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Aquarius — witty, original, creatively gifted people. Easily and naturally set up new acquaintances, with pleasure communicate on a variety of topics. At the same time they are stubborn and self-willed, fanatically defending their views, forgetting about good manners. The sun in Aquarius determines the temperament, typical character traits of people of this sign. But according to the eastern horoscope, the patron-animal of the year of birth has no less influence. Therefore, the combined horoscope can fully reveal the personality of a person. The combination of Western and Chinese zodiac signs forms unique combinations for each specific case.

Aquarius refers to the collective type of people, experiencing pleasure from communication, badly tolerates loneliness. But he does not obey the opinion of the majority, his word must be the last. Has all the necessary qualities to make the right decisions: logic, sanity, intuition. Therefore, the opinion of Aquarius is highly valued in professional circles, but, unfortunately, he is not a very disciplined worker. Aquarius-Rat seeks to introduce new ideas into life, knows how to communicate with people. The man of this combination of signs could become an excellent specialist in pedagogy and psychology, but too impulsive and unpredictable.

Independent Aquarius do not like prohibitions and restrictions. Free-loving people experience an irresistible urge to change places, it is vitally important for them to receive new impressions. They can not stay in one place for a long time, if there is no possibility to go on a trip, then they will change their place of work. Is it any wonder that with this approach to life, people of this sign often experience financial difficulties. For example, Aquarius-Monkey can succeed in a career, has a mind and diligence. But the mischievous nature, the habit of living a fun do not give you the chance to do it. Under the influence of close people can change, become at least a little more serious.

In love relationships, Aquarius is unpredictable and unstable. Fervent passion can easily be replaced by indifference and coldness. People of the air sign do not differ in fidelity, not in their rules to think about the future, act spontaneously, are guided by their mood. Aquarians are not mercantile at all, emotions and impressions are of great value to them, and not material benefits. Therefore, they will not enter into a marriage of convenience, preferring an alliance with a loved one. This characteristic corresponds to the Aquarius-Rooster, and he is also the most romantic of all representatives of his sign. She tries to surprise and please the second half, even if with minor, but pleasant trifles.

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