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The Dog is the eleventh sign of the Chinese horoscope. The Dog is Yin and is fixed to the Metal element. The characteristics of the Dog correspond to the occidental sign of Libra. Yin is negative, feminine, and associated with the Night. Subjective Yin signs trust their feelings about themselves and others. You tend to be more concerned with the spiritual than the physical. As all opposites attract in nature, Yin attracts Yang. The Metal element association bestows an ambitious and hard working nature. Metal people tend to be self-reliant and rigid in their outlook and find it difficult to compromise. Metal people can be more materialistic than others.

Those born under the Eastern Zodiac sign of Dog are respectful, helpful, and sincere. Dogs are great listeners who are always there for those they care about. This is a very loyal and faithful sign and one who can be counted on to always have your back or keep your darkest secrets. Dogs are true humanitarians at heart. They long to see the world live up to their ideals and are easily upset by acts of injustice. It is true that Dogs care more about people than they do about money, power, or success.

One of Dog’s greatest strengths is being able to inspire confidence in other people. They are often the “rock” that stands when others can’t or won’t, always there to lend a helping hand.

For all of the responsibility that Dogs put on themselves it’s no surprise that they tend to get stressed out easily. Dogs are often anxious, restless, and worried. They feel the weight of the world on their backs and have trouble relaxing when so much is wrong with society. Dogs can get so obsessed with their idea of justice that they can become dogmatic and take things too seriously all of the time. This defensive, judgemental side of the Dog stems from giving too much of themselves. Dogs need to realize that they must take care of themselves first if they are going to have anything to offer others.

There are 12 Primal Zodiac signs for the Eastern Zodiac sign of Dog, one for each sign of the Western Zodiac.

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