others exhausts the inner strength of the Water Tiger. To avoid this, you need to wear jewelry with Smoky Quartz. This mineral stores energy, so that its owner does not feel tired. It is recommended to wear bracelets and rings with Smoky Quartz. They establish a barrier between the owner of the decoration and the external environment, protecting his inner balance of power.

Birthstones for Tiger Man

Male representatives born in the year of the Tiger are charming and constantly on the move. Mostly generous and generous. But at the same time, the real rebels with whom it is difficult to get along. The dark side of his stubbornness and perseverance in business are often stubbornness, cruelty and manipulativeness. In the rush of anger, some representatives of this sign are truly terrible, because they absolutely do not know how to cope with negative emotions. To correct their natural flaws, the following talismans by year of birth are suitable:

Celestine – a source of peace. It is often used in the process of meditation. He helps to always talk sensibly and not rush to extremes. Celestine will smooth out the temper of male Tigers, make them softer and more understanding. It is recommended to use Celestine in the decoration of cufflinks or a breast pocket jacket.

Selenite – is a mineral that cleanses the head and heart from ill motives. It helps to build trust and preserve family well-being. The owner of Selenite will never raise his voice or decide to use physical force, as the stone has a strong calming effect. Pendant, which, if desired, can be put in your pocket — a wonderful accessory made from this unusual breed for jewelry.

Malachite – guarded against exhaustion. Allows you to avoid unnecessary stress, and also helps keep emotions under control. A man does not necessarily have to have a decoration of malachite. A more profitable option - the subject of decor in the apartment or at work, made of this material. Green breed has a large radius of action and with a long-term influence on a person, the effect of it is noticeable without being in proximity.

Strongly contraindicated accessories, inlaid with red stones. They reinforce the negative features of power and cruel natures.

Birthstones for Tiger Woman

Astrologers believe that the Tiger woman is one of the most attractive representatives of the zodiacal family for the opposite sex. She is optimistic, beautiful, intelligent. Usually well managed with chores around the house, while not forgetting to take care of yourself. Always ready for adventure, dislikes routine. With her just do not get bored. The main disadvantages of such a woman are excessive lightheadedness in financial matters and lack of tact. Although she earns well, money is usually spent quickly on often useless things. In addition, a Tiger woman can often say too much in an inappropriate setting, or speak too harshly when she offends a person. To eliminate the minuses of her nature, it is recommended to choose accessories with the following stone talismans:

Amazonite – is an assistant in achieving moderation in spending. One of the most effective stones, allowing you to forever become thrifty and wisely approach budget planning. Amazonite will provide an opportunity to preserve the capital earned and even increase it. Earrings with this mineral will lead to the successful conclusion of negotiations, and rings and rings will lead to long-term business cooperation.

Obsidian – power of thought processes. Vital for women born in the year of patronage of the striped feline, because of their talkativeness. Obsidian makes her possessor more thoughtful, and as a result she says more logical and acceptable things in a certain situation. In addition, thanks to his ability to clarify thoughts, he will help in competent housekeeping and the performance of work duties. At full strength, obsidian demonstrates its properties in earrings and beads. When wearing these accessories, the talisman is close to the head, and therefore the energy waves reach consciousness quickly and efficiently.

Spinel – is a gem that can improve the life of its owner. This mineral will change the situation only in accordance with the inner mood of the Tiger woman, therefore it is important, using it, to carry the energy of good into the world. Spinel will allow its owner to carelessly go through life and not be afraid of condemnation from the outside. Carrying a bracelet with this gem, the Tigress will not only become freer and happier, but will also be able to meet true love. Spinel also improves immunity and helps in the fight against headaches. The most powerful healing properties of red and green gems.

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