Gemini Dog

A balanced Dog under the influence of unpredictable, impulsive Gemini acquires some nervousness. It becomes more restless, although it struggles to control its feelings and emotions. Gemini-Dogs are quite unpredictable: they are sympathetic and attentive to others, and at the same time they are capable of rash acts — sometimes they bring people down. True, they are so charming and unsophisticated that they can not be offended for a long time. According to a combined horoscope, Gemini-Dogs are sociable, friendly people with an easy character. Do not burden yourself with superfluous reflections, but never forget about the matter. They have a large reserve of energy, are active and curious, do not tolerate boredom and inaction.

Gemini Dog Traits

These friendly, just people of high moral principles are universal favorites. Extremely honest in relation to others, compassionate and responsive to other people’s problems. A kind, open Dog has a strong influence on frivolous Gemini. As a result: people of this combination are ready to come to the aid of others to the detriment of their own interests. Gemini-Dogs are distinguished by softness, unselfishness and kind-heartedness. So trustworthy and trustworthy, that quite often they go on about the unscrupulous people. A little secretive, do not like to share their thoughts and feelings with others. Gemini-Dogs do not show their discontent, prefer to agree with everyone. They do not like to find out the relationship, especially with close people.

Serious Dog calmly refers to the quirks and extravagance of Gemini. It not only dominates this combination, but practically displaces such qualities as windiness and impermanence. According to her leadership, Gemini is shown the best: restrained, calm, always thinking about the consequences of the actions being taken. Gemini-Dogs adhere to common rules, control and carefully organize their lives. Although they love diversity — too vigorous to be bored and weary of anguish. They are quite capable of doing several things at the same time and controlling all their actions. In their life there is no place for chaos and disorder, they do not like to give up their goals — they always follow the planned plan.

Gemini-Dogs, despite their openness, cheerfulness and even some lightheadedness, are quite sensible people. Aimed at high results and persistently achieve their goals. You are credible: you can rely on them. Gemini-Dogs like people, they get on well with others. Even if they have difficulties in communication, try not to show it. Always nice, polite, sincerely interested in the affairs of loved ones, try to help everyone. Communicative and mobile — ready to rush to the rescue at any time of the day. Gemini-Dogs are not afraid of change, love to travel, are open to everything new. Being in the same company with these sociable, cheerful people is a great pleasure.

Gemini Dog Compatibility (Love & Family)

In his personal life, Gemini-Dog manifests itself as a frivolous person, loves compliments and attention. According to the love horoscope Gemini-Dog — an addicting nature, not indifferent to the opposite sex. Easily gets acquainted, flirts and flirts crooks. However, instantly acquires seriousness if understands that he met his mate. To refuse this romantic person, who knows how to beautifully care, is impossible — easily achieves reciprocity.

Gemini-Dog is very attentive to close people. Although his kindness does not always benefit the family. Too trusting and disinterested, constantly sacrificing himself for the sake of the benefit of the second half and children. Despite the ostentatious gaiety and positive attitude, the Gemini-Dog often feels lonely. He will not ask for a favor and beg for attention, but will be happy with the words of support and approval. Gemini-Dog is always caring for his family, he deserves love and respect.

Gemini Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Purposeful Gemini-Dogs do not doubt their own success. These active, active, and most importantly, rational people know how to achieve recognition. Do not neglect the advice of colleagues — easily establish the right connections. They are free and self-confident, therefore they do not recognize any framework. Calmly go to their goal, and do not resort to intrigues, but just a lot and honestly work. Gemini-Dogs know what kind of result they want to achieve, always carefully consider their strategy of behavior.

At his workplace, Gemini-Dog is extremely serious, not prone to questionable experiments. This executive, hard-working person shows himself as a good specialist. He does not care what position he occupies: he is deprived of vanity and pride. The Gemini-Dog has many talents, so it feels pretty comfortable in any field of activity. And at all does not aspire to be engaged in one business throughout all life. It easily leaves the former place of work and seeks new ways to realize oneself.

Gemini Dog Man

Active Gemini-Dog man — a nature addicted. His head is full of various ideas, he always hurries somewhere. He likes to communicate, to rotate among people, makes the impression of an easy, cheerful rake. But this is a thinking, spiritually developed man. He tries to bring the case to the end, takes responsibility responsibly to his professional duties. Is able to provide support at the right time, can give valuable advice. In love, he shows lightheadedness, he likes to make short-term relationships filled with passion. This is a romantic partner, capable of endlessly surprising her chosen one. But in marriage he demonstrates loyalty, devotion, loves his family and cares about wife.

Gemini Dog Woman

The bright Gemini-Dog woman is light and elusive, like a wind blow: it is everywhere and anywhere. Nature endowed her with artistic talent, which she generously demonstrates in everyday life. Communication with a woman of this combination of signs gives pleasure, her unpredictability, spontaneity provoke tenderness. But not always able to cope with their own emotions, experiences, and therefore is prone to bad moods. From bad thoughts it can be distracted by work, caring attitude of relatives. In marriage, she shows all her sensuality, although her partner also expects full return. She strives to build an ideal relationship, filled with romance, endless adventures. Of course, her energy is enough to raise children.

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