Aquarius Dog

Such Aquarians are responsible, businesslike, take life too seriously. Although they remain sociable, even a little eccentric people, which is characteristic of Aquarius, but they differ in calm behavior. Not demonstrative, do not like to attract attention. They are kept simply and modestly, do not violate the framework of decency. According to the combined horoscope Aquarius-Dog — an individualist with a specific worldview. Does not seek understanding, does not need the support of others. Although he always listens to close people, he values their opinion and evaluation. Aquarius-Dog himself makes decisions and boldly embodies them. Sometimes it is difficult to understand, but you can believe: organically does not tolerate lies, mercilessly struggles with injustice.

Aquarius Dog Traits

Active Aquarius-Dog is always on guard of order. Without superfluous thinking rushes to defend their rights, no less than principled in defending the interests of other people. This disinterested person does not see anything special in that he lives with the problems of his loved ones. At the same time it is quite free-loving: it does not depend on people and circumstances. Dog-Aquarius — a harmonious combination of seriousness and playfulness. Such a person causes interest in his unpredictable behavior. Concerned with the ideas of saving mankind — focused and very serious, while full of enthusiasm, willingly goes in search of adventure. Easy on the rise, spends life in active movement. Quickly addicted to new ideas and immediately undertakes to implement them.

Attentive to the surrounding Aquarius-Dog finds time to listen to all the suffering. He does not just sympathize with other people’s troubles, but helps with concrete deeds. Aquarius-Dog, not accustomed to the attention of the public, tries not to advertise their participation in solving problems. He does not need compliments, he acts at the behest of the heart, and not out of a desire to become famous. This is an extremely modest person, which causes unlimited confidence. At the same time, Aquarius-Dog is a bright personality: he easily comes into contact, has a good sense of humor, likes to have fun. There are a lot of ideas in his head how to make his life better: he makes bold plans and does not fear anything. Calmly refers to the changes, without extra thinking and hesitating, he starts new projects.

These people are rather unpretentious, do not impose unrealistic demands on others. Peaceful, do not like to quarrel and find out the relationship. If Aquarius-Dog entered into a dispute — without his intervention can not do. He stands up for justice, for the sake of his convictions will fight to the last. Aquarius-Dog does not condemn human weaknesses. It justifies frivolous people, perfectly understands the motives of their actions. He himself is not always able to resist hobbies and temptations. Can abruptly break and leave where the eyes look. Too curious and active to be bored at home. Easily gets new acquaintances, although not always plans to continue communication. Simply gives in to momentary impulses, not reflecting on the consequences of their actions.

Aquarius Dog Compatibility (Love & Family)

In relations with the opposite sex, the Aquarius Dog manifests itself as a romantic partner. This is a great master for surprises, does not tolerate boredom and long conversations. Externally attractive and very charming — a real heartthrob or heartbreaker. True, it is difficult to find a common language with this person. Aquarius-Dog — a complex, contradictory personality: looking for a strong partner, but does not want to give him anything. Is able to leave, it would seem, a beloved person, if he could not see in him a kindred spirit.

The main secret of love compatibility with the Aquarius Dog is understanding. For this extraordinary person there is nothing more terrible than criticism, sounding from the lips of close people. Needs rest and peace, the other half should be able to create a cozy atmosphere for him in the house. Aquarius-Dog will appreciate the efforts of a partner — it’s a grateful person. If he made his choice, he remains faithful to him throughout his life. For Aquarius-Dog, the moral qualities of a partner are of great importance: they will not forgive deception and treason.

Aquarius Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Active Aquarius-Dog does not miss any opportunity to realize their ideas. He readily agrees to public work, if he sees his vocation and prospects for further growth in this. Not afraid of change, on the contrary, looking for ways to diversify boring everyday life. Dog-Aquarius — an inquisitive, greedy to new impressions of nature. Without unnecessary meditation follows his dream, he will stop at nothing: he often changes his place of residence and work. Easily re-trained, quickly gets used to a new place and team.

Aquarius-Dog — creatively gifted nature, prone to doubt. There are so many ideas and plans in her head that sometimes there is not enough strength or time to realize what was conceived. This person is too responsible and serious to get down to business, not having thought out each step. Despite independence, free-thinking, Aquarius Dog is waiting for approval, sincerely wants everyone to like. Choosing a creative path, experiencing difficulties, but still looking for ways to realize themselves: he wants to share his own attitude with others.

Aquarius Dog Man

A strong-willed man of this combination of signs finds any ways to realize his dreams. He is a courageous innovator, an active man. Do not listen to the opinion of the majority, always acts in accordance with their desires. Lucky in business, happily avoids serious difficulties, is quite satisfied with his position and position in society. He is inquisitive and mobile, no power can keep him in place if he decided to abruptly change his life. Women are not able to influence the Aquarius-Dog man opinion. Easily gets new acquaintances, the truth as quickly stops communication. Settle the man of these signs can only force a strong feeling. The chosen one should share his hobbies, be a faithful friend and reliable partner.

Aquarius Dog Woman

The independent Aquarius-Dog woman is full of ideas and plans. There is no doubt that she will find the strength to achieve the desired result. However, she needs the help of the inner circle. Aspires to be in full view all her life, tries to prove her worth. This is a great original and an inventive, she is too fond of her own fantasies, so she is more suitable for the profession associated with creativity. A spectacular woman enjoys success with men, romances with pleasure, never sets a concrete goal — to marry. It is imposed on the will of fate, if it enters into marriage, rather under the influence of emotions, than deliberately. Over time, she becomes an exemplary housewife, a caring mother. To her children, she gives a lot in terms of development.

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