Sagittarius Dog

Active, open to communication Sagittarius-Dog does not tolerate loneliness, tries to be among people all the time. Too energetic and emotional to be satisfied with the small, seeks to get all the best from life. He does not consider it necessary to control himself: he always speaks directly what he thinks. This charming man can not be offended, his desire for originality looks so touching. Usually people condescendingly treat his eccentric antics, because he is not bored with him. According to the combined horoscope, Sagittarius-Dog is a friendly and cheerful person. This kind man with a flexible character is pleasant in communication, with it is easy and simple, therefore the circle of his acquaintances is quite extensive.

Sagittarius Dog Traits

This dynamic person does not tolerate boredom and inaction: actively seeking new opportunities to realize himself. Sagittarius-Dog is not afraid of change, in every event sees a chance to improve his life. Sincere towards people, does not hide his thoughts and feelings, has no secrets and secrets. He is rejoicing at his successes and is experiencing equally bad failures. Perhaps not all people approve of his expressive behavior, consider a frivolous and superficial person. However, Sagittarius-Dog is honest with others, it is not in his rules to plot, to weave intrigues. In addition, he is always responsible for his words: if he has something in mind, he will certainly finish it. Quite reasonable, if it comes to really important things for him.

Sociable Sagittarius-Dog feels great pleasure from communication. It does not matter to him what the company is about and why. Complete silence, calm atmosphere and loneliness — the most terrible thing that can happen to him. Ready for any adventure, just not to be bored with yourself. Sometimes he makes unpredictable actions, and he himself can not explain the motives of his actions. Curious, active and very emotional — life beats the key. Perfectly gets along with people, helps them to be liberated and overcome embarrassment. The main feature of the Sagittarius-Dog sign is benevolence: it is open to the world and sincerely loves everyone whom it meets on its way. Freedom-loving and cheerful, his positive attitude can only be envied.

Sagittarius-Dog is constantly busy with important things, sometimes he does not have enough time for his own hobbies. He must understand himself: give a clear answer, what is his most important in this period. Unfortunately, in pursuit of the joys of life, Sagittarius-Dog misses profitable opportunities. This gifted person does not fully use his potential, many of his talents remain unused. A Sagittarius dog can become an even happier person if he hears inner sensations and understands his destiny. Eternal vanity, cares, troubles — all this distracts him from real problems, does not allow to see the true essence of things. Sagittarius-Dog — not very self-confident man, although in its appearance you will say this.

Sagittarius Dog Compatibility (Love & Family)

Loveful Sagittarius-Dogs are difficult to determine the choice of partner. They have a sincere interest in each new acquaintance. They are distinguished not only by their attractive appearance, looseness in manners, but also by their high sexual potential. According to the love horoscope, Sagittarius-Dog — a windy, inconstant man in his preferences. Easily falls in love, but quite quickly starts to search for a new object of passion. Sagittarius-Dog is not looking for a serious relationship: freedom-loving, emotional, greedy for new experiences.

Family life has a beneficial effect on Sagittarius-Dog: it becomes a more balanced and responsible person. It is a caring, and most importantly, devoted partner. A loving parent who can sacrifice his own interests for the sake of children. Sagittarius-Dog — a tireless inventor and lover of outdoor activities: it is he who organizes family leisure. At the same time he likes to spend time at home, lovingly equips his family nest. Such a Sagittarius is a homebody, the most exemplary family man from all representatives of this fiery sign.

Sagittarius Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Energetic Sagittarius-Dogs are prone to frequent changes in activities, they are attracted to the profession associated with business trips. These universal, easy-going people are not afraid of the hardest work. Do not make any serious demands, the main thing for them: interesting work and friendly staff. Sagittarius-Dog is not able to sit in one place, it does not attract high-paying, but monotonous work. Depends on his environment: he will not be able to work fully, if there is no mutual understanding between employees.

For Sagittarius-Dogs, the prestige of the profession does not really matter. Do not seek to achieve great heights, indifferent to money. But hardworking, responsible, courteous to colleagues, so listed on a good count. People of this combination are so dynamic and active that they are subject to all kinds of sports. Can become professional athletes or dancers. In addition, they are predisposed to pedagogical activity, they are suitable for the profession associated with communication.

Sagittarius Dog Man

Brave, adventurous Sagittarius-Dog man is in constant motion. He is keenly interested in everything that is happening around him, he feels the need to be in full view all the time. He prefers to deal with the case, which is interesting at this particular moment in time. Although there are no guarantees that the field of his hobbies will soon not change, and in the most cardinal way. The beliefs of Sagittarius-Dog are also subject to frequent changes: today he faithfully believes in one thing, and tomorrow — in another. Too fickle and changeable character is the cause of all his misfortunes and failures. But in friendship remains faithful and loyal to the end of his days. In romantic relationships, he manifests himself as a big fan of female beauty, but after making his choice, he tries to be faithful to one partner.

Sagittarius Dog Woman

Sagittarius-Dog woman is passionate and addicted, but able to remain calm or at least visibility of tranquility. She boldly experiments, tastes life, loves to communicate with a wide variety of people. This is not just a need to be in the center of attention, and a delicate calculation is to find a worthy partner. She relies on personal life, not on a successful career. The truth that she is not immune from the mistakes that are committed by a great many, especially in youth. With age, she becomes more sedate, touchingly cares for children. In any case, it always acts sincerely, does not pursue selfish ends, just listens to inner feelings. Even if it is too cruel, it does it unintentionally, on the whole it is a pleasant, interesting woman.

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