Taurus Dog

A reliable, thorough Taurus-Dog inspires respect for others, behaves with restraint and with great dignity. Produces the most favorable impression: an honest, noble person. He is distinguished by responsibility, decency, a serious attitude towards life — these qualities inherent in both signs are strengthened with this combination. On a combined horoscope, the Taurus-Dog is a kind-hearted person with an optimistic outlook on life. He thinks positively, sees only good in life, tries to convince others in this. Extremely patient, has the gift of suggestion, in addition, scrupulous and principled. To his opinion they listen: Taurus-Dog is the unconditional authority for others.

Taurus Dog Traits

Tranquil, judicious Taurus-Dog is an adherent of traditions, strives for stability, does not like to break the established order of things. She is perceptive, smart, trying to calculate all the possible consequences of her actions. Perfectly understands what can turn into a sharp change in life. Deprived of adventurism, but fully has reason and sanity. He is interested in the sphere of material, has a passion for accumulation. Not inclined to indulge in fruitless fantasies and dreams. A Taurus-Dog could be called a self-interested, down-to-earth person, if not for his kindness and responsiveness. He has a sensitive heart, compassionate and attentive to people. He tries more for others, not for his own pleasure.

The main feature of the Taurus-Dog sign is trustfulness: it does not believe in human malice and cunning. He looks at the world with wide, enthusiastic eyes. It is much easier and quieter for him to believe in good things than to suspect everyone of unseemly acts. Although sometimes he understands that he is deliberately misleading, but too kind and pitiful to resist deceit. A Taurus-Dog sometimes consciously sacrifices his own interests, just to not fall down to the level of offenders. This is his nature: let them deceive me better than I will cause trouble to others. In addition, Taurus-Dog — a reliable and devoted person, quickly binds to people. He values his surroundings, solves other people’s problems with great enthusiasm.

An inquisitive Taurus-Dog has a broad outlook. In his understanding, the best rest is time spent with advantage. Even on vacation, he finds interesting activities: he travels a lot and visits attractions. Although he is attached to his family and home, but he does not miss the chance to learn new things. Some believe that Taurus-Dog is a conservative, painfully aware of any changes. In addition, it is quite true the statement: an incorrigible homebody and a secretive person. Still, the Dog is always on guard, she is not up to rest. Not inclined to gossip and idle pastime. However, people of this combination do not forget about themselves, they know how and like to rest. They have a lot of hobbies, which they devote all their free time.

Taurus Dog Compatibility (Love & Family)

In personal relationships Taurus-Dog is not only attentive to his half, but also very patient. Forgets about himself and completely dissolves in a partner. His calm and endurance is the guarantee of a strong relationship. Set up for marriage, not sprayed on fleeting bonds. He will not continue his acquaintance, if he does not see the chosen one or the chosen one in the role of a partner in life. It manifests itself as a quivering, caring lover, but needs encouragement: not too sure of its attractiveness.

Taurus-Dog is an exemplary family man: the bonds of marriage are holy and indestructible. Having made his choice, it remains true to him throughout his life. This non-conflict, patient person is able to find a way out of the most difficult family crisis. He is tied to his relatives, he spends a lot of time at home. Always and in everything helps his half and children. True, waiting in response to care and attention. He can not accept insouciance and misunderstanding, especially strongly experiences betrayal and betrayal. Too dependent on his family and very vulnerable.

Taurus Dog Business (Career & Goals)

Taurus is a practical person, not indifferent to material goods. In alliance with a hardy, hardworking Dog can achieve great success. Usually people of this combination are in demand specialists in the labor market. Taurus-Dogs do not sit around idle: they work a lot and actively. Just irreplaceable in areas where precision is required, increased concentration of attention. Scrupulously fulfill their duties, are diligent and responsible. Therefore, it is they who are entrusted with the most important tasks.

Non-conflicting Taurus-Dog is easily mastered in any collective. Although still experiencing hardship and embarrassment, but trying not to show their uncertainty. Taurus-Dog — executive, responsible employee: first of all he thinks about the benefits of the case. He does not aspire to a leading position, he feels quite comfortable in the role of an assistant. If he does not become the head of the company or the director of production, he will be able to take place as deputy head.

Taurus Dog Man

The man of this zodiac combination is a reliable, loyal partner, any woman will be happy in alliance with him. It is impossible to imagine the circumstances that could lead him to betrayal. In love, Taurus-Dog is beautiful, completely given to his feelings. Does not differ in eloquence, but proves his attitude with real deeds. Ready for any sacrifices for the sake of the family, fleeting intrigues, flirting with extraneous women is an unacceptable behavior for him. At work, he is valued for diligence, ability to remain calm in the most difficult situations. This is a real professional, inspiring confidence. Do not consider him a boring, predictable person, despite his thoroughness, a rather interesting man with an innovative approach to life.

Taurus Dog Woman

Emotional Taurus-Dog woman does not consider it necessary to restrain her feelings and desires. A little scattered, unable to focus on anything: there are so many interesting things in life that deserve her attention. Quite calm about the changes, can choose a profession associated with frequent relocation. She is able to reach the heights in the quarry, if it does not spread over small things. She does not want to leave work for the sake of the family, although she can become an ideal housewife: in her house there is always order. Taurus-Dog should feel financially wealthy woman. Therefore, her husband will have to make every effort to create a decent standard of living. Although, another option is possible — to submit humbly to the eternal absence of a careerist wife.

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