Scorpio Dog

Proud Scorpio-Dog is without measure self-confident, keeps loose and very independently. It gives the impression of an impregnable, haughty person, although in fact it is sensitive and compassionate to others. He just does not trust those around him, he is suspicious and cautious in communication, especially with unfamiliar people. Scorpio is a mystical sign that empowers its representatives with strong intuition. In alliance with a sensitive and attentive Dog his inner instinct only intensifies. According to the combined horoscope Scorpio-Dog — a man who is sensitive to the mood of people, able to anticipate future events. He is a decent person, a loyal friend and a devoted partner, but close ones should take his opinion into account.

Scorpio Dog Traits

Ambitious Scorpio-Dog does not allow anyone to freely treat themselves, even very close people. True, he is smart enough not to spoil relations with others. Friendly, courteous communication, knows how to please people — charming and pleasant companion. However, he always remains in his opinion, although he does not insist on it. Outwardly, he is quite satisfied with everything that is happening around him, and everything that concerns his feelings is a purely personal matter. Although sometimes the Dog-Scorpio does not consider it necessary to restrain his emotions. It becomes grouchy, capricious, dissatisfied with all man. In such moments it is better to leave him alone with him — this is not just the right tactic, but also a sure way to keep good relations with him.

People are drawn to this strong man, they see him as a reliable support. Scorpio-Dog is ready to support everyone who needs it: generous, noble and responsive. Is able to give the right advice, in addition, is not lazy to help with concrete deeds. He freely treats money, willingly lends money. It’s a big spender, a fan of beautiful things. Buys everything that he liked, without thinking about the consequences of their spending. For the sake of justice it is worth noting: The Scorpio-Dog is an aesthete, has a subtle taste and understanding of beauty. Is able to find really worthwhile, original things. This is a great connoisseur of fashion, his wardrobe consists entirely of the things of famous brands. The surrounding people often turn to him for fashion advice.

The Dog-Scorpio is a strong-willed, thinking, not indifferent person. He is able to be friendly, caring and attentive to close people. He is not inclined to pretense, always expresses his feelings directly and expects sincerity from others. Despite his strong, independent character, Scorpio-Dog does not consider it shameful to yield in some matters. In his character please people, but only really close in spirit. For the rest he is a nice person in communication, a strong-willed person, capable of decisive actions. Do not seek to be friends with everyone in a row, do not share your thoughts with unfamiliar people. But among his close environment, the Scorpio-Dog has a reputation as a kind, sympathetic person.

Scorpio Dog Compatibility (Love & Family)

Charismatic Scorpio-Dog is the dream of many men or women. He is rather reserved in relation to the opposite sex: he knows his own worth and does not hurry to marry. On a love horoscope, Scorpio-Dog is a passionate person, able to satisfy all the desires of a partner. Has a high sexual potential, is relaxed and loving. For his heart will have to fight: around the Scorpio-Dog, a lot of fans or fans. Does not differ persistence, often changes partners.

Despite his frivolity in terms of love relationships, the Scorpio-Dog is a wonderful family man. Having married, feels responsible for the well-being of the family. It is a good parent: loves children, is proud of their successes. Generous Scorpio-Dog loves to give gifts, often arranges surprises. Family life with him is full of pleasant events, but loved ones must be prepared for compromises, but rather for submission. Scorpio-Dog is a leader: his decisions are not discussed.

Scorpio Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Energetic Scorpio-Dog is not used to pass before difficulties: calmly goes through troubles and moves on. Although he, like any ambitious person, is unpleasant to realize his own helplessness. The Dog-Scorpio is a determined, determined person. He does not deal with unnecessary matters, he does not get distracted by various trifles, but simply goes ahead. Colleagues of the Scorpio-Dog must be ready in everything and always give in to him, otherwise the relationship will not develop.

This person is able to separate the main from the secondary, easily achieves the set goals. Management values his analytical skills and diligence. He never forgets his own interests, does not agree to unfavorable conditions. This is a born artist: anyone can convince in his rightness. Easily finds a common language with partners and competitors: masterfully conducts business negotiations. Scorpio-Dog with great pleasure promote the career ladder, appreciate as an indispensable worker.

Scorpio Dog Man

Strong, assertive Scorpio-Dog man makes an ambiguous impression on the surrounding people, especially on modest, quiet women. Has a complex, contradictory character, which is difficult to sustain. A confident, strong-willed person knows what goals pursue, there is no confusion and embarrassment in him. But the kindness and cordiality of the Dog, her devotion, honesty affect the actions of the man of this combination of signs. Smoothie, who has a powerful sexual energy, at the same time turns out to be a good family man, a devoted husband, a loving father. At work, he has a reputation as a cold, calculating person, aimed at a career, but if necessary he will be the first to give a helping hand, though with one condition — complete submission and obedience.

Scorpio Dog Woman

Too energetic and active Scorpio-Dog woman does not like a calm, measured life. Sometimes she creates problems for herself, aspires to reach heights that are not accessible to most people. Ambitious, self-confident nature boldly declares its desires, requires too much from a partner. Strives to tie him to herself, carefully controls all actions and actions. With such enthusiasm for work, responsibly approaches her duties, but she is too emotional and impatient. In general, this is a decent woman, not indifferent to everything happening around, capable of compassion. Simply impulsive and stubborn, too critical to the surrounding people, but not less demanding of yourself.

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