Leo Dog

Energetic, charismatic Leo-Dogs know their own worth — they are arrogant, proud and very self-confident people. Do not fall for difficulties, do not doubt, but simply boldly go forward. In the character of the Lions to command and control people, in this combination they do not change their habits. At the same time, an honest, principled Dog skillfully directs the energy of the Lions in the right direction: the struggle for justice. According to the combined horoscope, Leo-Dog is a bright, strong personality, inspiring others with his own example. He is not afraid to express his opinion directly, confidently leads people behind him. He gives a report to his actions, although he likes to fantasize and dream, but does not lose the ability to think realistically.

Leo Dog Traits

The surrounding people are respected and even a little afraid of Leo-Dog, because everyone knows: this is a person with high moral principles. He is just, impartial, firm in his judgments — always on the side of truth. Do not stop at anything if it comes to protecting honor and dignity. He likes to patronize the weaker people, he helps them in everything. Leo-Dog is a defender, a reliable friend and a good adviser. True, it requires unconditional obedience: it does not just give instructions, but rules and commands. Close people should be lenient towards his desire to lead: he acts out of good intentions, and not because of empty vanity and excessive pride. This person is a born leader, he can not behave differently.

Active Leo-Dog works a lot — it’s a real workaholic. No less demanding of others: he does not tolerate lazy people and idlers, he constantly criticizes them. Easily addicted to new ideas, does not limit himself to any framework, gets a great deal of pleasure from life. The Dog-Leo is a shrewd and judicious person: subtly feels people, understands the motives of their actions. Do not even try to mislead him, it is better to immediately honestly state your intentions. This is a fair person, highly appreciative of sincerity and frankness. Leo-Dog has the gift of suggestion, is able to influence others. Strives to reconcile everyone around, to make their life better. This is not just an honest man, but also a wise mentor.

The formidable and unapproachable appearance of the Leo-Dog should not be misleading: this is a kind and sympathetic person. He is always attentive to people, sympathizes and empathizes with their problems. Can not remain indifferent to other people’s suffering, tries to help in all possible ways. Do not just dream of making the world better and kinder, but actively acting. The Leo-Dog is an active, enterprising person, not afraid of the hardest work, and most importantly, he knows how to find effective ways to solve problems. Nature has endowed him with numerous talents: intelligence, wisdom, purposefulness, discretion, determination. Perhaps, therefore, demanding of others — does not understand other people’s weaknesses. However, he has a kind heart and is always ready to compromise.

Leo Dog Compatibility (Love & Family)

Leo-Dog — a bright, charismatic person, knows how to make a proper impression. Open to communication, behaves relaxed: does not feel embarrassed and unrest. He is attentive to his partner: he strives to please his beloved in everything. Dog-Leo is looking for a life partner, and not just having fun, getting to know everyone. With him, calmly and reliably, he inspires full confidence. The Leo-Dog is a man devoted to the ideals of love. In personal relationships behaves like a serious, judicious partner.

The main secret of love compatibility with Leo-Dog is full submission. Does not recognize an equal partnership: only he makes all important decisions. It is in his nature to protect and defend his surroundings. First of all he thinks about the welfare of the family, he is rather loyal and soft in relation to close people. He does not take offense at criticism, he is always ready to admit his mistakes. Leo-Dog with all his soul is devoted to his soul mate and has no hobbies on the side. But he himself is not inclined to forgive treason — is principled in matters of matrimonial fidelity.

Leo Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Leo-Dog feels his responsibility to others. Nature endowed him with strength and a good heart, he must protect the weak. Ready to serve people disinterestedly: strives to benefit society. He reacts sharply to injustice, sincerely feels compassion for the needy, tries to help at a difficult moment. To people of this combination, the professions connected with communication are suitable: Lions-Dogs are good psychologists and talented teachers. They do not just instruct and wisely guide students, but teach them to be kinder and more tolerant.

Purposeful Leo-Dog reports his actions, soberly assesses the prospects for career growth. He is so judicious and practical that he does not start work without a clear plan of action. Do not throw words to the wind, but simply works hard and responsibly. He able to become a good leader: honest, principled, and most importantly, attentive to subordinates. Charismatic Leo Dog easily conquers people’s trust — he’s a beautiful speaker. Often people of this combination become successful politicians.

Leo Dog Man

Men of this zodiac combination are the most active of all representatives of the Dog sign, and open, honest people. A successful combination of signs gives them many advantages. They are reliable, loyal friends, ready to help. If the Leo-Dog dictates its conditions, only out of good motives. Always acts conscientiously, for him there is nothing more important than justice. He is not inclined to indulge in fantasies, he thinks very realistically. The main and unshakable values: family and work. In personal relationships he is a leader, and achieves his position not by aggressive behavior but by love and care. Strives to protect loved ones from mistakes, carefully controls their actions and actions. Will do everything to provide the family with everything necessary.

Leo Dog Woman

An energetic Leo-Dog woman is able to achieve a lot in life, does not listen to someone else’s opinion, is always sure of her rightness. Aimed at a successful career, she is ready to sacrifice everything for it, including her personal life. In dealing with business matters, it demonstrates aggression, an iron grip, and will never give up the plan, even if the plans seem unworkable. Too demanding to submit to a man, and therefore at home demonstrates her proud, unyielding temper. You can find a common language with the Dog-Leo, you just need to recognize her superiority. Her heart will not remain indifferent to expensive gifts, exquisite compliments, yet she is a woman who has her weaknesses. It simply follows its natural inclinations, listens to the inner instinct.

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