Aries Dog

An active and restless Dog in alliance with a strong-willed Aries becomes more reserved and self-confident. Although he continues to be an inordinate honest and faithful being, he does not fight for justice with such zeal, sacrificing his own interests for the sake of others. Dog-Aries does not like to lie and dodge — this is contrary to her truthful nature. At the same time behaves politely and tactfully towards others, respects the limits of decency, in spite of any circumstances. According to the combined horoscope, the Aries Dog is a complex and contradictory nature. He is a kind-hearted man with a strong character. Although he tends to idealize people, but he will not allow anyone to manipulate himself. Intelligent, penetrating, easily recognizes falsehood and deception.

Aries Dog Traits

This person has a strong intuition, he does not have to torment himself with doubts and experiences: he sees things in the true light. Perhaps that is why he is so soft and kind-hearted. Aries-Dog pities people, takes their suffering to heart. Although he does not consider it necessary to hide the truth, he spares the feelings of others. He has the talent to establish kind relationships with a wide variety of people. Always knows which words are better to choose to comfort the interlocutor. He is cautious and very perceptive: he is acting correctly and unmistakably. The Aries dog will try to express its opinion in such a soft and tactful manner that not only does not offend the interlocutor, but will find a true friend for many years. He prefers to surround himself only with people who are trustworthy, close in spirit.

The inquisitive Aries-Dog is open to new knowledge. In her nature to get involved in something particularly interesting and unusual. He does not tolerate inaction, is always ready to learn new things, easily learns knowledge. He is looking for like-minded people, in a society far from science people are getting bored. For all its friendliness and sincerity, Aries-Dog is a cautious man. He tries not to bring unfamiliar people closer to him. But with longtime friends communicates very warmly, ready for them for any sacrifice. This is the most loyal friend, kind adviser and faithful companion. Dog-Aries does not like vanity, it is not peculiar to passion. Carefully avoids any risky situations, but will never pass by a blatant injustice.

Charming Aries Dog knows how to like people: nice, calm, benevolent. At the same time she is perceptive and clever, has an amazing sense of profitable transactions. Always knows how to proceed in a given situation. Her ability to make deals profitable can only be envied. Surrounding people do not just admire this talent, but often are interested in her opinion. Aries-Dog gives the right advice and helps with concrete deeds. The word of this person can be trusted, and his spiritual sensitivity is known to everyone around. People are drawn to him, looking for his participation. A distinctive feature of the Aries-Dog sign is reliability. Never betray the one who trusted him. Let and will act to the detriment of himself, but he will certainly fulfill the promised.

Aries Dog Compatibility (Love & Family)

Sensitive, compassionate Aries-Dog is afraid of hurting someone. Especially reverent applies to the opposite sex. From the first minutes of acquaintance he counts on beautiful courtship — these are his ideas about romantic relationships. On a love horoscope, Aries-Dog is a sincere, heartfelt and faithful man to his half. However, even a strong love does not deprive him of insight. Perfectly feels the true attitude to himself and suffers very much if he is deceived in his beloved person.

The main secret of love compatibility with the Dog-Aries: understanding and support. If he sees that they do not believe in him, and even worse, they laugh, become withdrawn and unsociable. From nature Aries-Dog is not too gullible person, and betrayal only aggravates the situation. But his union with a sympathetic, understanding partner will be extremely strong. Aries-Dog remains true to its choice throughout life. His second half can be calm: this is the ideal family man.

Aries Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Friendly, non-conflicting Aries-Dog can get along with people. He can build a brilliant career if he does not give up the help of others: he enjoys the confidence of his colleagues and superiors. In addition, it has a wonderful flair for bargain-hunting. It is quite capable of becoming a successful businessman, if only the work will bring him pleasure. The main thing for Aries-Dogs is moral satisfaction, and not material benefits. Therefore, rather often engaged in a profitable, but a favorite business.

Aries-Dog knows how to be content with what he has. He does not feel jealous of the more successful people, he understands perfectly well: the ups are followed by ups. When choosing a profession follows the dictates of the heart. Do not rush into the search for a better share, but just works honestly, and in any position. Aries-Dog is not afraid to embody his fantasies in the creative field, while easily coping with work that requires perseverance. So industrious and executable that he can do any job.

Aries Dog Man

Aries-Dog is a strong-willed man, firmly following his convictions. Above all appreciate honesty, loyalty. He is betrayed not only to friends, family, the common cause, but primarily to his ideals. He is a brave fighter: there are no obstacles that he could not overcome in the name of justice. But such determination is manifested only in extreme cases, mostly the Aries-Dog man — a calm, even shy person. His benevolent attitude to surrounding people is just a courtesy, he carefully protects his life from prying eyes. There are only a few people whom he can trust, of course, a beloved woman is one of them. In love relationships seeking peace, not passions, he needs a reliable, faithful companion.

Aries Dog Woman

Contradictory nature of an Aries-Dog woman creates significant difficulties in her personal life. She strives to create a strong family, but does not want to sacrifice for her hobbies. This woman has a strong enough character, but does not always have a clear idea of what kind of thing she likes more. She has many talents, tries to find her vocation, passionately wants to take place in the profession. Therefore, she tries to take the decision of all domestic problems on the partner. She will be happy with the man who will allow her to lead. Can be overly emotional, can not pretend and always says only what she thinks. But it does not need to be controlled: a sensual woman finds the strength to be honest with a partner, not a slope to flirt and treason.

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