Cancer Dog

The true thoughts of the mysterious, vulnerable and sensitive Cancer-Dogs are a mystery to others. People of this combination are a little reserved and very prudent: rarely they open their hearts. Do not strive to make a good impression, but just behave as they see fit. Cancer-Dogs are not prone to pretense, they always act according to their own mood. Can be different: secretive, serious people or fervent gay. According to the combined horoscope Cancer-Dog — an impulsive, unpredictable personality, easily lends itself to all kinds of temptations and temptations. This passionate, avidly impressed person lives with passions and emotions. However, Cancer-Dog is constant in one: deeply devoted to close people.

Cancer Dog Traits

Noble Cancer-Dog often sacrifices itself for the happiness of other people. He is vulnerable, sentimental and very vulnerable: sensitive and susceptible to criticism. Is able to burst into tears from resentment, which is understandable — the subtle nature of Cancer does not tolerate rudeness and rudeness. At the same time, the Dog is able to stand up for himself, fearlessly and desperately fighting for justice. People of this combination can be determined and persistent in achieving their goals. True, even a strong focus on the result does not prevent them from hovering in the clouds and distracted by all sorts of nonsense. Dog-Cancer are easy to climb, prone to rash acts. Often they become hostages to their passions: they are always rushing somewhere for the sake of achieving illusive goals.

Cancers tend to be nervous and worried because of the smallest trifles. Especially if they feel they are not necessary, no one is interesting people. In this combination, Cancers retain their propensity to experience, but under the influence of the Dogs become less susceptible to external stimuli. They behave quite restrained, are especially cautious and laconic in their communication with unfamiliar people. True, with loved ones completely frank, do not hesitate to be capricious and demand to themselves increased attention. Sometimes they are completely unbearable, but in very rare cases. Misunderstanding of close people, the pain of betrayal, blatant injustice — the reasons that can lead emotional Doggy-dogs into rabies.

People of this combination are attentive listeners: they sincerely sympathize with their interlocutor. Cancer-Dogs do not just give time to people, but really try to help. Are able to take quick, and most importantly, right decisions. Think outside the box and very freely, do not be afraid to try something new, different from everything that was before. Dog-Cancer is a complex, multi-faceted personality. This person is strongly attached to the house, a bit closed and shy, at the same time sociable and easy to climb. Cancer-Dog is subject to the play of passions, does not consider it necessary to limit oneself in desires. This is a fierce fighter for justice, an unselfish person who does not think about his own benefit. At the same time, he is not indifferent to material goods, he has a passion for accumulation.

Cancer Dog Compatibility (Love & Family)

Sensitive Cancer-Dog — a man with a subtle emotional organization, which requires a lot of attention. Having fallen in love, becomes more self-confident, even a little selfish. On a love horoscope Dog-Cancer — capricious, self-willed partner, but his true face opens only to a really close person. In relations with the opposite sex, he remains true to himself: he is subject to the play of passions, emotional and very jealous. Can beautifully look after, capable of unexpected romantic acts.

In the family life, the Dog-Cancer manifests itself as a loving partner devoted to his half and children. He is not interested in novels on the side — all thoughts only about close people. He is not indifferent to beautiful things, he loves his house with great love and is engaged in the wardrobe of all members of the family. However, it does not just work for the benefit of the family, but does not tire of stressing its own importance. He is gentle and vulnerable, he counts on love, respect and full recognition of his talents. It is the family that is the source of inspiration and a reliable back for Cancer-Dog.

Cancer Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Hard-working Dog-Cancer are not afraid of the most responsible work. At the same time they forget about their embarrassment, easily dismiss all fears and doubts. Cancer-Dogs are emotional, impressionable natures, capable of deep experiences. Sometimes they are too fond of their fantasies and lose touch with reality. Although a rich imagination is a quality inherent in gifted individuals. Cancer-Dogs are quite capable of taking place in the creative field, they have a special passion for acting and literary work.

Despite its fragility and sensitivity, Cancer-Dog is an active nature. Easily adapts to new conditions, takes correct, and most importantly, timely decisions. Lucky in business, has a flair for bargain-hunting. He is not indifferent to money, he aspires to find a profession that guarantees high material prosperity. Dog-Cancer is aimed at the result, in the first place he is interested in leadership positions. With great pleasure he takes part in large-scale projects - vain and ambitious.

Cancer Dog Man

Cautious Cancer-Dog man does not enter into spiritual conversations with unfamiliar people, keeps a little detached. This behavior is protection, carefully guarding yourself against unnecessary worries. With close acquaintance it turns out to be a pleasant person, a true friend. The man of this sign combination is a dreamer, has a rich imagination, at times he is too fond of fantasies. But in business he is smart, thanks to a strong intuition he happily avoids failures. In personal relations is completely given to the power of the chosen one, this is a soft, compliant partner. He does not like scandals, he is always polite and helpful. Although trying to win the role of leader, skillfully manipulates the feelings of a woman, tries to tie her to himself, presses on pity.

Cancer Dog Woman

Cancer-Dog is a woman who has a subtle sense of people, capable of compassion. She is ready to help not only in words, but also in real deeds. Despite the external fragility, a fairly strong personality. Quite confidently she walks up the career ladder, tries to cope with her experiences, in actions shows sobriety and calculation. Demanding is not only in relation to itself, but also to a partner. Constantly distributes advice, endlessly takes care of and controls the man. This is not the whims of a selfish woman, but a natural need for care. The partner should be lenient towards her desire to protect the family from all misfortunes. Too sensitive person Cancer-Dog is in constant fear for his loved ones, ready for any sacrifices for their well-being.

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